Shop at Myeongdong and Win an iPad!
A promotion brought to you by Korea's best tax refund services, Global Tax Free
Haemin @creatrip
a year ago

Hello, everyone! We are Creatrip, a group of travel experts.

We're going to tell you about a great promotion run by our partner and Korea's best tax refund services, Global Tax Free.

Q1. So what's the promotion? 

If you purchase more than 50,000 Won at one time at any of the partner stores at Myeongdong, you get the chance to win a variety of prizes such as an iPad or a luxury face mask. 

Most popular stores in Myeongdong are a part of this promotion ^0^

This promotion offered only by Global Tax Free and its Myeongdong partner stores. You won't find this promotion with other tax refund services.

Q2. Where and when can I find the promotion?

When: May 28th, 2019 ~ until no more prizes are available (estimated to be up to six weeks)

Where: Global Tax Free and its 200 partner stores.

A few partner stores participating in the Global Tax Free promotion

Q3. How do I participate?

If you spend more than 50,000 Won at one of the 200 stores, the clerk will hand you a scratch ticket. 

If you scratch and find that you've won, you can receive your prize right away from one of the tax refund counters. 

Show the counter your prize-winning ticket and get your prize! 

The scratch ticket!

Q4. What prizes are there?

1st Place (iPad Pro)
2nd Place (Shine Mask)
3rd Placee (Galaxy Buds)
4th Place (Nail Trimming Kit)
5th Place (Honey Butter Almond)


Q5. Where do I get the prizes again?

If you get a winning ticket, you can get your prize right away at the tax refund counter shown below

Obviously, you can get your tax refunds as well as your prizes at these counters!

1) Myeongdong Olive Young

Address: 2F, Tax Refund Counter, 53 Myoengdong-gil, Myeongdong 1-ga, Seoul, South Korea

2) Myeongdong Lotte Department Store (Main)

Address: 1F, Tax Refund Counter, Euljiro 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu Seoul

3) Myeongdong Shinsegae Department (Main)

Adddress: 1F, Tax Refund Counter, 52-5 Chungmuro 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul

*The location of the tax refund counters are also provided on the scratch tickets.

If you're planning on stopping by Myeongdong this May/June for a shopping spree, try your luck with the Global Tax Free promotional event :)

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