A Korean Must-Try, Dried Strawberries Now Available at the Airport
Get dried strawberries at Incheon Airport at the same price as Namdaemun Market!
Haemin @creatrip
a year ago

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There's a lot you need to get during your trip to Korea, but the Donggyeong Store's dried strawberries from the Namdaemun Market are by far the most popular. 

But you might not be able to fit the dried strawberry search into your busy schedule, or you might not want to carry the bag around while you're exploring the city. 

Well do we have some news for you! 

Donggyeong Store's famous dried strawberries are now available at Incheon Airport.

Of course, the price is the same at 10,000KRW. We did it just for you ?

Dried Strawberries Airport Pickup I Information

  • Pick up location: Incheon Airport Terminal 1 SAFEX luggage storage (See below)
  • Pick up hours: a.m. 07:00 - a.m. 21:00 (No closed days)
  • Price: 10,000 KRW (3,300 KRW shipping fee charged with purchases of 3 bags or less)
  • Purchase Limit: None

Dried Strawberries Airport Pickup I Recommended Because

  1. The OG of dried strawberries, Donggyeong Store only uses high quality strawberries. 
  2. You can get the same product at the same price as what you would get with Donggyeong Store. 
  3. You can order up to 1 hour before the pick up time. Order your strawberries at 3PM and pick them up by 4PM at the T1 pick up location at Incheon Airport. 

Dried Strawberries Airport Pickup I Location

  • Pick up location: Incheon Airport Terminal 1 SAFEX luggage storage (See below)

Dried Strawberries Airport Pickup I Reservations

  1. Click here to purchase online.
  2. Enter your purchase information.
  3. To complete your order, pick your purchase amount and pay in full.
  4. Your order will be confirmed within the hour during operating hours. (Can take up to 8 hours outside operating hours)
  5. Refunds or exchanges are not available. 
  6. After completing your order, click here to check your order status.

Dried Strawberries Airport Pickup I Notes

  • The dried strawberries are non-refundable.
  • You can not make a purchase at the pick up counter. You must order through the Creatrip website. 
  • Outside operating hours (if you have a redeye flight) your order confirmation may take longer. During operating hours, your order should be confirmed within the hour. 
  • Pick ups are available only at Incheon Airport T1. Pick ups are not available at other airports or T2.

Incheon Airport Dried Strawberry Pick Up | Review

Namdaemun Market's dried strawberries! Creatrip brought a fresh bag for some friends.

It's a sweet snack, almost as if there was sugar added (there's isn't).

Because it's a dry product, there are no quarantine problems bringing this product abroad. 

And because it's dry, the expiration date is quite long. You don't have to worry about them going bad on your journey back home. 

The Creatrip paper bag comes with your purchase! 

Dried Strawberries Airport Pickup I How to get to the pick up location

Pick up your order at the Incheon Airport T1 "Travel Store."
(On the sport purchases unavailable)

After getting off the Airport Railway Express, take the escalator next to the WithMe convenient store.Once you're off the escalator, you'll see the Travel Store straight ahead!

Take the escalator down to B1 and head towards the AREX platforms.
Make a left at the Travel Center.

Head to the "all stop train" platform (Platform 3)
Go towards the ticket gate. You won't need a ticket.
You'll see the Travel Store after the gate!

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