A Comprehensive Overview of Incheon Airport Terminal 2
An introduction to the airlines, currency exchange, tax refund, amenities, and eateries you can find at the Incheon International Airport Terminal 2
Hyunki Kim @creatrip
a year ago

Hello, everyone! We are Creatrip, a group of travel experts.

Korea's Incheon International Airport is divided into two terminals. Today we're going to be giving a comprehensive overview of Terminal 2. Hope this post is useful!   

Incheon Airport Terminal 2: 1. Airlines

Firstly, the airlines you can find at Incheon Airport Terminal 2.

Korean Airlines (KE), Delta Airlines (DL), Air France (AF), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KL), are the main airlines in service at Terminal 2. Additionally, seven other airlines including Aeromexico (AM), Alitalia (AZ), China Airlines (CI), Garuda Indonesia Airlines (GA), XiamenAir (MF), Czech Airlines (OK), Aeroflot (SU) are also in service at Terminal 2 for a total of 11 airlines. 

If you're flying with an airline not included in these 11, you should head over to Terminal 1! 

But know this:

Codeshared flights board at Terminal 2 ONLY when the actual operator is one of the 11 airlines listed above. 

If another airline not included in the 11 is the actual flight operater, or in some cases if the ticket was purchased through a third party rather than from the listed airlines, flyers would board at Terminal 1. If you have a codeshared flight, make sure to check your airline operator. 

Click here to be redirected to the Incheon Airport website. There, you can check your Terminal by entering the flight number provided to you at time of reservation. 

You can change the language by clicking the button at the top right corner.

Incheon Airport Terminal 2: 2. Transportation

Transportation 2-1 : Airport Railroad Express (AREX)

The quickest and most convenient way to get to Incheon Airport Terminal 2 is the Airport Railroad Express (AREX). AREX has two types of trains: a regular train that stops at all 13 stations, and a direct train that goes from Seoul Station to Incheon Airport (both terminals).

AREX Location from Incheon Airport Terminal 2

Tickets for AREX can be purchased at these ticket kiosks. Languages offered are Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese. We recommend, however, that you get the discounted AREX tickets offered on our website. 

Incheon Airport Express Train, 30% OFF
How to get to Incheon Airport from Seoul Station via AREX

Incheon Airport Terminal 2 AREX Information Center

Incheon Airport Terminal 2 Express Train Platform Location: Purchase tickets at level B1 and head over to platform at level B3.

Transportation 2-2 : Express Bus

There are express buses for multiple destinations available at Incheon Airport Terminal 2, as well as late night buses headed towards Seoul Station and Gangnam. 

 You can find ticket kiosks in the circled areas on the map, at the B1 level of Incheon Airport Terminal 2.

Like the AREX kiosks, the express bus kiosks also offer Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese.

Information on bus schedules, destinations, and boarding platforms can be found on the Incheon Airport website in English, Chinese, and Japanese. Make sure to check if you're planning on using the bus services!

After changing the language, go to the "To & From" tab and click "Public Transportation"

On the left is where you can find information on bus schedules and platforms

Incheon Airport Terminal 2 : 3.Currency Exchange

There are three banks available at Terminal 2 for currency exchange: Hana, Shinhan, and Woori Banks. It's pretty convenient to use these banks as they are spread over multiple levels (B1, Floor 1, Floor 3).

Currency Exhchange 3-1 : Floor B1 

Incheon Airport Terminal 2 level B1 : two currency exchanges are located at the circled areas above.

Currency rates on June 1st

Shinhan Bank and Woori Bank exchange windows are located at level B1.

Currency Exchange 3-2 : 1st Floor 

Incheon Airport Terminal 2 1st Floor : four currency exchanges are located at the circled areas above.  

Incheon Airport Terminal 2 1st Floor  :  the currency exchange between exit 1 and exit 2.
Incheon Airport Terminal 2 1st Floor  :  the currency exchange between exit 5 and exit 6. 

Currency rates for Hana Bank on June 1st.

Currency Exchange 3-3 : Third Floor

On the third floor, there are two currency exchanges before the passport screening and two more after in the duty-free shopping area.

Incheon Airport 3rd Floor : two currency exchanges are located in the circled areas.

Incheon Airport Terminal 2 : 4.Tax Refund

There are two tax refund kiosks, one located in front of the D check in counter and the other in front of the F check in counter. You can register your tax refunds on your own, but if you need any help, there are employees near the kiosks ready to give assistance. 

Incheon Airport Terminal 2 : 5.Other Amenities

Amenities 5-1 : Hostpital

Inha University Hospital is located within the terminal to attend to those arriving in the middle of the night or for those in need of general or emergency medical services. Hours : 8:30~18:00 Weekdays / 8:30 ~ 15:00 Weekends. Citizens and foreigners alike are welcome to utilize its services. If you ever find yourself suddenly ill or injured at the airport, now you know where to go! 

Amenities 5-2 : Pharmacy

Maybe your medical needs are so not serious that you need the hospital, or maybe you're short on time. For those of you, there are also pharmacies in the terminal. In Terminal 2, there are two available before the passport screening, and one available after. Here is information about the two available before the passport screening. 

<Balance Pharmacy>

Hours : 07:00 ~ 19:00

Location : B1 West Wing

<SkyPharm Pharmacy>

Hours : 06:00~21:00

Location : 3rd Floor General East Wing 

Amenities 5-3 : Olive Young

If you find yourself looking for some last minute K-Beauty, head over to the Olive Young located in the middle section of level B1. The Terminal 2 Olive Young has a specially curated Travel Zone and Must Have Item Zone that makes shopping more convenient for foreign visitors. 

Amenities 5-4 : Darakhyu (Capsule Hotel)

Darakhyu is a capsule hotel managed by Walker Hill Hotel, one of Korea's most prominent luxury hotel chains. Open 24 hours a day including weekends and holidays, it's perfect for travelers looking for a space to rest and relax. Darakhyu is located on the B1 level of Terminal 2, General East Wing. 

Incheon Airport Terminal 2 : 6. Eateries

There are many eateries available in Terminal 2, but I'll introduce here the food court, which has a collection of restaurants verified for their good food, and the one restaurant that I've been to personally. 

Eateries 6-1 : Korean Food Street (Food Court)

Korean Food Street (Hansik Midam Gil) means 'street of flavors and stories,' and it has a collection of popular dishes from different regions of Korea all in one place.  Kyodong Jjambbong from Gangneung, Soonhee's Bindae Pancakes from Gwangjang Market, soft tofu from Bukchang-dong are some examples of the selections that they offer. Here, you can choose from an extremely wide variety of Korean food; a great spot for Koreans and foreigners alike. 

Map and menu of Korean Food Street. Menus come in English, Chinese, and Japanese.

A self-checkout kiosk! The kiosk supports multiple languages and is card only. You pick the restaurant that you'd like to dine at and then proceed to order your food by looking through a picture menu. When you're done checking out, the machine automatically gives you a pager.

Eateries 6-2 : Shake Shack Burger

Next is the one and only Shake Shack (also known as 'shake shake burger' in Korean). There's only 8 Shakes Shacks throughout Korea, and one of them is located in Incheon Airport Terminal 2. Shake Shack grew in popularity on the US East Coast with an identity as a 'premium burger.' It's pricier than other burger joints, but the quality and taste make up for it. 

I ordered the famous Shack Burger, which was 6900 won. Expensive for sure, but very tasty. But I'll let you be the judge of that   

Hopefully this post will help you navigate the airlines and amenities available at Incheon Airport Terminal 2. See you next time!

The above was a short overview of Incheon Airport Terminal 2: Please read this blog post carefully, and make your reservation by following the instruction given in this post. If you have any further inquiry, please shoot us an email at support@creatrip.com.