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We have come to present the 20th episode already.  

I established ‘Aroma’ as the theme of this episode, which may have been abstract or even taken for granted.    

Ideation of this episode initiated with a question of formulating an immersive dining experience beyond the plate. With a possibility of compiling scenes from a standpoint in aroma while simultaneously eating, just like we do when drinking wines. This may sound very abstract in concept, but anyone anyone in the industry might have wondered it somehow.  

We deliberately paired herbs and spices of similar tones to the extent not disrupting the structure of dishes in the course. And it balances out, not one particular aroma takes over the dish. All in order to let you feel like being transported to designated places of the aroma as you close your eyes in every dish. 

We hope you enjoyed fragrant sceneries SOIGNÉ has drawn. And we thank you for your dining at SOIGNÉ. 

Best regards,

Joon Lee

Aroma is an indispensable component of food along with flavor. Food without aroma cannot exist, and it does not come into being without flavor. Utilizing not only the flavor and aroma ingredients possess but also various leaves and seeds with fruits and its skins expands the spectrum of flavor the dishes create immensely.  

The ingredients are categorized into herbs and spices for this episode. These ingredients in their own cannot produce proper dishes however they play an entrancing supporting role and can make the leading parts stand out.  

Herbs were originally for medicinal purpose, but as it started to be consumed as a tea, it has been used to bring out flavors of food in many forms. 

Spices such as pepper in steak seasoning enhance the flavor of the main ingredient and others like garam masala becomes the flavor of the dish itself. 

We set up a scene of aroma and designed each dish with ingredients and recipes reminiscent of the aroma to reflect every facet of it with herbs and spices. 

We invite you on a journey to the scenes of aroma as if you are entering into the food with our 20th episode <Aroma>.

Cinamon Stick

The course begins with cinnamon, almost synonymous to spices. Cinnamon tuille is rolled to replicate the shape of a cinnamon stick and coated with cinnamon powder. The shell is then filled with salty gorgonzola cream full of nutty aroma. 

Thyme Bricoché

The second amuse is foie gras en brioché with a scent of thyme. Thyme goes well with most of the meats and used as a staple seasoning alongside with butter and garlic at SOIGNÉ. Thyme, a supporting role of all times comes under the spotlight with the smooth and supple fattiness of foie gras and buttery brioché. The delicacy is finished off with thyme-infused butter grated on top to give a full body and elevated aroma of thyme.  

Red Tangerine (Red-hyang)

The last amuse bridges heavy scent of previous dishes to the freshness of the next appetizer. We flip over red tangerine with large, firm vesicles and alter it into a shape of a chrysanthemum flower and, finish it with sour cream, black olive powder and lime juice. The taste and aroma of each ingredient is a flavoring agent, requiring no additional seasoning. 

[Fruity] Fennel and Snapper

The first aroma is ‘Fruity’. 

Features of fruity aroma are depicted by a marriage between acidity of citrus, sweetness of fennel, and freshness of cucumber. Delicately sweet snapper is weakly marinated in salt and citrus zest. 

Slightly blanched fennel is soaked in olive oil with a hint of fennel seeds and caraway and placed at the bottom, carrying out its distinct sweetness. Cucumber juice comes in as a liaison between snapper and fennel resulting in a rich juiciness as if it were fruits.  

[Bouquet] Scallion and Short Necked Clams 

The second aroma is ‘Bouquet’. 

We captured the greenish taste and a pleasant aroma of scallion with crispness of celeriac into a bouquet of a refreshing aroma.  

Grilled scallion is accompanied by clams, while celeriac puree, cherry tomato, clam broth and lemon marmalade altogether fill the gap between two main ingredients. Finally, it is served with chervil on top. 

[Complex] Lemongrass & Cumin and Prawn

The third aroma is ‘Complex’. 

Exotic aroma reminiscent of Middle East and Thailand is orchestrated by prawns with cumin, lemongrass and carrots. 

Prawns are slightly pan-fried and grilled on a direct fire after coated with sugar and served on lemongrass milk with a subtle milky aroma. Between the two, carrot and pear salad adds a mysterious flavor that blurs the boundary of Eastern and Western flavors. 

[Floral] Herbs and Gnudi pasta

The fifth aroma is ‘Floral’ 

We made the base sauce with sage known for its distinctive bright scent and, serve it with gnudi pasta rolled out with light and fresh ricotta cheese to add a body to the dish. 

A thick scent of sage and airy nuttiness of ricotta are tied together with cauliflower and edamame which gives the dish an extra texture. And greenish colored garlic scape oil splashed to fill the blank between herbs and savors.  

[Woody] Black garlic and Quail Roulade

The seventh aroma is a scent of ‘woods’ 

Quail is the most beloved ingredient at SOIGNÉ for its appealing flavor.

A pan-fried quail breast roulade is brushed with orange-ginger glaze. And sweet potato puree flavored with saffron, a characteristic Western complexity, black garlic puree with a multi-faceted flavor. As a final touch, 85% dark chocolate with an eclectic taste of acidity and bitterness is sprinkled. The combination of these three colorful aromas adds a woody note to the otherwise gamy quail dish. 

Green Apple-Celery Sorbet

 The dessert starts with green apple-celery sorbet presenting freshness and crispness in both temperature and the taste.  

Blueberry-lavendar cream

An accompaniment side dessert is a verrine, emphasis on ‘fruity’ aroma. It is completed with blueberry compote, lavender custard and lavender-sugar coated fresh blueberries on top creating a balanced combination of texture and flavor. 

Rosemary and Carrot Cake

The main dessert is a combination of carrot cake, full of cinnamon scent and rosemary ice cream. This is a rather direct execution of herbs and spices, two most comprehensive categories of the theme, aroma.  

To take it to the next level, the cake is topped with carrot confit to explicitly express the aroma and it gives the carrot cake, a classic dessert of the West an Asian vibe to balance out.  

Petite four

Mint chocolate pavé, Red berry financier, Pepper cookies and wasabi cream. 

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