Hongdae Restaurant | Ongdarae Steamed Chicken
Let's eat sweet and spicy steamed chicken with scorched rice bibimbap!
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One of the foods that you must eat in Korea is steamed chicken ! 

Steamed chicken is a dish that was developed in Andong City, Gyeongsangbuk-do. It is a chicken dish cooked with sweet potatoes and various vegetables in a sweet soy sauce seasoning.

It is popular to Korean locals as well as foreigners for its sweet taste, cheap price, and abundant quantity.

Creatrip affiliated a partnership with Ongdarae Steamed Chicken in Hongdae Station so you can get a free drink if you make a reservation!

Hongdae Restaurant : Ongdarae Steamed Chicken

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  ₩1000 deposit required

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Hongdae Restaurant : Ongdarae Steamed Chicken | Business Information

  • Address:서울 마포구 양화로 122
  • Opening Hours:Everyday 11:00 to 23:30 

Hongdae Restaurant : Ongdarae Steamed Chicken | Member Benefit

  • Creatrip members can get a free drink if they make prior reservations with Creatrip.

Hongdae Restaurant : Ongdarae Steamed Chicken | Recommended Reasons 

  1. It is a popular restaurant in Hongdae that is famous for its large quantity and sweet, spicy taste. The sauce is well soaked into the plump chicken, and the taste is so addictive! 
  2. After you are finished with the steamed chicken dish, you can mix the remaining sauce with the Ong rice to enjoy the taste of the fantasy. Ong rice is storched rice (nurungji) that has a crunchy texture.
  3. Ongdarae Steamed Chicken sells wine, which is rare for a chicken restaurant to sell in Korea. You can enjoy the unique but fantastic combination of steamed chicken and wine.

Hongdae Restaurant : Ongdarae Steamed Chicken | Reservation Process

Step. 1

Hongdae Restaurant : Ongdarae Steamed Chicken

Click here to make a reservation! 

  ₩1000 deposit required

Step. 2

 Check your reservation details and process the payment

Step. 3

You can find the reservation confirmed on My Reservations Page.

Step. 4

Please present reservation confimation to the staff to receive your free beverage!

Hongdae Restaurant : Ongdarae Steamed Chicken | Precautions

  • Please visit the restaurant on the day and time that you made the reservation.
  • The deposit that you have paid will be automatically deducted from the on-site checkout amount.
  • If you are more than ten minutes late, your reservation will be automatically cancelled.
  • If you try to make changes in your reservation at the name you are supposed to visit, it may not be accepted. Please reschedule in prior.

Hongdae Restaurant : Ongdarae Steamed Chicken | Location

  • Address:서울 마포구 양화로 122
  • Directons:Walk out of Hongdae Station Exit 9 and walk straight for about 2 minutes.

Hongdae Restaurant : Ongdarae Steamed Chicken | Photo Reviews

Ongdarae Steamed chicken is a popular restaurant in Hongdae. Even Conan O'Brien visited this place when he visited Korea. 

The inside of the store was much bigger than I expected, and there were many tables and even private rooms for groups.

The interior is clean and stylish so atmosphere was very sophisticated.

It is good to enjoy with lovers and friends.

When I entered the store, I was surprised the see the wine display.

In Ongdarae, you can enjoy the fantastic combination of steamed chicken and wine, which is quite different from other restaurants.

I sat down and took a look at the menu plate.

The most typical menus are Ongdarae's Steamed Chicken, Gochujang Steamed Chicken, and Boneless Cheese Chicken.

I ordered Ongdarae's Steamed Chicken (for 2 people) and since I don't enjoy spicy food, I ordered for the most mildest flavor. 

(You can adjust the spiciness degree at the time of order.)   

The salad and radish came out as appetizers. The salad was mixed with citron dressing which was very fresh and delicious!   

It didn't take long for our main dish to come out! 

Ongdarae's Steamed Chicken contains chicken meat, noodles, potatoes, green onions etc.

Even though I ordered 2 servings, the dish seemed enough for 3 people. Generous portion!   

Because there were Chinese medicine ingredients inside, there was no yucky smell from the chicken or anything.

The chicken was plump and well seasoned with the soy sauce. 

The most mild flavor was the best for my taste! It was a little spicy but very sweet so it was very addictive. I couldn't stop my chopsticks from moving!!  

The sauce were well soaked into the wide surface of the noddles, and it was so sweet and chewy! 

Usually, in other restaurants, they provide small portion for the noodles, so it disappears after a few bites.

However, in Ongdarae, the noodles were of enough portion, so I continuously ate and ate....   

Try the noodles and steamed chicken together at once! 

Thanks to the sweet and spicy sauce, this flavor never gets tiring. Yes, I definitely got addicted to it!   

After you are finished with the steamed chicken, order Ong Rice (nurungji)

Mix the Ong Rice with the remaining sauce.

Ong Rice is not just ordinary rice but scorched rice, and since it's already a crunchy texture you don't have to roast it separately.

It tasted so fascinating eating the Ong Rice with kimchi and seaweed flakes.

The sweet taste and crispy texture of Nurungji were the best.

It was so good that I want to revisit Ongdaerae just for this Ong Rice.

There is a dessert bar where you can enjoy coffee near the exit.

For those who have eaten at Ongdarae Steamed Chicken, you can drink Americano, Espresso, and Cafe Latte at ₩1,000~2,000

They use Starbucks coffee beans so you can feel the taste of Starbucks here!

Enjoy Starbucks coffee at a reasonable price!

If you make reservations through Creatrip, you can get one free drink (Cola, Sprite, Miranda) so don't forget receiving this benefit!

If you are traveling in Hongdae, reserve for Hongdae's Ongdarae Steamed Chicken through Creatrip!

Taste the MUST-EAT menu in Korea at a reasonable price!

Hongdae Restaurant : Ongdarae Steamed Chicken | Menu

Ongdarae's Steamed Chicken옹다래찜닭S ₩21,000 / L ₩28,000 / XL ₩36,000
Ongdarae's Steamed Chicken (Boneless)
옹다래찜닭 순살S ₩21,000 / L ₩28,000
Gochujang Steamed Chicken
고추장찜닭S ₩21,000 / L ₩28,000 / XL ₩36,000
Gochujang Steamed Chicken (Boneless)
고추장찜닭 순살
S ₩21,000 / L ₩28,000
Cheese Steamed Chicken (Boneless)
Ong Rice옹밥₩2,000
Additional Noodles당면 사리 추가₩2,000

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The above was a short overview of Ongdarae Steamed Chicken (옹다래 찜닭) in Hongdae. Please read this blog post carefully and follow the instruction given in this post to get special discounts. If you have any further inquiry, please shoot us an email at support@creatrip.com.   

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Hongdae Restaurant : Ongdarae Steamed Chicken
대한민국 서울특별시 마포구 서교동 양화로 122

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