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A local's recommendation! Afforadable Korean bbq and traditional Korean cuisines at Ohdoe Noodle House (오도면옥)
3 weeks ago
Li Zheng Ying @creatripfromSeoul
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The best food in any city is often hidden from the hunting eyes and ears of tourists, known only by locals. 

Well today, I'm going to break that rule and talk about a local favorite, "Ohdoe Noodle House." Their signature dishes include cold noodles and affordable BBQ meat. 

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Ohdoe Noodle House | Info

  • Address:27 Supyo-ro 6-gil, Pil-dong
  • Hours:11:30 - 20:30

Ohdoe Noodle House | Member discounts

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Ohdoe Noodle House | Recommended Because

  1. The partnership that Ohdoe has with us is solely because it used to be a favorite eatery of mine.  
  2. Another evidence for it being a local favorite: the office workers in the neighborhood crowd to this place for lunch, ordering either the cold noodles or bibimbap. The BBQ often gets ordered as well. 
  3. All grades of meat are available. Even if you don't eat beef, there is a pork option that's just as good
  4. The store is very clean and nice.

Ohdoe Noodle House | Directions

    • Address:27 Supyo-ro 6-gil, Pil-dong
  • Directions:Take exit 6 from Chungmuro Station or exit 9 from Euljiro 3 Station. Turn left at the intersection where the CU convenience store is, and you'll come across Ohdoe Noodle House. 

Ohdoe Noodle House Review

With a very clean signboard, Ohdoe Noodle House is located in the small alley between Chunmuro and Euljiro. A popular lunch place for nearby office workers, usually any restaurants that aren't worth their time are quickly eliminated.

Unlike other BBQ restaurants that tend to be a little messy and filled with smoke, Ohdoe Noodle House is very clean looking. 

I ordered for three people. I was pleasantly surprised when I got the plate because of the generous quantity. The meat seemed to be very well marinated, with knife cuts on the surface to ensure that the sauce sinks in to the core.

The servers will help cook the meat, by placing the meat on the iron and then spreading it carefully so that it cooks evenly on top of the charcoal fire.

The knife marks not only helps the marination sink in, but also ensures that the meat cooks evenly. Unlike other stores where the beef comes out of the freezer, Ohdoe Noodle House's meats look a little more fresh and professional. 

Grilled pork ribs may look ugly, but I'm so looking forward to its taste.

Take a piece of beef, with lettuce and onion, a little bit of sauce, and you have yourself a classic Korean BBQ ssam.

Ohdoe Noodle House's marination that isn't so overwhelming that you can no longer taste the actual meat. The marination was just right and dispersed very evenly thanks to the knife markings that the natural meat flavors and the sweet flavors of the sauce created a perfect balance. 

The bit of meat close to the bone is always the best part. I had two pieces, it was very chewy and satisfying.

In addition, I also ordered stone pot bibimbap, as well as beef broth. None of the flavors were too overwhelming, which I really liked. I prefer these natural, home-cooked flavors rather than the super salty and spicy food of a lot of eateries. 

In addition, the most well-known dish are the cold noodles, the namesake of the restaurant. Ohdoe Noodle House's cold noodles and spicy noodles are highly recommended.

Although it super red, don't be scared-it's very sweet and refreshing. It goes perfectly with the BBQ beef, and you'll have had all the flavors of Ohdoe Noodle House.

Many people choose to find accommodations near Myeong-dong and Chungmuro Road. If this is you, you might want to consider finding some time in your schedule to go around trying local-favorite eateries. Chungmuro Road "Ohdoe Noodle House" will not let you down!

Ohdoe Noodle House | Menu

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