Let's Visit Noryangjin Fish Market
If You Want to Enjoy Fresh Assorted Sashimi for a Cheap Price? Visit Noryangjin Fish Market!
3 months ago
Jane LeefromSeoul
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If you came to Korea, you should eat sashimi, right? It is good to visit the place near ocean like Busan or Jeju Island for sashimi, but did you know that you can enjoy fresh sashimi in Seoul ?

Here, in Noryangjin Fish Market, you can taste the in Seoul! It is a place where Seoul people often visit when they want to eat fish. Today, I would like to recommend 4 sushi restaurants:  Emperor Sushi House(황제 회 양념집), Ilbeonji Sushi(일번지 회 양념), Sea Sushi Center(바다 회 센타), Millionaire Sushi House(거부 회 양념집). Visit local fish market and enjoy the fresh seafood! 

Of course, there is 10% discount for Creatrip members only!   

Noryangjin Fish Market | Reservation

  On the day you visit, you can choose any of the four places.

Noryangjin Fish Market | Information 

  • Address: 674, Nodeul-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • 서울 동작구 노들로 674 노량진수산물도매시장 2층
    (All 4 restaurants are gathered on the second floor )
  • Business Hour: 10:00 - 22:00

Noryangjin Fish Market | Price

Small Octopus Sashimi낙지사시미₩30,000₩27,000
Stir-fried Octopus 낙지볶음₩30,000₩27,000
Octopus Soup낙지탕₩40,000₩36,000
Grilled Mussels관자버터구이₩30,000₩27,000
Steamed Mussels관자찜₩30,000₩27,000
Stir-fried Mussels관자볶음₩40,000₩36,000
Grilled Shrimp 새우구이 (20마리)₩20,000₩18,000
Braised Shrimp 새우찜 (20마리)₩20,000₩18,000
Tiger Shrimp타이거새우 (2마리)₩50,000₩45,000
Grilled Abalones전복구이 (4마리)₩30,000₩27,000
Braised Abalones전복찜 (4마리)₩30,000₩27,000
Grilled Scallops가리비구이 (1kg)₩30,000₩27,000
Steamed Scallops가리비찜 (1kg)₩30,000₩27,000
Stir-fried Manila Clam 바지락볶음₩30,000₩27,000
Special Menu (2 person)스페셜 메뉴 (2인)₩100,000₩90,000
Special Menu (4 person)스페셜메뉴(4인)₩200,000₩180,000
KingCrab 킹크랩₩150,000₩135,000
Grilled Lobster랍스터버터구이₩120,000₩108,000
Steamed Lobster랍스터찜₩120,000₩108,000
Steamed Snow Crab대게찜₩80,000₩72,000

* Special Menu (2 person): Assorted sashimi, grilled abalone (2), steamed shrimp (10), small octopus (1), sea squirt, corn, spicy seafood soup
Special Menu (4 person): Assoreted sashimi, grilled abalone (4), steamed shrimp (20), small octopus (3), sea squirt, corn, spicy seafood soup 

Noryangjin Fish Market | Recommendations

Noryangjin Fish Market is a place where you can feel the taste of the ocean in the middle of Seoul. You will find the joy of traveling just by watching the various kinds of seafoods from various places in the market.

  1. Noryangjin fish market is popular among Koreans because you can eat fresh sashimi at reasonable price. Recently, the number of foreign tourists is increasing.
  2. You can eat fresh sashimi, variety of seafood, and spicy soup at a reasonable price if you go straight to the restaurant.
  3. Unlike the market, restaurants enforce a fixed-price system.  They don't charge more money to foreigner so don't worry!
  4. They will offer you an abundant meal. You will be amused with the amount of the food they serve.

Noryangjin Fish Market | Location

Address: 674, Nodeul-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

서울 동작구 노들로 674 노량진수산물도매시장 2층

Directions: Noryangkin station exit 7 -> Go straight 150m -> Go under the underpass -> Entarance of the market

Noryangjin Fish Market | Direction

Noryangjin station exit 7 -> Go straight 150m -> Go under the underpass -> Go up the stairs on the left -> It is second floor enterance
You can visit any of the four following restaurants on the second floor. (I wrote the restaurant number for your convenience. ) 

Noryangjin Fish Market | Photo Preview

I visited Sea Sushi Center(바다 회 센타) among the four seafood restaurants.

Since all 4 restaurants that are partnered with Creatrip have the same menu and price, it doesn't matter which restaurant you visit!

I ordered a set of assorted sashimi (₩ 100,000) fir two with the recommendation from the chef.   

First, they served various side dishes and seafood before the main menu, assorted sashimi.

Isn't it already very plenty?

This is sliced raw octopus!

It looks like they are very still in the picture, but they are actually  wriggling.

Octopus was very fresh and had a great taste!

For those who were afraid to try raw octopus, I highly encourage you to try it this time!

I also got shrimp as a side menu! It was delicious because it was salted and shrimps were very fat!

Though peeling was a bit annoying, the taste was wonderful.


This is abalone which is super good for our body!

It it grilled with butter that it smells really nice.

Abalone was very chewy and with the smell of the butter, I enjoyed it so much.

Finally we had our assortment sashimi!

I was very thick as you see, and also very chewy. 

I dipped it into a red chili-pepper paste and put it into my mouth. They dissolved in the mouth! 

It was my first time visiting Noryangjin, and I fell in love with this fresh sashimi.

Now I realized why people came here for fish dishes.

Personally, I love this leaf wraps and rice.

Inside the cabbage leaves, there is flying fish roe and seasoned rice that it tastes great.

I think this is the delicacy of this restaurant.

Last but not least, now it is time for the spicy fish stew! 

Spicy fish stew is a jjigae(stew), cooked with various kinds of fish with hot pepper paste, mushrooms and various vegetables.

Usually this is a menu made with the leftovers from the used fish, we eat it for the last.

After finishing sashimi, Koreans always eat spicy fish stew with a bowl of rice.   

We know that it is essential to take a photo of whole menu, right?

You can see that is is really plentiful just at a glance.

Come to enjoy fresh sashimi at Noryangjin fish market!

Noryangjin Fish Market | Restaurant Introduction

Like we said,  visit any of these four restaurants and certify your Creatrip membership. You can get 10% off!

These four places have the same menu and price.

The interior of the shop is a little different, but I'll show you some pictures you can refer to.

Noryangjin Fish Market | Emperor Sushi House (황제 회 양념집) 10호

Noryangjin Fish Market Ilbeonji Sushi House (일번지 회 양념) 14호

Noryangjin Fish Market Sea Sushi Center (바다 회 센타) 15호

Noryangjin Fish Market Millionaire Sushi House (거부 회 양념) 18호

Noryangjin Fish Market | Reservation

  On the day you visit, you can choose any of the four places.

10%-OFFㅣNohliangjin seafood market
서울특별시 동작구 노들로 674 노량진 수산물 도매시장

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