Creatrip Reaches One Million Monthly Active Users
Travel Information Platform "Creatrip", Reaches One Million Montly Active Users
Jane Lee
a year ago

On March 23rd, Creatrip announced that they have reached over one million monthly active users.

Creatrip is a travel information platform for Asian free travelers visiting Korea. One out of three free travelers from the Taiwan and Hongkong region, which has reached 4th place in the Korea Tourism market, uses Creatrip to get convenient informaton about Korean travel.

Haemin Yim, the CEO of Creatrip said, "This is the result of quickly providing the trendiest and most useful travel tips that meets the true needs of free travelers". She also added, "We will step up to expand our service into a new market to accomplish the goal of becoming the one and only platform in Asia that guarantees anyone to travel like a local in Korea."