Sungshin Women's University Shopping Tour
Hot place for Korean Students to Shop! Let's Visit Sungshin Women's University(성신여대) full of affordable clothing and restaurants.
a year ago

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Everyone should know that Seoul's business district always develops around the university. 

Therefore, the business districts such as Konkuk University, Hongik University, Ewha University and Shinchon are very developed and loved by many tourists.

Today, I would like to introduce another university business district that is popular among locals. 

The place is called "Sungshin Women's University Shopping District" which is also known as one of the three major women’s streets. 

If you want to get rid of the touristy places, come to Sungshin Women's University near Hyehwa for shopping!

Sungshin Women's University Shopping Tour I Information

  • AddressSeoul Metro Line 4 Sungshin Women's University Station Exit 1
  • Business Hour: Usually the merchants are opened after 11 o'clock. It is recommended to come on weekdays or holidays.

Sungshin Women's University Shopping Tour I How to Get There

Sungshin Women's University Station Exit 1

If you exit Sungshin Women's University Station, it is mainly a large-scale card that will stay a little longer when shopping. 

If you don't like crowded places, you can buy thing here and get a tax refund service.

You can not talk about the Women's University's shopping district without cosmetic shops. All the cosmetics stores that you can think of are here!

There is no special shoe brand in Sungshin Women's University compare to Hongdae or Ewha Women's University, 

but there is a store called 'Folder' which is also a very famous shoe select shop in Korea. You can find your favorite shoes here!

When you go a little further, you will see the entrance to the shopping street of Sungshin Women's University. 

Remember this arch and you can easily find the street. If you see it, you are on the right place!

These days, Korea has a huge daily temperature range. However it is certain that summer is coming!

There are so many cute, cheap summer dresses in Sungshin shopping street.

Compared to other University's shopping district, Sungshin Women’s University has a more local atmosphere.

Here, you can see some more traditional markets.

Big cosmetic stores are also hiding in the lanes, and Xiaobian is so strolling. 

I feel that Sungshin Women's  University shopping street it similar to Konkuk University's shopping district, but there were not so many people here during the weekdays. 

If you want to feel the liveliness, it will be nicer to come during the holidays. .

Socks, costumes, small items, and cosmetics could be easily found around the street.

There are also several shoe stores like other business districts, and they offer many choices for those who want to buy Korean shoes.

There are lots of simple shops with cheap price. If you come here around noon on weekdays, have lunch around the district. 

Then after 2 or 3 o'clock, the stores will start to open. It will be more interesting to look around then. If you visit here too early, you can only see few store opened.

There is also a small area where you can buy cute phone cases. Many people who come to Korea wants to buy mobile phone cases, and here they are!

Also, it is at affordable price that I often buy 2-3 cases at a time.

There are a famous candle shop and fancy shop in the shopping street.

Art Box is one of the must-visit stores in Korea since they sell lots of adorable items at a cheap price!

Also, don't forget to stop by international snack outlet and buy some snack at a discounted price.

Sungshin Women's University is one of South Korea's well-known women's universities. 

Although it is not very famous among the tourists since Ewha Women's University is too popular, but if you want travek like a local, we highly recommend you to visit Sungshin University.

Moreover, there are clothes and accessory shops which sells cheap, good-value and good-looking items.

Since they are next to each other, isn't it nice to go on a shopping here?

The advantages of the shopping street doesn't ends here. They also got many local attractions that the tourists are not so familiar with.

Palgong Tea is one of the hottest new milk tea brand in Korea, and they are very famous for its cheap price!

Besides Palgon Tea and many other nice cafes around the place, there are so many great restaurants where you can eat. 

Every night, the restaurants are filled with students, and the street became very active. It is quite different from the daytime. 

If you want to feel the active atmosphere, visit Sungshin Women's University on evening!

So today we have looked around the latest Sungshin Women's University shopping street. How was it? 

They have quite a different atmosphere compare to other shopping streets such as Hongdae or Ewha Womne's University.

Tried of shopping streets full of tourists? 

If you want a local shopping experience in a quite atmosphere, I highly recommend you to visit Sungshin Women's University!

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