Majangdong Hanwoo Beef | Majang Goal
1++ Grade Hanwoo Beef - Majang Goal (마장골) : A Delicious Taste You Can't Forget!
3 months ago
Li Zheng Ying @creatripfromSeoul
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In addition to grilled pork belly (samgyeopsal), Korean beef a.k.a. "Hanwoo" is one of the MUST-EAT foods for tourists travelling in Korea.

Majangdong is one of the places that Korean locals in Seoul visit to eat the highest level of Korean beef.
This is because Majang Livestock Market is one of the largest market for fresh beef produce.
Today, editor has tasted 1++ grade Korean beef in "Majang Goal".  It was a taste he couldn't forget so he wanted to introduce it to Creatrip members.
Creatrip succeeded in affiliating a partnership with "Majang Goal" so now, Creatrip members can enjoy a 5% discount onsite if they make prior reservations.

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Majangdong 1++ Korean Beef | Majang Goal

Majang Goal | Online Reservations 

Majangdong 1++ Korean Beef Restaurant : Majang Goal | Information

  • Address:서울 성동구 마장로31길 40 2F
  • Opening Hours:10:00 to 22:00;Every first and third Sunday closed

Majangdong 1++ Korean Beef Restaurant : Majang Goal | Member Discount

  • Creatrip members can get 5% discount if they make online reservations.

Majangdong 1++ Korean Beef Restaurant : Majang Goal | Recommended Reasons

  1. Everyone wants to eat good Korean Beef, but they are afraid of being deceived of the price. <Majang Goal> is a reliable and trustworthy Hanwoo Restaurant in Majangdong Hanwoo Market. The production certificate was recently obtained in March 2019 and this certificate is updated every year. <Majang Goal> serves only 1++ graded Korean Hanwoo to the customers.
  2. You might be nervous to try Korean Hanwoo for the first time. But you can trust <Majang Goal> because this is a restaurant that even locals like to go to, and Koreans come here to enjoy the high quality beef when they have some special event they want to commemorate.
  3. The meat is very high-quality and it's definitely right on the money. Even if you accidentally chat with your friends for a long time and the meat is burnt inadvertently, the meat taste is assured because of its high-quality.

Majangdong 1++ Korean Beef Restaurant : Majang Goal | Reservations process

  1. Click here to make an online reservation.
  2. Enter all the related reservation information. 
  3. Don't forget to make a deposit of 5,000 KRW regardless of the number of people.
  4. Reservations will be confirmed within one working day. 
  5. Any changes and cancellations must be completed no later than three days before the reserved day.
  6. If you want to change your reservation, please cancel and reschedule.
    After making the deposit, please click here to check your reservation status.

Majangdong 1++ Korean Beef Restaurant : Majang Goal | Reservation Confirmation Form

How to see whether your reservation is confirmed
Reservation confirmation to be presented at the store

Majangdong 1++ Korean Beef Restaurant : Majang Goal | Precautions

  • Please enter the correct reservation date and time. 
  • The deposit of 5,000 KRW will be automatically deducted from the total amount that you pay onsite.
  • f you are more than 10 minutes late, your reservation will automatically be cancelled.
  • If you request to reschedule on the day of the visit, the change may not be accepted.
  • Everystore in Majangdong Hanwoo Market, including <Majang Goal> receives "table fee" per person. This "table fee" must be paid separately from the meat price. It is 6000 KRW for adults, and 4000 KRW for children.

Majangdong 1++ Korean Beef Restaurant : Majang Goal | Location

  • Address:서울 성동구 마장로31길 40 2F
  • Directions:From Exit 4 of Yongdu Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), go straight. After crossing the bridge, arrive at the Majangdong Livestock Market. After entering, turn right at the first intersection and you will see the first floor of Majang Goal. Go up to the second floor.

Exit 4 of Yongdu Station (Seoul Subway Line 2)

Keep going straight.

Keep going after you see the gas station. 

This is the entrance of Majangdong Livestock Market.

Turn right at the first intersection.

Go up to the second floor, and you will arrive at Majang Goal.

Majangdong 1++ Korean Beef Restaurant : Majang Goal | Photo Reviews

The editor feels a little troubled in deliberating on the high quality of Hanwoo in words. The beef served in Majang Goal is a governement-certified 1++ Graded Korean Hanwoo. I could feel the high quality and freshness in the photos.

Majang Goal has received certificate of Korean livestock products for the past second years. As you can see, the grade marked above is Hanwoo (한우) 1++. You should be relieved that the meat served is guaranteed. Also, the store has many customers, and many of them were Korean locals. Many Koreans celebrate the dining time with Hanwoo when they have a special event to commemorate.

The importance of Hanwoo to Koreans is probably the same as that of Japanese. In Korea, eating Korean beef means that there are things to celebrate, such as getting accepted to college, promotion in work, or winning in a competition, etc.

Hanwoo's thoughts for Koreans represent the “Let's eat delicious food and be so happy!" Therefore, under the catalysis of layers of happiness and high-quality beef, the taste of Korean beef is naturally superior.

The Korean cattle are neatly placed inside the low-temperature refrigerator, so you can assume that the meat quality is kept very fresh.
Also, in Majang Goal, you can choose the part of the beef you would like to have, and see the actual price tag for yourself so price transparency and meat freshness are both guaranteed. 

Everystore in Majangdong Hanwoo Market, including <Majang Goal> receives "table fee" per person. This "table fee" must be paid separately from the meat price. It is 6000 KRW for adults, and 4000 KRW for children.

The editor picked two 1++ Korean beef steaks that were evenly distributed.
Because it was the editor's first time to ever eat Korean cattle, he was honestly looking forward to it (I love my job).  

The highly marbled Hanwoo beef has an oily flavor, so when it is roasted, you will see the oil dripping down from inside of the meat.
The smell of Hanwoo was so good. After the meat was ripe enough, we cut it and inside, a beautiful pink lining was revealed.

However, the editor was so busy drinking, and accidentally roasted the the beef too severely. (OOPS!)
Because I learned that wasting food is a bad habit, I put the slight burnt first Korean beef down into my throat.

The editor's reactions were just like the picture above!! I was really impressed!!! I can't put the expression into words in that I have never eaten Korean beef before.
I only know that it is delicious. Then I tried the second and third pieces. The sense of well-being is really uncontrollably.

I can say that my happiness was out of my control.   

The additional Miso Stew was also very good, not too salty, but contained a strong soy aroma.

Whether it is cooked slightly or deeply, Majang Goal's Korean cattle was both SO GREAT!
The meat itself is so freshly served and when I took a bite of it, I felt that the meat was so tender and soft. I was really glad that I could try Hanwoo.

Because it was so delicious, I went to get a second dish of Korean beef. This time I chose a Korean beef platter with various parts.

The small pieces looked like it contained more muscles and less oily parts. Wonder what that tastes like!

After I tasted each part, I was convinced that Majang Goal's Korean beef is the best no matter regardless of which part I tasted. Its taste is so unforgettable.

No wonder why my friends said, "After you finish eating Korean beef, you will never want to eat pork belly."

The meat is so tender and soft that it will feel like a marshmallow is melting inside your mouth. The taste of Korean beef cannot be expressed by any ordinary beef. 

Eating hanwoo was truly a life experience!

We ordered "Raw Beef Bibimbap" to eat together. We recommend that you order it to have a more satisfying meal.  The bibimbap also comes with a special beef scent.

The editor really wants to give a sincere suggestion to friends who want to try Korean beef.

If you are hesitant to eat Korean beef, or doubtful that it might taste as delicious as you imagine, the editor will tell you to feel free to come to Majang Goal.
It's a trustworthy store where you will get to eat the best 1++ graded Korean beef.

The editor was also skeptical at the beginning, "How can meat be so expensive? The taste of it is probably exaggerated."
However, after eating it, I felt that it was really worth the price.

If you have never tried Korean beef, you should try your first Hanwoo at “Majang Goal (마장골)”, which is recommended for the high quality meat. 

I also decided to revisit to eat again.

The lovely Majang Goal's owners (father and son). They will help out foreigners by coming to their table and helping you cook the meat.

Majangdong 1++ Korean Beef Restaurant : Majang Goal | Menu

HanwooOnsite Price
상차림 비용
Table Fee (per person)
Adult ₩6,000
Child ₩4,000
Beef Korean Stew a.k.a. Galbi-tang (American Beef + Hanwoo)
Raw Korean Beef Bibimbap
Korean Beef Soybean Paste Stew
Korean Raw Beef

Majangdong 1++ Korean Beef | Majang Goal

Majang Goal | Online Reservations 

The above was a short overview of Majang Goal's 1++ Grade Hanwoo. Please read this blog post thoroughly, and make your reservation by following the instruction given in this post. If you have any further inquiry, please shoot us an email at

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