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6 months ago
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SOIGNE has presented 20 episodes introducing over 300 new dishes for 6 years. 

The ‘Preparation Day’, three day-long shutdown, involving every staff delving deep to develop new repertoire is now our tradition. The archive has accumulated, elaborated into an immense history and inspires us with other new ideas. Our members named the restaurant ‘SOIGNE’ meaning ‘refined, well-groomed’ have endeavored to be truly soigne, and for this episode, we are to show you our present, inspirations from the past.

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Scallop Ceviche

The first amuse following the previous theme, ‘aroma’ of herbs and spices, is ceviche of raw scallop dressed in apple shiso juice with fresh acidity and herbal scent. In addition, soft scallop creates a nice contrast with hamcho and caviar and stimulates appetite.

Yam and eel Tart

Next amuse is inspired by our 18th episode ‘STAMINA’. Fire grilled eel and yam known as ‘mountain eel’ with cauliflower puree liaising every ingredient create bite sized tart, yet deeply layered with flavors and textures.

White Asparagus 

The dish from the 3rd ‘Ordinary Meals’ brings us to the last amuse. Crisp white asparagus is impeccably dressed with crunch baby anchovies and sweet white chocolate. Refreshingly moist asparagus will get you ready for the main course.

Seasonal Hoe-muchim

Appetizer begins with ‘Hoe-muchim’ which is Korean sashimi salad, derived from cold sashimi soup in our first episode ‘Winter of Seoul’. We added vinegar to soybean paste reminiscent of chili paste with vinegar and topped it with thinly sliced mustard leaf to give the feeling of vegetable ‘Ssam’.

Lamb Rack Tartare

Lamb rack tartare previously introduced in 2017 Collaboration with Chef Andre Chang is realigned. Uncooked lamb rack is smoked till it gives off charcoal like flavor served while staying balanced with fermented blueberries and piquancy of nasturtium leaves.

King Crab Raviolo

Chef Lee has introduced a variety of fresh pasta starting from the pop-up restaurant before SOIGNE to DOUGHROOM. This time we tried ‘Raviolo’ a witty dish, for the first time in Korea we assume, where pressed parsley pasta is crammed with king crab meat and warm egg yolk is oozing out from it. 

Roasted Iberico pork with ancient recipe

  The modern day rendition of recipes in ancient cookbooks of our own was presented in the 16th episode. The most profound finding was “roasting in dough” resembling sous-vide technique. Meat wrapped around with seasoned dough cooks slowly in its own moist while retaining tenderness and in depth flavor.  

Chocolate & Pistachio

The main dessert is raspberry chocolate mousse inspired by the dish ‘From the sky from the ground’ in the second episode. Thick raspberry compote with dark chocolate mousse elevates the nuttiness of pistachio espuma to the next level and green tea chip with amaretto complements the whole dish and helps the aroma stand out.

Petite four

Mint chocolate pavé, Red berry financier, Pepper cookies and wasabi cream.

Seoul Modern Fine Dining

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