The biggest amusement park in Daegu, Eworld. + Kim Kwangseok-gil Street
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These days, the weather is perfect for outdoor activities! For those who want to do something special in this weather, we would like to introduce you an amusement park in Daegu!! Even though there are other famous amusement parks in Korea, such as Lotte World and Everland, Eworld is also a great amusement park to visit. If you are planning a trip to Busan and Daegu, we highly recommend you to visit  Eworld! Also visit Kim Kwangseok gil street where it is full of mural painting in the remembrance of famous Korean musician Kim Kwangseok.

  • E WORLD was established in 1993, and publicly opened in March 1995. The park's waterfalls, lighting, flowers and other landscapes are inspired from European style urban park. This place is great for people of all ages since there are lots of exciting rides, exhibitions, and art performances with clean restaurants and other convenient facilities. E WORLD has a variety of theme parks, which allows visitors to experience a variety of novelty. There is a plaza for children, called Young Town Plaza, which is one of the representative squares in E World. In the 83 tower, there are leisure facilities such as a viewing platform, a digital experience hall, a planning exhibition hall, and other amusement facilities such as children's play ground. There are also 5 dining facilities, including a revolving restaurant and Sky Lounge that offers you variety of options.
  • Kim Kwangseok is a Korean folk musician who had tremendous influence in Korean music industry in the 80s. Kim Kwangseok-gil Street is a mural street near Bangcheon Market where the now deceased Kim Kwang-seok used to live. The 350 meter-long wall has statues and murals depicting his life and music.

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E·WORLD One Day Tour | Online Reservation

Daegu E·WORLD 1 Day Tour | Price

Original PriceDiscounted Price

Daegu E·WORLD 1 Day Tour | Tour Schedule

All year round, Every Thursday and Sunday
10 : 50KTX Busan Station: Exit 1
11 : 10Seomyeon Station: Exit 12
11 : 50Haeundae Station: Exit 5
14 : 00Arrive at Kim Kwangseok-gil Street
16 : 00Leave for Daegu E-World
16 : 30Arrive at Daegu E·World
20 : 00Return to Busan
21 : 45Arrive at Busan Station
22: 15Arrive at Seomyeon Station
22 : 40Arrive at Haeundae Station

Daegu E·WORLD 1 Day Tour | Precautions

PrecautionsAny changes and cancellations must be completed no later than three days before the reserved day.
Available on every Sunday and Wednesday
The price includes transportation, one-day pass ticket, 83 Daegu Tower Entrance fee, and English/Chinese guides.
This price does not include personal expenses and tours such as meals and insurance.
The itinerary may vary due to climate and transportation factors.
Please arrive at the point of departure at least 10 minutes earlier.
For children under 3 years old, there is no fee.

Daegu E·WORLD 1 Day Tour | Reservation Process

Step. 1

E·WORLD One Day Tour | Online Reservation

Step. 2

Input the reservation details such as name, date, time etc.

Step. 3

The reservation confirmation letter will be sent to your email inbox within 24 hours.

Please kindly note your reservation will be cancelled if there is no enough seat. You will be given a full refund immediately in this case.

Step. 4

Please arrive at the point of departure on time.

Itinerary may differ from the planned schedule due to weather and traffic changes.

For details, please refer to the website.

[09:50] Point of Departure : KTX Busan Station Exit 1
[10:10] Point of Departure : Seomyeon Station Exit 12

[10:50]Point of Departure : Haeundae Station Exit 5
Step. 5


Daegu E·WORLD 1 Day Tour | Location


Address : 200, Duryugongwon-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea 

Daegu E·WORLD 1 Day Tour | Photo Overview

The above was a short overview of One Day Tour to E·WORLD. Please read this blog post thoroughly, and make your reservation by following the instruction given in this post. If you have any further inquiry, please shoot us an email at

Daegu E-World + Kim Kwangseok Street
200 Duryugongwon-ro, Duryu-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, 韓國

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