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High-end Korean buffet for just 13900KRW, at Cheongryangri Pulipchae!
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Hyunki Kim @creatripfromSeoul
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If you're having difficulty choosing between all the varieties of Korean cuisine, we've got a solution for you: a buffet!

There are a few Korean cuisine buffet franchises in Korea, but the one that started it all is Pulipchae. Unlike most other buffets, Pulipchae offers the same price for both lunch and dinner, 14900 KRW. Weekday dinners at buffets can get up to 20,000 KRW or more, but Pulipchae makes sure to deliver great value at a low price. 

You might be worried that the low price might reflect the quality. But rest assured, I personally went to the Cheongnyangni branch Pulipchae to investigate!

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Cheongnyangni Restaurant |Korean Cuisine Buffet Pulipchae

Pulipchae | Online Reservations

Korean Cuisine Buffet Pulipchae | Info

  • Address: 7F 214 Choui-ro, Jeonnong 1(il)-dong (7th Floor Lotte Department Store)
  • Hours:11:00 ~ 22:00 (No Holidays)

Korean Cuisine Buffet Pulipchae | Recommended Because

  1. Accessible location at Lotte Department Store, connected to Cheongnyangni Station.
  2. The menu changes to fit the seasons rather than being the same year-round, so that in-season ingredients are used.
  3. You can experience not only Korean flavors, but also the aesthetic as the interior is designed like an hanok. 
  4. The restaurant is spacious, and can accommodate large parties.

Korean Cuisine Buffet Pulipchae | How to Make a Reservation

  1. Click Here to make an online reservation.
  2. Enter your reservation information.
  3. To complete the reservation, you must make the full payment for the order amount.
  4. Reservations will be confirmed within the day.
  5. Changes or cancellations can be made 3 days before the reserved date at the latest.
  6. To make changes to your reservation, please cancel and make a new reservation.
  7. After completing your payment, click here to check your reservation status.

Korean Cuisine Buffet Pulipchae | Things to Note

  • Please be on time on the right date.
  • Payments made on-site will exclude the amount you've already paid.
  • Tardy parties that are more than 10 minutes late are subject to automatic cancellation.
  • It may be difficult to change or cancel your reservation day-of.
  • On-site payments for children from ages 8 - 13 (9,900 KRW), from ages 3 - 7 (6,900 KRW).
  • Up to two infants less than 3 years old are free. (For parties with more then two infants, each will be charged 6,900 KRW)
  • Meal time is limited to 1 hours and 40 minutes.

Korean Cuisine Buffet Pulipchae | Location

  • Pulipchae Address: 7F, 214 Choui-ro, Jeonnong 1(il)-dong (7th Floor Lotte Department Store)
  • Direction : Exit station 4 from Cheongnyangni Station (Line 1) and head over to the 7th floor of Lotte Department Store.

Take Cheongnyangni Station exit 4.

You'll see the Lotte Department Store straight ahead. It's on the seventh floor.

Get to the 7th floor and head towards the Lotte Cinema.

Pulipchae is to the right of Lotte Cinema!

Korean Cuisine Buffet Pulipchae | Review

At the entrance, 'Korean flavors at a premium buffet' introduces Pulipchae. The interior is very clean, and in the hanok style. 

There is a lot of space between the tables. There are also rooms available for large parties. 

The food is organized into categories so that it's easier to choose!

First, the salads! From the left, you can see dishes such as sweet pumpkin salad, lotus root salad, acorn noodles, and fruit salad. 

A lot of ssam vegetables (leafy greens) and Korean classics, kimchi and dongchimi (radish water kimchi).

There is a bibimbap corner where you can choose from various herbs make your own bowl. 

Get some barley rice, put in a few herbs, and mix it in with some red pepper paste and sesame oil. So good but there's still a lot of other food to try so don't get too much!

The handmade Hamheung cold noodle bar. This is where you can get some of Pulipchae's signature dishes like the cold noodles and thistle rice. 

You must order the cold noodles and thistle rice from the chef behind the counter (no extra charge). Pulipchae's cold noodles are made after you order, so it's really good.

Making the noodles from the noodle machine.

And here it is. Make sure you try both the water cold noodles (mul nangmyeon) and the spicy noodles (bibim nangmyeon).

Another one of Pulipchae's signature dishes, the cockle bibimbap. Usually they have the thistle rice, but they had this on the menu as cockles were in season.

After you finish your rice, you can make some great sungnyung (scorched-rice water) by adding hot water to your bowl. It may not be too visually appealing, but it's so good. Koreans eat sungnyung when they don't have much of an appetite or if they're having issue with digestion. It's a very Korean dish, so I'd recommend you try it.

Next is my favorite corner, the fried foods. They have curry fried chicken, fried dumplings, and popcorn chicken. The popcorn chicken was so good that I had to get seconds.

The next corner is the Korean side dish corner. Again made only with in-season ingredients, there have yeolmu kimchi (young radish kimchi), glazed lotus leaf, shredded white radish, and pickled red peppers.

The meat corner. Seasoned chives, duck, soy sauce bulgogi, and sausage stir-fry. 

I imagined that you guys would like the meat corner, so I took a few extra pictures. The sausage stir-fry was the best one. 

The Korean black sausages are stir-fried with perilla leafs and perilla oil. This dish was so good that the editor that was here with me only ate this dish and almost nothing else. You can only get these black sausages in Korea so make sure you try some. 


Mung bean pancakes, black sesame seed tofu, and sautéed kimchi.

A full set up of almost all of Pulipchae's menus. Pictured here are also fish cakes and the spicy noodles. Make sure you control your quantities of each dish as there's just so much to eat!

The desert menu at Pulipchae is just as diverse. Three types of fruits and traditional Korean snacks, rice cakes, bingsoo (red bean shaved ice), and coffee. You really have to leave room for desert!

Pulipchae's hours are from 11 AM to 10 PM. We were there around 11:30, and it was already pretty crowded. This definitely is a place frequented by locals. 

A Korean cuisine buffet is a must-try if you're visiting Korea. It's the best way to try and enjoy the whole variety of Korean food out there. Pulipchae is a great choice as it offers great quality for a reasonable price. It's already pretty inexpensive, but if you reserve through Creatrip, you can lower that price even further with discounts. 

Cheongnyangni Pulipchae | Prices

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