Visiting Stationery Store <Object> in Hongdae
There are full of cute and charming products! Visit the hottest stationery store <Object> in Hongdae!
a year ago

Hello, everyone! We are Creatrip, a group of Korean travel experts.

If you are looking for shops like ARTBOX selling cute and cozy products, you must visit <Object> in Hongdae!

Today, we would like to introduce the trendy and hottest stationary store, where you can find not only Korean designers' products but also foreign designers' works. If you are planning to buy souvenir or small gifts for your friends, you must visit <Object> in Hongdae.

Now, let's get started!

Object (오브젝트) in Hongdae I Information

  • Address: 13, Wausan-ro 35-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Transportation: 5 minutes walk from Hongik University Station(홍대입구역) Exit 7
  • Opening Hours: From 12:00 to 22:00 (Mon - Sun)

Object (오브젝트) in Hongdae I Review

We have visited <Object> in Hongdae. As you can see from the image, the design and the color of the building itself is very eye-catching, and it really sticks out from other buildings nearby.

What makes <Object> so special is that it sells young designers' works that are produced in limited quantity. It is more like a small exhibition of young designers in Korea. 

In <Object>, you can taste their unique and trendy atmosphere that you can't feel from other chain stationery stores. 

When you enter the store, you will be attracted by the bright and gentle furnishings. The wide space arrangement allows you to shop in a very relaxing atmosphere.

 In <Object>, there are full of rare and cute products like echo-bags. Because of its rare and cute designs and drawings, echo-bags are really famous, especially for young women.

Other stationery stores like <Artbox> and <Butter> have many pretty stuffs, but I personally think products in <Object> are the best. 

This store is not only famous for the locals but also foreigners visiting Hongdae. Many people visit <Object> just for eye-shopping, but they end up buying bunch of cute stuffs in both hands. (You can't resist from not buying these cutie products!  )

Look at those adorable and charming cellphone cases, letters, etc. I promise the quality and the design of these products are different from the one produced by large chain stores. If you want to feel a sense of young and special, you must visit <Object> in Hongdae.

<Object> also sells a variety of soaps made out of natural materials. These natural soaps are very popular on SNS. Because of their  designs and fragrance, they are often used as a diffuser.

Other than stationery, there are also many other adorable products. I'll bet that you will find something you like to bring back home. To be honest, it was really tough for me that I couldn't buy everything in <Object> TT.

What's good about <Object> is that you will get to know 'the trend of designs' in Korea once you visit there.

Currently, there are many silly but adorable(we call it "meong-chung-mi" in Korean) character designs in <Object>, and they are SUPER CUTE!!    You shouldn't miss this place when you visit Hongdae!

Although there are many products by famous designers, there are also products from designers not as well known.

Now, did you get what makes <Object> a special stationery store? I personally think that <Object> is a great place to visit not only for young ladies but also for all ages.

 In <Object>, I feel like walking in a small exhibition rather a stationery store.

Other than stationery, they also sell all kinds of accessories like rings, necklaces, earrings, etc.

Everything in <Object> is really adorable and good-looking. But honestly, the price is relatively expensive. However, if I came here with my girlfriend, I'll definitely buy anything what she wants. (because it's worth it!)

<Object> in Hongdae is very large compared to other branches and also the most popular one. Many locals visit Hongdae branch to buy unique textures for their own decoration.

There are many cute and adorable high-quality-products in <Object>. So if you're planning to visit Hongdae, I recommend you to experience this small exhibition.

By far, this is what we have prepared for <Object> in Hongdae. There are many details hidden in the scene, so please visit this place if you have a chance. You won't regret!

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