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Meet cute animal friends in Busan's Animal Cafe, <With Zoo>!
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There are so many cafes in Korea. In addition to ordinary cafes where you can have coffee and dessert, there are various theme cafes including board game cafe, VR experience cafes, and escape room cafes. Among them, animal cafes where you can meet cute animals are popular not only with Koreans but also with foreigners.

On the last blog posts, Creatrip introduced animal cafes in Seoul. Many of you probably travel to Busan when you visit Korea! So for those of you who travel in Busan and want to see some adorable animals, I will introduce you to an animal cafe in Busan, Nampodong. It's.... With Zoo!
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Busan Nampodong Animal Cafe | With Zoo

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Busan Nampodong Animal Cafe : With Zoo | Voucher Price

Original PriceDiscounted Price
Entrance Fee₩10,000₩8,500

Busan Nampodong Animal Cafe : With Zoo | Voucher Information  

Return Policy
No refund and no change in cash
Effective DateWithin 90 days from the date of purchase
UsageVoucher can be used in the store as cash at the following locations

Busan Nampodong Animal Cafe : With Zoo | Reservation Process 

  1. Click to make an reservation for With Zoo.
  2. Enter the reservation related and detailed information.
  3. It requires payment in advance.
  4. Within the seven working days, the reservation will be confirmed.
  5. If you want to reschedule, make sure you change your schedule before you make a payment.
  6. After that, please click to check the reservation.
  7. The confirmed reservation cannot be refunded.
  8. This voucher is valid for 90 days from the date of purchase.

Once the payment is completed and the ticket number is sent, no refund will be made. Present you reservation voucher to the staff on the spot. After being confirmed by the on-site staff, replace it physical ticket or enjoy the activity. 

Reservation Process

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Busan Nampodong Animal Cafe : With Zoo | Location 

With Zoo|Busan Nampodong 
  • Address:부산 중구 구덕로 26
  • Opening Hours:10:00至21:00
Get out of Nampo Station (Busan Metro Line 1) and go straight until you see With Zoo on your right. (Walk 1 minute) 

Busan Nampodong  Animal Cafe : With Zoo | Photo Reviews

With Zoo is an indoor zoo concept animal cafe in Nampo-dong, Busan, and it is said to be a good place for indoor dating in Busan.

From the 1st floor to the 7th floor, you can meet the animals with 3 to 5 floors. Cat Cafe on the third floor, reptiles and aquariums on the fourth floor, and animal showroom on the fifth floor. 

The staff kindly explained what kind of animals they are, and they helped me pet the cute and friendly reptiles.

It is a good place to use it as an animal experience space for children!

With Zoo is an indoor zoo concept animal cafe in Nampo-dong, Busan. It is known for a good place to have an unique date indoors in Busan.

I visited the place myself. 

From Nampo Station Exit No.1, go straight for a while and you will see With Zoo to your right.

From the 1st floor to the 7th floor is all With Zoo's space. The floors you can meet animal friends are 3, 4, 5 floors.

Cats are on the third floor, reptiles and aquariums on the fourth floor, and animal showroom on the fifth floor.

First, I visited the cat cafe on the 3rd floor.

When you touch a cat, you should gently pat their face and jaw, and you should not touch their tail, front legs, buttocks, paws, belly, or hind legs!

If the cat is resting, you shouldn't be hasty but rather, you must wait and look at them until they come to you on their own.

After they come to you, it is okay for you to touch them.

If you force and try to lift it up, you may be struck by sharp claws, or be bitten by their teeth.

The shop does not take responsibility for problems caused by not reading the notes.

There are currently 10 cats living in With Zoo.

They were all abandoned cats who were rescued by the staff and now raised sincerely in the cafe.   

Like an animal hotel, there were plenty of cat towers and the room was very spacious.

The cats were clean and well-groomed, so I felt that they were being sincerely loved by the staff.

Now, let's go upstairs to the fourth floor. The fourth floor is a reptile and an aquarium area.

Turtles, crocodiles, snakes, lizards, fish and many other animals can be found here.

The reptiles were in the glass, so you don't have to be so scared!

The staff explained what kind of animal they are, and they helped me pet the cute and friendly reptiles.

I literally touched the skin of the snake and even surrounded it around my arm.

(I didn't have enough courage to round it around my neck.   )

This kid is a lizard. It is so cute that got to realize why people grow reptiles as a pet.

Even those who are afraid of reptiles, you will able to overcome your fear.

Because in With Zoo, you can touch and see reptiles face to face, so you will be able to become friends with them! 

It is a good place to use it as an animal experience space for children!

I went upstairs to the fifth floor. The 5th floor is a small zoo with animal exhibitions.

You can experience feeding and touching the animals.

Rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, mini kangaroo wallabies, meerkats, chickens, pigs, squirrels, sugar gliders, chinchillas are live in the fifth floor!

Isn't that amazing?

A literal small indoors zoo!   

You can even enjoy the Doctor Fish experience here.

If you want clean hands without any dead skin cells, you should try it! 

The staff helped me touch the chinchilla!

Did you know chinchilla was the model of Pikachu? I was surprised because the hair was so soft!

They sell animals' snacks, so it would be nice to buy them to feed the little animals.

The 6th floor is an indoor botanical garden, full of fresh plants where you can relax and heal for a while.

If you are tired of looking around from the 3rd to the 5th floor, take a rest here looking at the plants.

The indoors garden has a photo zone between the plants, where you can take beautiful pictures.

This place is the best photo zone in With Zoo, so I recommend you take a picture here

You can take pretty pictures with props that are prepared for you. Upload photos on SNS!   

The seventh floor is an area where you can sit and relax viewing the sea through the windows.

You can check out the photos you took at With Zoo, and recall memories you had with your friends.

View the sea of Busan and relax for a while.   

The first and second floors are cafes where drinks and desserts sold. You can taste coffee, cakes, mochi rolls, and honeybread.

  • After meeting cute animals upstairs, you can treat yourself with sweet desserts.

Please note that the cafe menu is sold separately from the admission ticket. 

With Zoo in Busan Nampodong is not just any ordinary animal cafe but rather, a small indoors zoo!

It was so nice to meet, touch and share sympathy with animals that I have not met often in everyday life.

It is a very special experience only available in Busan, South Korea,

We recommend you to visit With Zoo by purchasing a prepaid ticket with a 15% exclusive Creatrip discount!

Please read this blog post first if you have any questions. If you have any inquiries after reading the blog, or if we have any ambiguous words, please let us know by the mail so that we can improve.  

The completed e-ticket can be found at My reservation」.

once the payment is complete, you are not able to change the schedule.

Please arrive on time and present your voucher to the staff.


Busan Nampodong Animal Cafe|With Zoo
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