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Try Seasonal Korean Cuisines at Seasons Table
Hanna Park
a year ago

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What comes to your mind when you think of Korean food?

Bulgogi? Kimchi? Tteokgalbi?

There's just so much variety in Korean food that it's pretty difficult to pick one and say, "This! This is Korean food!" This is because unlike most other cultures, a typical Korean meal is a collection of side dishes with some rice. 

For those who have been disappointed at the Korean dish you chose because it's too spicy, or just not your style, I've got the perfect solution for you: a buffet! Also a great option for those of you who haven't tried much Korean food yet and don't know which dishes to choose, Seasons Table is all around a great option and very highly regarded among the few traditional Korean-style buffets in Korea.

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Weekday Lunch
11:00AM - 17:00 PM
Weekday Dinner
17:00 PM - 22:00 PM
Weekend and Holiday

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*Lunch : ₩14,900 ㅣ Dinner : ₩23,900

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  • For reservations of more than eight people, a private seat will be provided. After making an appointment and completing the payment, please email to inform the exact date of your visit. If you don't need a private seat, no emails are necessary.

Seasons Table | Information

  • Address: 264 Eulji-ro, Gwanghui-dong
  • Hours:11:00 ~ 22:00

Seasons Table | Recommended Because

  1. You can try a variety of Korean and Korean fusion dishes.
  2. Highly accessible, a close distance from Dongdaemun Lotte FIT IN and DDP
  3. Can accommodate large parties.

Seasons Table | Location

  • Address: 264 Eulji-ro, Gwanghui-dong
  • Directions : Take Dongdaemun History and Culture Park (Line 2,4) exit 11. There is a connecting hallway to Lotte Fit In between exits 11 and 12. Find Seasons Table on the 7th floor (No elevators). 

You'll see Seasons Table on the 7th floor of Lotte Fit In.

The restaurant is really big, so there's plenty of space for larger parties. 

The buffet has a wide variety of foods, all of which are organized into different "themes". 

In the jun corner (savory pancakes), there's some donggeurangttang, chive jun, old-fashioned donuts, etc. 

The chive jun are prepared on the spot, so you can get those freshly fried. 

Korean snacks! Well, not exactly snacks, but bunshik. 

These hearty Korean snacks include tteokbokki and various fried foods.

The onion rings were delightfully crispy. It was almost sweet, so it went very well with the tteokbokki. 

They were so good I even went for seconds. Try some for yourself!

At the bibimbap corner, you can choose between all sorts of rice including white rice, barley rice, etc.

Next to the rice are all the necessary ingredients for a bowl of bibimbap like veggies and sauce. Combine everything to make your perfect bibimbap!

There are also soups to enjoy with your rice and flavorful porridges to try.

There are a lot of corners at Seasons Table where you can customize your bowl to your taste.

At the noodle corner, you get the type of noodles you want and add soup to make a bowl of yukgaejang (spicy meat stew) noodles or gomtang (beef-bone soup) noodles.  

Put the ingredients you'd like in a bowl and hand it over to the chef behind the counter, who will cook it for you.

I couldn't choose, so I tried both soups.

The gomtang noodles were refreshing and hearty at the same time and wasn't too heavy.

The yukgaejang noodles were deliciously spicy, and almost felt like I was having a bowl of some expensive ramen. 

You can't forget the meat corner.

Seasons Table always has a new, different dish ready each season. The main dishes this time around was sirloin galbi, Chuncheon chicken gabli, and shrimp!

The sirloin galbi is so popular that every time a new batch came out, it would be gone in an instant.

At Seasons Table, you can have all the shrimp you want!

This butter-grilled shrimp melts in your mouth. The seafood pasta was also a great choice, the red sauce and the seafood went very well together. 

My personal favorite were the bugak tacos. (Bugak = seaweed fried with a layer of sticky rice)

It was very interesting to try this fusion Korean dish as I've never seen anything like it. 

You have tuna mayo, fish roe, potato salad, cheese sauce, wasabi mayo, etc. to choose and put on your bugak like you would with tacos. 

I was so curious that I tried every option. A true Korean taco! So good! 

I then got seconds.

The kkakdugi (sliced radish kimchi) fried rice is one of the most popular dishes. 

Rice fried with spicy kkakdugi, you top it with a freshly fried egg and you have yourself a perfect dish!

It's a relatively mild spicy, so even if you're not keen on spicy, I think you might enjoy this. 

The galbi meats go especially well will kkakdugi fried rice. 

You might have realized how popular fried chicken is in Korea. So of course, this King Galbi chicken dish is appropriately prepared here. 

This fried chicken is coated in some deliciously sweet galbi sauce.

There's a cold noodle corner where you can make yourself some kimchi noodles. 

Cold noodles are a must in the hot summers. These cold, spicy noodles are a unforgettable summer treat! 

Here's a table full of all the good food we brought back. 

If you don't like the idea of having to get up and get food constantly throughout your meal, it might be a good idea to just get everything beforehand.

Of course, get only what you can finish!

The meal is done, but it's still not the end.

The great thing about a buffet is that you can get your meal and desert all in one place! 

A lot of hanrabong (type of orange/mandarin) flavors are prepared for this season.

You can make your own hanrabong bingsoo, or your own hanrabong latte. There's even hanrabong cheesecakes.

In the ice cream corner, there are interesting flavors such as hanrabong or green tea.

I tried the hanrabong bingsoo.

Get some ice, and top it generously with some sweet red beans and rice cakes.

If you have a sweet tooth, make sure to get some of the condensed milk and hanrabong syrup.

A little something was missing, so I topped it more with some ice cream.

Would you just look at how that looks!

I'd recommend also trying the puffed rice with ice cream, they go amazingly together.

The tart hanrabong ice cream was the perfect end to a great meal!

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