Food Delivery Service | Jokbal & Bossam

Eat Jokbal at home, along with Bossam! (Delivery Available Locations : Seoul / Incheon / Busan / Daegu / Gyeongju/Gwangju)
a year ago

In addition to fried chicken, Creatrip has launched a delivery of Korean pizza Chinese cuisine.  Well, from now on, we have started another menu!
It is..... Jokbal (Korean Pig Trotters) and Bossam (Korean pork dish).

It you are staying at a hotel, you can use the simple and easy Creatrip's delivery service to try delicious Korean cuisine, Jokbal and Bossam at home! 

Jokbal & Bossam Delivery | Delivery Hours

Delivery HoursEveryday 14:00 to 20:00
Delivery RangeSeoul / Incheon / Busan / Daegu / Gyeongju/ Gwangju

Jokbal & Bossam Delivery | Delivery Process

  1. Click here or "Reserve" button at the bottom of the page to make your order.
  2. Delivery fee is 3,000 KRW per order.
  3. Enter your reservation information and hotel address in detail.
  4. After finishing the payment process, you MUST send us a message to Creatrip Official Line Account.
    ID:@creatrip(must add@)
  5. Wait for the delivery staff to come to your location. (You must be present at the delivery destination.)
  6. Keep in contact with us through LINE.
  7. Receive the menu from the delivery staff and enjoy your meal!

Jokbal & Bossam Delivery | Price

Bossam (Korean pork dish, 보쌈)
Small (for 2 servings)₩28,000
Medium (for 4 servings)₩33,000
Large (for 4~5 servings)₩38,000
Delivery fee (per order)₩3,000

Jokbal (Korean pig trotters, 족발)
Small (for 2 servings)₩28,000
Medium (for 3~4 servings)₩33,000
Large (for 4~5 servings)₩38,000
Delivery fee (per order)₩3,000


  • If you place an order other than the valid delivery hours (14:00 to 20:00), or if you input an incorrect address, your order may not be accepted. 
  •  All orders received outside of business hours are 100% cancellable and refundable.
  • You cannot get a refund if you put down an inaccurate delivery address.
  • Delivery fee is 3,000 KRW per order.
  • If you place an order in an area that is not available for delivery service, Creatrip will contact you as soon as possible and complete the refund.
  • Delivery to small counties (gun) is not possible (ex. Jangseong-gun).
  • Delivery service to celebrity dorms are not allowed.
  • Please input the correct name and contact of the receiver.

Among the Korean cuisine, Jokbal and Bossam have always been representative menus. Many people say that the pig's feet in South Korea taste different from the other pig trotters. They are more refreshing, smoother, and less greasy. 

The editor is infact, a fan of Jokbal and Bossam, especially when he is drinking soju at a pub and chatting with friends. It's the perfect menu that suits well with soju! 

When the editor gets too lazy to go out of his house, he orders Jokbal delivery service to enjoy it at home!
The taste sent is exactly the same as the restaurant, and must more time-convenient. There is no cumbersome act of preparing to go out.


Do you like to eat Jokbal? Many Jokbal restaurants originated in Busan, and there are almost no places that Jokbal is not available all over the country.

The editor likes to dip Jokbal into a spicy sauce, which can bring about the aroma of Jokbal.
If you choose to eat Bossam, it's recommend to use lettuce to make wraps. You can add the side dishes inside the lettuce wrap for a more refreshing taste.

Too lazy to get outside? Well, don't worry! Just move your fingers and place an food delivery order via Creatrip. 

During the order from 14:00 to 20:00, as long as you complete the payment and fill in the relevant information, you can get Jokbal delivered at your hotel door!

Korean Delivery|Jokbal & Bossam Delivery  
  1. Delivery fee is 3,000 KRW per order. 
  2. After placing an order, make sure you proceed your payment.
  3. After finishing the payment process, you MUST send us a message to Creatrip Official Line Account. We cannot contact you first, so if you do not send us any messages, we have no choice but to cancel your order. Either add [@Creatrip] as a friend or Scan the QR Code to join the chatroom.
  4. You can reserve your delivery in advance. Please select the date and time you'd like to get delivery.