Top 6 Popular Sheet Mask in Korea
What Kind of Masks do Koreans Use for Their Skin Care? The Most popular Sheet Masks!
6 months ago
Hanna ParkfromSeoul

Hello,everyone! We are Creatrip, a group of Korean travel experts.

It's a time between seasons when there is a lot of problems with skin. Because the weather is changing so quickly, we get lost how to do our skin care. Aren't you struggling with the troubles?

If so, don't worry! Today, I will recommend popular sheet masks that is popular in Korea!

Many Koreans put on sheet masks once a day for skin care.

Actually, many Korean celebrities said that they always use masks once a day.

Masks are a great help in skin care because you can hydrate your skin!

So today, I will be introducing the six most popular sheet masks in Korea!

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Top 6 Korean Popular Sheet Masks

Korean Popular Sheet Masks:1. Innisfree Real Squiz Mask

#이니스프리 #리얼 스퀴즈 마스크

1,100KRW/ each

@Innisfree Homepage

Innisfree is already a very famous beauty brand among foreigners. There are many good cosmetics, especially the base line and the masks are very popular.

Among them, I recommend Innisfree 'My Real Squeeze Mask'! 

@Innisfree Homepage

My Real Squeeze Mask-cucumber is effective for hydration and soothing. 

Cucumber contains a lot of components that helps making our skin brighter.

Since this mask is very moisturizing, it will supply plenty of moisture to your dry skin!

@Innisfree Homepage

It is even very cheap with the price of 1,100 won, and contains good ingredients.

That is why I always buy bunch of this masks when they are on sale or on a 5+5 event!


Korean Popular Sheet Masks2. Skin Clinic Mask - Madecassoside

#이니스프리 #스킨 클리닉 마스크

1,800KRW/ each

@Innisfree Homepage

Let me introduce another Innisfree product. This is a skin clinic mask. 

Madecassoside is one of the most famous product among the series. There is nothing to calm down the troubles.

If you are worried because of the sudden skin trouble, put madecassoside masks on before you go to bed.

The next day, you will experience the smoother, flawless skin!

@Innisfree Homepage

The most important feature of the Innisfree Skin Clinic Mask is that the sheet is very thin compared to the other sheet masks! 

If you put it on your face, they won't fall off easily.

@Innisfree Homepage

When you feel like your skin is too dry to put make ups on, try putting this masks before you put your make up.

After the mask, apply moisturizing cream and wait until your skin absorbs it. Then you are all ready to put on your make up!

When they are on a sale or on a event,  don't forget to buy one of these!

Korean Popular Sheet Masks3. Dewytree AC Control Deep Mask

#듀이트리 #AC 컨트롤 딥 마스크

3,300KRW/ each

@Dewytree Homepage

Dewytree AC Control Mask Pack is recently the most popular mask among Koreans!

This product contains peppermint ampoule, which is very effective for troubled skin.

Peppermint and green enzyme will help you control your irritated skin in to a flawless skin!

@Dewytree Homepage

'Peppermint' is the main ingredient of Dewytree AC Control Mask, and it is good for oily skin since it cools down the skin, and very effective for skin troubles.

Lots of Koreans reviewed that their trouble skin got much better after using this sheet mask!

@Dewytree Homepage

Dewytree AC Control Mask Pack enhances skin exfoliating effects as well as ampoule absorption.

As I used it, they really did not fell off from the skin and holds well on my skin that I was able to absorb the ampoule better to my skin.

This is why Dewytree AC Control Mask Pack is the No. 1 sheet mask in Korea's beauty store called Olive Young! I highly recommend this pack which many Koreans like. 

Korean Popular Sheet Masks4. Leaders Step Solution - Auaringer

#리더스 #스텝 솔루션

3,000KRW/ each

@Leaders Homepage

Leader's Step Solution Aquaringer Mask is a very popular mask for Koreans!!

My friend told me that if you have this pack, you can revive your rough skin tired of sunlight.

@Leaders Homepage

Leader's Step Solution Aquaringer Mask will help your skin find a balance between dry and oily skin. It is good for soothing and hydrating.

When I use them before I go to bed, I found my skin takes makeup very well the next day.

@Leaders Homepage

The next thing I would like to recommend besides the Aquaringer Mask(blue) is AC-Dressing Mask(red)!

Leader's Step Solution AC-Dressing mask contains snail mucus that is good for troubled skin.

When you use this sheet pack when you are having troubles with your skin, you can experience all troubles going away.

So I recommend Aguaringer Mask and AC-Dressing Mask!

Korean Popular Sheet Masks5. Ultru Relaxing Jelly Mask

#얼트루 #릴렉싱 젤리 마스크

3,000KRW/ each

@Ultru Homepage

Ultru I'm Sorry for My Skin Skin Relaxing Jelly Mask is called the "cigarette pack,"

and it is fist in sheet mask sale in Korea's beauty store, LOHB'S.

The smell is a not so good (...), but its effect is super!

@Ultru Homepage

The benefit of this mask is that they are using a jelly type essence that the essence does not stream down the face.

The essence is very bouncy jelly formula and nourishing that you should pat your face gently after using the mask.

@Ultru Homepage

After using the jelly mask, the skin became bright and shiny, and the calming effect was really good!

If this effect is 3,000 won, I am willing to continue using the mask!

Korean Popular Sheet Masks6. Sum 37 Secret programming Mask

#숨 #시크릿 프로그래밍 마스크

90,000KRW/ 1pack

@Sum 37 Homepage

Sum Secret Programming Mask is the best sheet mask.

As you can see they are super expensive compare to the other masks, however, they are in a different level even from their mask sheets.

They use microfiber sheet that is attaches very much to the face and you can feel your skin being nourished.

@Sum 37 Homepage

One of my friend at duty shop gave me two Secret Programming Masks as a gift.

So I tried it for the first time, and was so surprised.

After using the mask, it was the first time I ever experienced my skin glowing.

It seemed like I had skin care at a shop.

This is probably the reason why they say that expensive things worth the price!

@Sum 37 Homepage

Now when I hear the brand 'Sum,' Secret Programming Mask is the only thing that I can think of.

However it is difficult to use it everyday since it is expensive.

I think it would be nice to use the mask in a special occasion.

There are eight masks in a pack, so each mask cost approximately 10,000 won.

The price is really expensive, but I can not say that it is too expensive because it has the same effect as going to a skin care shop.

If you are looking for a mask that has a instant effect, I recommend you a Secret Programming Mask!

So, today, we went over 6 famous sheet masks in Korea.

It is difficult to say which one is the best because it depends on your skin type and condition.

However, these are the one that Koreans might have heard of at least once,

the one that lots of people complimented!

You can buy Dewytree AC Control Deep Mask and Leader's Step Solution Mask at Olive Young,

and Ultru Relaxing Jelly Mask at LOHB's!

Now manage your skin effectively with sheet masks!

Olive Young, LOHB's Location

1. Olive Young | Myungdong 

Address : 53, Myeongdong-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

서울특별시 중구 명동 명동길 53

2. LOHB's | Myungdong 

Address : 67, Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

서울특별시 중구 남대문로 67 롯데영플라자 2층

3. Lotte Duty Free Shop Head Office 

 Address : 81, Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

서울특별시 중구 남대문로 81 롯데백화점본점 9~12층

4. Shinsegae Duty Free Shop Head Office 

주소 : 77, Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

서울특별시 중구 퇴계로 77 신세계백화점 본점 신관 8F-12F

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