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Z-AND photography for your wedding!
7 months ago
Haemin @creatripfromSeoul
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Your wedding will be one of the most monumental moments in your life.

Today, we're going to introduce to you Z-AND, a famous professional photo studio located in Gangnam, Seoul. 

Korea Weddings|Wedding Photo Shoots

Z-AND|Discount Booking

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?Seoul ⇋ Airport Luggage Transportation Service ₩10,000

Z-AND Studio |  Pricing

ArticleCreatrip Pricing
Wedding photos / two person
Indoors shoot(Basic)
Wedding photos / two person
Outdoors shoot(Add-on)
Wedding experience
/ two person
Wedding experience
/ person
Identification photos
/ person
Profile + Identification photos
/ person

Z-AND Studio |  Info

  • Address:B1, 111-21 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Hours:09:00 ~ 19:00 (Closed Mondays)

Z-AND Studio |  Recommended Because

  • A professional photographer and makeup artist will help capture you at your most beautiful. 
  • Choose between various pricing options including a formal wedding photography or wedding experience packages (+ outdoors shoot add on).
  • The employees are very friendly and helpful, there to make your photo shoot experience as smooth as possible.
  • A Chinese/English speaking studio helper is there to facilitate communication.

Z-AND Studio |  How to Book

  1. Click here to book online.
  2. Please enter your details. 
  3. The booking will be confirmed after coordinating with the studio's schedule.
  4. Any changes to the booking must be coordinated with the studio. Please contact the studio directly.
  5. If you would like to make changes to the booking, please cancel and re-book
  6. In the case of a cancellation, you will be refunded following the refund policy stated below.
  7. Click here to check you booking status after you've made your payment.

Z-AND Studio |  Notes

  • Please be on time to your booked session.
  • It may be possible to book the day before or day-of. (Please ask the studio directly via email.)
  • The studio will not provide original files except for the wedding photo package. (Only edits will be provided)
  • Printing is unavailable except for the wedding photo package.
  • Heels and other women's shoes are provided for the wedding photo package. Male shoes and socks must be brought by the individual. (50,000 KRW rentals)
  • Payments made at the studio will exclude the payment already made during booking.
  • Please send any additional inquiries to

Z-AND Studio |  Refund Policy

The refund policy for wedding shoots are as follows:

Cancellation date (from day of shooting)Amount
61 days beforeRefund 100% of total payment amount
31~60 days beforeRefund 90% of total payment amount
8~30 days beforeRefund 50% of total payment amount
Day of shooting~7 days beforeNo refunds

Z-AND Studio |  Products

1. Wedding Photography (Total 6 hours)

?Formal Wedding Photography Product
₩1,800,000 →  ₩1,570,000 / two person

Z-AND Studio|Online Reservation

  • 3 Dresses
  • 1 Tuxedo 
  • Hair and makeup (both bride and groom)
  • Original digital files(More than 250 shots)
  • Edited digital files (20 shots, printable)
  • 1 Top grade photo album 20p

1-1 Wedding Photography Notes

*Three white wedding dresses are provide. If desired, two white dresses + one color dress can be arranged without extra cost.
**The shipping fee for the photo album is separate (Production time can take at least 2 months). The album will be shipped via EMS (Shipping fees are typically around 100,000 KRW. Can differ by shipping destination/region).
***The booking must be made for two people. 1 person photo shoots are unavailable. 


1-2 Wedding Photography Proceedings (6 Hours) 

  1. Makeup and hair (1 hour)
  2. Wedding dress and tuxedo try-on (1 hour)
  3. Studio session (2 ~ 2:30 hours)
  4. Photo selection (1 ~ 1:30 hours)

2. Wedding Experience (4 Hours)

Experience a Korean-style wedding at an affordable price.
₩400,000 →  ₩310,000 / Per person

Z-AND Studio|Online Reservation

  • 1 Dress
  • 1 Tuxedo
  • Simple makeup
  • Photo session (More than 100 shots)
  • 5 Edited physical copies (5 inch X 7 inch)

2-1 Wedding Experience Notes

*1 Person bookings available ( ₩310,000).
**Only very simple makeup is done (Full makeup add-on available).
***Physical albums are available as an add-on. Normally takes about 3 days to produce an album. If you cannot receive the album while still in Korea, we can ship it to you via EMS (shipping fees apply, typically around 100,000 KRW).

Add on.  Outdoors Shoot (4 Hours)

The beautiful Seoul outdoors as your background.
₩600,000 →  ₩550,000 / 2 People

Z-AND Studio|Online Reservation

  • 1 Dress
  • 1 Tuxedo
  • Simple makeup
  • Original digital copies (100 Shots)

Outdoors Shoot Notes

*1 Person bookings available (₩330,000).
**The pricing is for Dosan Park and Seoul Forest.
***The location can be changed, but additional fees may apply. (i.e.) Nami Island Wedding Photos : 500,000KRW / person + transportation costs + 2 hours transportation time + entry tickets and photo permit fees

3. Indentification Photos

Identification photos by a professional photographer
₩95,000 →  ₩88,000 / person

Z-AND Studio|Online Reservation

  • Simple makeup
  • 5 Edited digital copies (5 inch X 7 inch)
  • If for passport, extra file provided (4.5cm X 3.5cm)

Identification Photo Notes

*The photos will not be printed (Just the edited digital copy)
**Only simple makeup provided. (Full makeup add-ons available)

4. Identification Photo + Profile Photo

Single person profile and identification photo package product.
₩140,000 →  ₩132,000 / person

Z-AND Studio|Online Reservation

  • Simple makeup.
  • Friendship photos available.
  • 5 Edited digital files (5 inch X 7 inch)

Identification + Profile Photos Notes

*No printing provided (just edited digital copies).
**Only simple makeup provided (full makeup add-on available).
***Studio clothes are available for rent (additional fees apply)

Gangnam Z-AND Studio |  Location

  • Address : B1, 111-21 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Directions : Walk 3 minutes after taking exit 3-1 Gangnam-gu Office Station (Line 7, Bundang Line).

Gangnam-gu Office Station exit 3-1.

Keep straight towards the circled pharmacy after taking exit 3-1.

After passing the pharmacy,

Turn left at the first street.

Then turn right at the next street.

Keep straight for 40m and you'll see the 三柱 Building on the right. Head to the B1 floor.

The above post was about Gangnam Wedding Photography: Z-AND Studio. If you have any inquiries, please direct them to the email address below.

Z-and studio
대한민국 서울특별시 강남구 논현동 111-21

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5 months ago
Just arrived back from our honeymoon yesterday and wanted to say a huge thank you for everything! We are super excited as we know the shots will be amazing.We cannot thank you enough for all the effort you put in our day to make it such a special day for us. It was the best day of our lives in Korea and couldn’t believe how smoothly it all went.