5 Most Popular Selfie Applications in Korea
Make Your Face Look More Pretty with Selfie Application!
3 months ago
Hanna ParkfromSeoul

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I don't think anybody still takes a selfie with a basic phone camera, right? Nowadays, there are lots of selfie applications that people use. The problem is that there are so many kinds of apps that it is hard to decide which one to use. So today, I prepared top 5 popular selfie applications in Korea! As you read, I hope you find your favorite application.

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Top 5 Selfie Applications in Korea

Korean Popular Selfie App:1. SNOW

SNOW is almost the original selfie application! It was popular with its natural face correction and cute stickers. In the past, it was popular enough that everybody was using it.


From natural correction to various filters and stickers! There are a lot of functions, but their biggest differences are the following:

- Animated GIF Photo

- Live Streaming

When you share your SNOW ID with your friend, they can add you. Then you can chat! While chatting, you can take an animated photo and use it like a sticker. Also, they have live streaming functions like instagram that you can share your daily life with your friends!

@WannaOne SNOW ADs

Many celebrities are using SNOW because of cute stickers and live services. Wanna One was once the model of the SNOW. If you want to share your lively daily life with your friends, try using it with your friends!

Korean Popular Selfie App:2. B612

Next up is another popular app, B612! It was released at about the same time as SNOW, and is 2015 Red Dot Award winning app!

\B612 is also popular for its natural face correction and stickers. When you are not using stickers, you can use face correction, and also there is a custom mode where you can make your own correction setting that suits your face.

Also, they have good video features than other applications. Shooting slow motion video, or making videos 2 or 3 times faster are available that you can make many kinds of videos.

@Black Pink Instagram

@BTS Twitter

Many celebrities are taking pictures using the B612.  Take a cute selfie using cute stickers like Black Pink, and use many different filters to adjust the color of the photo!

Korean Popular Selfie App:3. SODA

This is recently the hottest application, SODA. It became popular since many celebrities upload a photo taken from SODA on Instagram. As you can feel just by looking at the logo, the application is very simple and tidy. They have many clean, refreshing filters that those who like natural corrections will love it.

The advantage of SODA is that it has a lot of neat and smooth filters! Sometimes, other applications may be abstruse because of the high saturation and high color filters. Soda has a lot of filters that you can use daily.

It also offers portrait mode, like the one of IPhone. You can manually adjust the focus after taking a picture to make the background blurry! Most of the cases, selfie applications doesn't have a clear picture. However, SODA provides HD mode that you will not have a image quality issues and it will be good to take photos with the back camera.

@Kimdoghee Instagram

As you can see, you can take pictures that are natural and white, clean and beautiful! I suppose that this is the most famous application among celebrities as well as Koreans these days.

Korean Popular Selfie App:4. Ulike

U Like is the most recently released applications among the five. It is popular for its feminine design and cute stickers which appealed to women.

The biggest advantage of U Like applications is that you can make fine adjustments from 0 to 100! You can adjust the face shape best for you without cutting your chin or thinning your face to much. Also, there are times when you don't know how to pose when you are taking pictures. Since U Like offers more than 200 pose guides, you can take great a pictures.

U Like application is also very popular for its natural make-up features. They have about 80 make-up filters. You can use it to tend that you put on make-ups when taking pictures even on the day when you didn't put it on!

@U Like Official Instagram

There are lots of cute and unique stickers that you haven't seen in other apps! Try taking pictures with lovely stickers with U Like application!

Korean Popular Selfie App:5. Snapchat

The last application to introduce is the internationally famous App, Snapchat! Snapchat is originally a messenger service that deletes messages automatically after a few seconds, that it was famous for is privacy protection. It is a perfect app to share your daily life with friends and share funny pictures.


That's why there are a lot of funny or bizarre stickers than other apps!

In addition, since it is mainly a messenger application, it offers a variety of services such as the ability to show my current location to friends, and stickers available in certain countries.

@IU Instagram

@Suzy Instagram

@박Park Shinhye Instagram

Recently, SnapChat released a new baby filter that become really popular. Many celebrities take pictures using this baby filter as well as other people.

Korean Popular Selfie App:Comparison

For more comparisons, the editor used all of the apps to shoot a picture in a similar posture.


▲ B612


▲ Snapchat

▲ Ulike

As you see, it looks similar but a little bit different. SNOW and Snapchat has the sharpest color, while  B612 seems to have a low saturation and a little blur effects. Photo taken in SODA has high hue saturation and more pink, so it looks lovely. U-like is a bit more corrected compared to other apps, I personally prefers the one that is taken with U Like and SODA.


Essential App For People Who Have No Talents In Photography : SOVS

Lastly, if you have a friend who don't take good photograph, or if you are a bad photographer, I would recommend the application called SOVS. 

When you are traveling, there is a certain photo that I want to take. However, it is very difficult to explain it to friends. Especially when you ask a friend who can't take good pictures, you are too small or too big in the photo or have bad proportion. SOVS offers a pose guideline for those who are not good at posing. You just set the compose in advance and then ask your friend to take a picture according to the guide. It is that easy.

There are also a variety of pretty filters that do not lag behind other cellphone apps. Because it is an application optimized for the whole body shots, there are various types and color filters which can pictures various backgrounds beautifully.

If you want to take a life shot on the trip, I recommend you to use SOVS!

Today, we have learned about the most popular Selfie apps for Koreans. 

See you again next time!

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