Busan Nampodong Cafe - e.c.t.
View the Busan Harbor in an atmospheric cafe! Feel the Busan breeze in e.c.t.!
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a year ago

Hello, everyone! We are Creatrip, a group of Korean travel experts.

Today, Creatrip will introduce e.c.t., a cafe in Busan Nampodong where you can view the Busan harbor. e.c.t. is a hot place for Korean youngsters due to the antique and vintage atmosphere and the second floor window overlooking Busan Sea. Creatrip initiated a partnership with e.c.t., so if you are a Creatrip member, that means you can have a 10% benefit on all menus.

Busan Nampodong Cafe: e.c.t. | Business Information

  • Address:부산 영도구 대평북로 29
  • Opening Hours:Monday to Friday 12:00~22:00 / Saturday to Sunday 12:00~21:00

Busan Nampodong Cafe: e.c.t.| Recommended Reasons

  1. e.c.t. is a cafe near Busan Nampodong and Yeongdo Bridge where you can view the Busan harbor.
    You can sit down on the second floor by the glass window and enjoy a cup of coffee while appreciating the Busan Sea, Nampo-dong, and Jagalchi Market.
  2. e.c.t. is famous for its antique and vintage interior. It is a hot place for Korean youngsters where they can take beautiful selfies.

e.c.t. is famous for its delicious desserts. Usually, cafes with pretty interior sell bland taste desserts, but e.c.t.'s desserts are delicious just as much as it's beautiful.

Busan Nampodong Cafe: e.c.t. | Reviews

e.c.t. is a cafe located near Nampodong, Busan and Yeongdo Grand Bridge, and it's famous as a hip vibe cafe where you can view the Busan harbor.

e.c.t. is an acronym for Espace dans les Cadres Touchants.  This means a space that gives inspiration inside a photo frame.

As the name suggests, the whole cafe is like an antique and dreamy photo zone inside an European painting. 

e.c.t. is a cafe made by renovating a shipyard, so when you enter, you will see that the ceiling is very high like waste plant.

It is a two-story cafe, and the first floor and second floor each are differently attractive.

On the first floor, there are antique props along with wooden furniture.

Inside, you will see several of them displayed. All of these combines to give an overall romantic feeling. 

Now let's go up to the 2nd floor.

On the second floor, there are wide glass windows where you can overlook the Busan Port.

You can enjoy a cup of coffee while gazing at Busan Yeoungdo Sea, Nampodong ,and Jagalchi Market across the wide window.

The second floor is not much larger than the first floor, but the decoration of an European interior room of the 1900s was quite impressive.

The vintage furniture and accessories displayed were all purchased in France by the cafe owner.

Antique and colorful pattern beds and bedding, velvet sofas, curtains, lights, wooden furniture, etc. Simply enjoying these details was a lot of fun.

e.c.t has so many photo zones with the vintage and unique interior.

It is a known to young Korean people as a hot place where you can take lots of pictures.

Essex is also famous for its delicious desserts.

Usually, alot of pretty cafes in Korea are visually beautiful but the desserts are of a bland bad taste.

However, e.c.t's desserts and coffee were all pretty and delicious and, in addition, you can choose the coffee beans of your preference.

I ordered e.c.t Vanilla Bean Cream Latte and Millefeuille.

 e.c.t Vanilla Bean Cream Latte is the cafe's signature menu with vanilla cream and crackers on top of the latte.

Imagine the combination of sweet coffee and vanilla cream. It MUST taste delicious, right?

If you come to e.c.t., you must definitely try the e.c.t Vanilla Bean Cream Latte.  

Millefeuille is the most famous dessert in e.c.t.

It boasts a sweet crusty texture with fresh custard cream and whipping cream.

Having a sweet dessert in a romantic cafe made me so my afternoon in Busan so happy.

Other than the e.c.t Dessert Set, e.c.t French Toast, and Strawberry Tarte are famous, too.

From the vintage and romantic cafe e.c.t.,

relax your tiredness from your travel with a sweet dessert!

Busan Nampodong Cafe: e.c.t. | Menu

e.c.t. Vanilla Bean Cream Latte에쎄떼 라떼₩7,000
e.c.t. Cream Berry에쎄떼 크림베리₩6,800
Royal Milk Tea수제 로열 밀크티₩7,000
e.c.t. Drip Coffee에쎄떼 드립 커피₩7,000 ~
e.c.t. French Toast에쎄떼 프렌치 토스트₩13,500
e.c.t. Dessert Set2단 디저트 단품₩29,500

Busan Nampodong Cafe: e.c.t.| Direction

  • Address:부산 영도구 대평북로 29
  • Directions:6 minutes by foot from Exit 12 of Nampo Station

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The above was a short overview of e.c.t.(에쎄떼) in Busan. Please read this blog post carefully and follow the instruction given in this post to get special discounts. If you have any further inquiry, please shoot us an email at support@creatrip.com.