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Fresh Sushi in Hongdae, the Street of Youth!
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Today's restaurant is a Japanese halal food restaurant located in Hongdae! Although there are more Muslim-friendly restaurants these days, it's hard to find Japanese restaurants selling halal food. But Creatrip has found this Japanese cuisine in Hongdae! The restaurant is called Tokyo, and they sell authentic Japanese food. It is a place where where you can enjoy a fresh meal because the chef selects the fish to cook from natural and mountainous area!

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Hongdae Restaurant: Tokyo | Business Information

  • Tokyo Address: 6, World Cup buk-ro 1-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Business Hour:매일 11:30-22:00

Hongdae Restaurant: Tokyo | Recommendations

  1. It is a Japanese restaurant serving various sashimi, sushi, roast and rice bowl. They offer fish and seafood with carefully selected ingredients from natural and mountainous areas that it is very fresh! 
  2. You can enjoy a variety of Japanese authentic dishes and the finest seasonal dishes. 
  3. On weekends and public holidays, all items are sold at a discount of 10 percent.

Hongdae Restaurant: Tokyo | Location

  • Tokyo Address: 6, World Cup buk-ro 1-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

Hongdae Restaurant: Tokyo | Direction

It takes 5 minutes from Hongik University Station Exit 1

Hongdae Restaurant: Tokyo | Photo Preview

Japanese restaurant, Tokyo, is a place where you can meet authentic Japanese cuisine in Halal in Korea!

You can meet Halal Japanese in Korea which is hard to find even in Japan.

In particular, Tokyo is a traditional restaurant that adheres to authentic Japanese.

When you enter inside, the place is much bigger than you think.

There is also a group seat and private rooms, so you can enjoy your meal in a comfortable place.

Tokyo serve foods that is cooked with fish and seafood from natural and mountain areas.

That's why you can enjoy a very fresh sashimi!

In addition to the main menu, there are many other side dishes such as tempura, sushi, makisushi, and rice with fish roe, that you can have various kinds of foods!

Especially, it is delicious when you eat sushi and a spicy fish stew together.

Overall, the foods are not irritating, so don't worry if you don't like spicy or salty foods! 

They offers a raw fish course which serves a sashimi as a main dish,

Japanese full course that you can enjoy various kinds of sashimi at a reasonable price,

and there are variety of menus such as spicy fish stew, sushi, and rice bowl, so you can choose what you want.

If you want to eat authentic Japanese food in Korea, feel the taste of Japan in Hongik University Tokyo!

Hongdae Restaurant: Tokyo | Menu

Raw Fish Course회정식45,000 won
Japanese Full Course동경 정식25,000 won
Spicy Codfish Stew대구매운탕17,000 won
Sushi (chobap)초밥20,000 won
Assorted Sushi 15P모듬 초밥 15P25,000 won
Rice topped with raw fish and vegetable특회덮밥20,000 won

The above was a short overview of Tokyo in Hongdae : Please read this blog post carefully and follow the instruction given in this post to get special discounts. If you have any further inquiry, please shoot us an email at support@creatrip.com.   


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