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A virtual amusement park in the heart of Gangnam
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People go to Gangnam to  explore its busy streets, but what's perhaps lesser known is this unique attraction that I'm going to be talking about today. 

VR "cafes" are popping up all over the city and gaining in popularity each year. They're basically a mini-amusement park where a collection of VR games are provided for your entertainment. 

The one I went to is  VR Station, conveniently located right in front of Gangnam station exit 4. 

It's interesting to see how virtual reality technology is being used to recreate an amusement park in the middle of the city. 

The variety of games and entertainment you can find at VR Station is a truly unique experience that's not typically available in other parts of the world. 

If you find yourself walking the streets of Gangnam on a hot, sweltering summer day, try your hand at fighting robots and racing cars all within the comforts of an air-conditioned building. 

Seoul VR Amusement Park | VR Station

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 VR Amusement Park in Gangnam: VR Station | Price

Free Pass₩32,900
BIG 4 (4 attractions)₩25,000
BIG 3 (3 attractions)₩18,000

VR Amusement Park in Gangnam: VR Station | Business Information

  • Address: 서울특별시 강남구 강남대로 364 미왕빌딩
  • Opening Hours: 11:00 am to 23:00 pm (Last entry time is 22:00 pm) Open Year-round 

VR Amusement Park in Gangnam: VR Station | Reservation Process

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Enter the relevant reservation information, such as the date, and number of people.

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Complete payment with your card. (VISA, Mastercard, UnionPay, Paypal is all accepted).
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Exchange the voucher with barcode at the ticket box

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Step. 6

Get on the VR and enjoy your time!

VR Amusement Park in Gangnam: VR Station | Location

Address: 서울특별시 강남구 강남대로 364 미왕빌딩

VR Amusement Park in Gangnam: VR Station | Intro & Floor Guide

A short introduction to what to expect before we get into the good stuff.

When you first walk in, you'll be greeted by a receptionist, from whom you can pick up or purchase tickets. The tickets are scannable paper wristbands.

Inside, there are lockers you can pay to rent, but there are also baskets at each gaming station where you can keep your belongings. 

Useful if you have a lot of stuff with you that you don't want to lug around inside. 

Lastly, the floor guide. 

The basement  level is the biggest area with a collection of smaller games such as fishing and biking. 

The first floor has the rides with larger equipment like robot fighting and Mario Kart. 

The second floor has shooting games, and the third floor has more passive, theater-based entertainment. 

Floor Guide | B1

The games on the basement floor are: Fishing, Winged Bicycle, Dragon Ball, Argyle Shift, Galaga Fever, Fear of Heights, and Horror VR.

We tried the Winged Bicycle and Argyle Shift from the basement floor.

Most, if not all, of the gear and games are from Japan and so you'll notice that some of the VR games are Japanese and based on Japanese anime. 

But no worries if you're not familiar with Japanese anime; I'm not particularly versed in it either, and I still enjoyed the games all the same. 

If you are a fan of a particular anime through, it's pretty darn cool to be in the shoes of your favorite character.

 Winged Bicycle

The employees at each station help you put your VR gear on, explain the rules of the game, and how to operate the gear. 

At this station, they also guided me through the game, letting me know which way I should fly the bike. You can see from the player's perspective through the monitors.

This game was surreal. The goal of the game was to get to a castle in the sky within the time limit. 

You have control over the direction and altitude of the bike, but it's a little tricky because the wind will blow and put you off track.

 Argyle Shift

Next, we tried Argyle Shift, a robot-fighting game. 

In the game, you are stationed inside a giant robot which you can move around with the hand controls. 

The objective of the game is to successfully fire at incoming enemies and dodge missiles. 

There's also a cafe and sitting area on the basement floor where you can grab a drink or a small bite to eat. 

Floor Guide | 1st Floor

The games are the first floor are: Evangelion, Mario Kart, Ski, Gundam. We tried everything but the Ski game.


Evangelion is another robot-fighting game based on the anime of the same name.

What was cool about Evangelion is that because it's based on an anime, there's more of a story behind the game. You're also able to switch weapons, which you couldn't with Argyle Shift. 

The game has a dark, apocalyptic overtone and the objective is to kill a giant monster that is destroying the city. 

With this set up, you're actually able to talk to one another through the headset.

It was pretty difficult, and we failed our mission :(

Mario Kart is an insanely popular game known and loved by many around the globe, which is probably why it is stationed front and center on the first floor. 

It also has the largest set up, made to look like a mini-racecar. 

The employee helps you strap on your VR gear over your eyes and on both your hands. 

You need the extra hand gear to grab the items like bananas and turtle shells, which are floating in the middle of the race track. You just reach up, grab, and throw. 

Otherwise, this game is pretty self-explanatory.


The last game we did on the first floor was Gundam. Also based on an anime of the same name, this station is more of an interactive VR rather than a game.

The odd-looking couch is the giant robot's hand, and you just walk over and sit in his hand while he fights an enemy robot. 


The last station on the first floor is a skiing game. You try to ski down the slope and cross the finish line within the time limit. 

Floor Guide | 2nd Floor

The games on the 2nd floor are: Surfing, Extreme Arena, Play Arena, and Crazy Pang. We tried the Play Arena and Surfing games on this floor. 

 Extreme Arena

In the Extreme Arena, you're strapped into an entire contraption that tracks your feet movement so you can actually walk and run around within the game. 

The objective of the game is to shoot down robots. 

 Crazy Pang

This station has a different approach to VR. 

Unlike all the other games, there is no VR headset involved in this game. Instead, all four walls of the room inside are screens you can interact with. 

The game is super cute, the objective being to shoot the pollution away and cure virus-infected animals with a happy-vaccine.

Play Arena

The Play Arena is a classic shooting game. 

You are competing with your friends, the objective being to survive and try to get the most kills.

Unlike the Extreme Arena, you can't walk around, so there's a button on the side of the gun that will teleport you from place to place.


Lastly, the surfing game. 

It's interesting that the monitor is placed in front of the player at this station. 

The objective is to surf your way to the finish line within the limited time. 

Floor Guide | 3rd Floor

On the 3rd floor, there is the VR Cinema, VR Toon, and the Media Art Hall.

Some examples of the films that they show in the VR Cinema. 

The first film, Tidal Territory, is based on a popular Korean web-comic. It's about people trying to survive in a world ruled by giant carnivorous fish.

The second film, Please Help, is also based on a popular web-comic. A blood-curdling ghost story.

The third film, The Great C, is set in the far future where a super computer called the Great C rules over humanity. 

A new rafting attraction was being installed.

When it opens, this station would be the closest thing to a real amusement park ride; like a real raft, four people get into a raft and paddle your way through the game.

And that's it! Hope this helps.

Definitely give VR Station a go, and have fun experiencing the future of entertainment.

The above was a short overview of Gangnam VR Station. If you have any further inquiries, please shoot us an email at  


VR Station in Gangnam
South Korea, KR 서울특별시 강남구 강남대로 364 미왕빌딩 B1~3층

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