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Disney has conquered Korea! Meet your favorite Disney characters in SPAOxDisney Collaboration (Toy Story, Zootopia, and Disney Princess Series)
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Nowadays, there is a craze for Disney products in Korea. 

There are more and more Disney exhibitions coming up in Korea, and many Korean manufacturing companies started to collaborate with Disney. 

Among those, the front-runner of the Korean SPA brand [SPAO] has launched the collaboration with Disney on May 17th. 

Now, get ready for the hottest and newest issue of Disney in Korea!

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SPAO × Disney

The first collaborated Disney animation with SPAO is Toy Story of Pixar.

It is expected that Toy Story 4 will rush to have collaboration with many Korean brands. 

Currently major Korean brands like [innisfree] and [SPAO] have launched collaboration with Toy Story.

SPAO has launched a number of characters in Toy Story; 

Not only the major characters like Woody and Buzz Lightyear, but also other characters like Rex, Mr. Potato Head, Aliens, etc.

Other than short-sleeves, there are also 3 types of dress-typed shirts.

In addition to embroidered short-sleeves, SPAO has launched printed and painted short-sleeves. 

Other than embroidered T-shirts, SPAO has launched printed and painted products to enhance the variety of designs. 

Also, SPAO has collaborated with many Disney animations other than Toy-story.

Yes, it is Zootopia! The one that won Oscar in the best cartoons area.

The number of collaboration products of Zootopia is less than the number of other Disney animations. 

But No worries to the fans of Zootopia! Your favorite Zootopia characters (Judy, Nick, and Flash) are launched in SPAO Korea on May 17!

SPAO used to launch a variety of tops with many Disney characters but not Judy, Nick and Flash.

But now, you can have your favorite Zootopia characters printed on shirts in SPAO Korea!

You may wonder Disney collaborated products are usually expensive, BUT no worries! 

Disney products from SPAO are sold at the very affordable price. 

For embroidered-type T-shirts, it costs ₩19,900, and for the printing-type, only ₩15,900!

Other than Toy-story and Zootopia, we cannot exclude the Princess Series when it comes to Disney! 

SPAO has also provides a variety of items collaborated with Disney Princess Series.

Disney Princess Series include Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, etc. 

Not only main characters are provided, but also the sub-main character, like Lady Tremaine, is printed on the T-shirt.

 Also, you may find your favorite phrase from the movie printed on T-shirts!

Each princess has a short-sleeved top with embroidered patterns in different colors, each with a children's version! 

This way you can wear a parent-child dress with your child. 

Come to South Korea to buy SPAOxDisney products as a gift for children to give them an unforgettable memories.

DAISO × Disney

In addition to SPAO, South Korea's DAISO also has launched a variety of Disney collaboration products. 

We have prepared the hottest and cutest DAISOxDISNEY products in Korea!

The first product that we want to introduce is the TsumTsum Series. 

You can have this genuine TsumTsum products in DAISO at a reasonable price!

DAISO also provides <Toys-story> and <Finding Nemo> colored papers with instructions. 

You can meet your favorite Disney characters as you follow the instruction!

The product itself is very small and light, and thus suitable for a simple present for your children. 

Children can easily follow the instruction, and we have prepared some images of finished products.

How is it? Imagine how happy is your child when he/she completes his/her favorite Disney character! 

A pack of this Disney character paper is provided only at  ₩1,000, and 6 kinds of characters are included in 1 pack. 

Other than cute products that we introduced earlier, DAISO also provides a daily and practical hand towels. 

Mickey Mouse character is embroidered on the edge of the simple white hand towel. 

You can have this worthwhile daily necessity at ₩1,000 per sheet in Korean DAISO only!

DAISO has Disney Princess Series hand mirrors. 

Its handy and compact size allows you to carry around easily and fix your make-up anywhere you go! 

And the design itself will be loved by the girls as you can see from the image!

So these are the recent Disney products that are newly listed and sold in Korea. 

If you are a fan of Disney, you should not miss this chance! 

Even if you are not, you can still buy Disney products for your friends who are crazy about Disney!! 

It would be the best choice as the souvenir from Korea.

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?5 Best SPA Fashion Brands in Korea

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