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A Must-buy Korean Souvenir, Korean Ginseng! 10% off at Sejong Ginseng

5 years ago

Hello, everyone! We are Creatrip, a group of Korean travel experts.

There is a must-buy souvenir that every tourist visiting Korea purchases before they go back to their home country. It is Korean Ginseng !  Nowadays, many foreigners visit Jegidong to buy ginseng. Well, Creatrip initiated partnership with a store located in Jegidong, Sejong Ginseng (세종 인삼) just to make sure that Creatrip members can buy the best Korean ginseng at a trustworthy price! You can get 10% discount at Sejong Ginseng if you are a Creatrip member! 

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Jegidong Ginseng Market : Sejong Ginseng | Information

  • Address:서울특별시 동대문구 제기동 1046-1
  • Opening  Hours : Everyday 09:00 to 18:00


Jegidong Ginseng Market : Sejong Ginseng | Recommended Reasons

  1. At Sejong Ginseng, foreign tourists can purchase raw ginseng roots at a 5% discount and processed ginseng (dried ginseng) at a 10% discount.
  2. Sejong Ginseng operates the store systematically, and the store is very clean. Ginseng can be grasped at a glance, and price fluctuations are not severe so they are very trustworthy.

Jegidong Ginseng Market : Sejong Ginseng | Photo Reviews

There are a lot of ginseng shops in the market.

The reason that Creatrip got in partnership with Sejong Ginseng is that out of the many stores, ginseng and ginseng processed goods can be purchased at a lower cost.

If you certify that you are a Creatrip member,

Ginseng processed products (dried ginseng) can be purchased at a 10% discount.

Ginseng processed products that most tourists buy are between ₩ 50,000 and ₩ 80,000,

We recommend that you make a purchase according to your shopping budget, because the price varies depending on the size.

It is said that red ginseng extract as well as dried ginseng processed products are popular.

When I was a student studying long hours, I constantly ate red ginseng extract, and I could maintain my health and thus, not get exhausted easily.

When you are tired, Korean ginseng is the best for your health.   

The price of fresh ginseng differs depending on the size and produced year, and since Sejong ginseng is a wholesale market, prices of the same ginseng are different every day.

Averagely, ginseng 300g costs about ₩ 10,000 ~ ₩ 14,000. Please note the price difference might be bigger in the summer times. 

There are many people who think that raw ginseng  is not allowed to be brought into the airport.

However, the truth is that if soil is removed from raw ginseng and vacuum-packed, you will not be flagged by customs.

If you talk to the store staff, they will wash away the dirt and vacuum pack it.

Sejong Ginseng operates the store systematically, and the inside is very clean.

Various ginseng can be grasped at a glance, and price fluctuations are not so severe so it is a very trustworthy store.

Sejong ginseng is a reliable store that specializes in selling only ginseng. 

There are very few shops in the ginseng market where you can buy both fresh (raw) and dried (processed) ginseng. Sejong ginseng is one of those stores where you can luckily get both!  

Sejong ginseng has a staff whose mother tongue is Chinese so if you know Chinese, you will have no trouble communicating.

If you have any questions or concerns, they will kindly help you out. Certify that you are a Creatrip member and get a discount on ginseng purchase!   

Jegidong Ginseng Market : Sejong Ginseng | Directions

  • Address:서울특별시 동대문구 제기동 1046-1
Come out from Jegidong Station Exit 2.
Walk for about 5 minutes straight.
Go right past the 藥令市 Market to your right.
※ This is not the Ginseng Market, please don't get confused.
Cross the crosswalk and make a left turn, then go straight.
Enter the right alley and go straight.
You will see Sejong Ginseng on your right.

⭐ Jegidong Sejong Ginseng Market | Coupon

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The above was a short overview of  Sejong Ginseng (세종 인삼) in Jegidong Ginseng Market: Please read this blog post carefully and follow the instruction given in this post to get special discounts. If you have any further inquiry, please shoot us an email at help@creatrip.com.   

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