Myeongdong Animal Cafe | Eden Meerkat Friends
Myeongdong animal cafe <Eden Meerkat Friends> where you can meet cute meerkats, cats, and raccoons!
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a year ago

Hello, everyone! We are Creatrip, a group of Korean travel experts.

Apart from the general cafes where you can eat coffee and dessert, there are so many theme cafes where you visit in Korea.
These unique theme cafes include board game cafes, room cafes with cozy couches, VR experience cafes, room escape cafes, etc.
Among them, cute animal cafes are popular among foreigners as well as Koreans. For those of you who like animals,
Creatrip is going to introduce Eden Meerkat Friends, a cute meerkat cafe  in Myeongdong.
Creatrip is currently in partnership with 'Eden Meerkat Friends', so Creatrip members can purchase admission tickets with a 10% discount.
You can buy e-vouchers on our website. So, if you are a animal lover, come along! 

Myeongdong Animal Cafe :Eden Meerkat Friends | Price

PriceDiscount Price
Entrance Fee₩13,000₩12,000

Myeongdong Animal Cafe :Eden Meerkat Friends | Information

Return Policy
No refund and no change in cash
Expiration DateWithin 90 days from the date of purchase
UsageVoucher can be used in the store as cash at the following locations

Myeongdong Animal Cafe :Eden Meerkat Friends | Reservation Process

  1. Click here  or click "Reserve" button at the bottom of the page to make an reservation for the Eden Meerkat Friends.
  2. Enter the reservation related and detailed information.
  3. It requires payment in advance.
  4. Within the seven working days, the reservation will be confirmed.
  5. If you want to reschedule, make sure you change your schedule before you make a payment.
  6. After that, please check the reservation.
  7. The confirmed reservation cannot be refunded.
  8. This voucher is valid for 90 days from the date of purchase.

Once the payment is completed and the ticket number is sent, refund is impossible.
Present your reservation voucher to the staff on the spot. After being confirmed by the staff, enjoy the activity.   

Myeongdong Animal Cafe : Eden Meerkat Friends | Reviews 

Eden Meerkat Friends is an animal cafe located near Myeongdong Station, and it's one of the rare meerkat cafes in Korea.
I heard that raccoons, cats, kangaroos and other unique animals live together! I visited the cafe to find out!

Eden Meerkat Friends is located on the sixth floor of the Savoy Hotel Seoul, so it was easy to find.

When you visit Eden Meerkat Friends, you must take off your shoes, put them in the shoe box, and change into slippers.

When you visit Eden Meerkat Friends, you have to put all of your belongings(bag, outer clothes, lip product, cosmetics, accessory, and etc.) inside the locker except your cell phone and camera.

If you don't, you're not allowed to meet raccoons, cats, or kangaroos. 

Also, you have to remove all the accessories from your body, including piercings, earrings, rings, bracelets, watch, and necklace.

This is to protect the animals, as they might grab your stuff and eat it. So, please be aware of this rule.

(Any accidents of damaged accessories cannot be compensated.)

Please read the precaution notes on the locker before entering. The store does not take any responsibility for problems caused by not reading the notes. 

You should go to the counter and show your Creatrip voucher to play with the animals!
*Please note that only persons aged 14 or older can enter the building. 

The inside of Eden Meerkat Friends was very spacious and clean. It was hygieni, no droppings on the floor, and almost no smell of animals. 

However, Meerkats and wallabies are sensitive to sound, so you should refrain from talking loudly. 

There are 6 different kinds of cats living in Eden Meerkat Friends. Rare kinds include Siamese, Devon Rex, Bengal cat, and Genet cat. Cats do not enjoy the touch of humans, so please be careful when you touch them, especially when you want to take pictures of them.

This Genet cat is a very speical kind. Its small face, long tail, and spotted pattern reminded me of a leopard! Isn't he so adorable?

Photographs are essential for this rare occasion with a Genet cat! 

Eden Meerkat Friends does not sell snacks to consumers because of the health of animals.
You can only feed the snacks employees give to you. When I put the snacks given by the staff on my hand, the cats approached me which made me feel so fluttered.

Before entering the Meerkats room, you should read the notes first. Depending on the condition of the meerkats, you can enter the area for approximately 10 minutes. you can not enter with a hot pack or any accessories. Do not treat meerkats carelessly, especially do not try to catch them first.

Rather you should touch them when they approach you first.
Also, if the meerkats crawl up your face, please do not yell. If you slowly stop them with your palms, they will go down.

It was so hard to take pictures with meerkats since their personality is so lively. Even if people try to embrace them, they quickly escaped.
If you want to take pictures with Mearcats, I recommend you to take pictures when they are still. (like the picture below) 

You can also meet a wallaby, a mini kangaroo. There was a young kangaroo inside the mommy wallaby's pocket. SO CUTE!
The wallabies eating snacks served by the staff were too adorable.

This is coati, a raccoon with a long nose! This raccoon really liked people. See how he is climbing on people's shoulder and playing with them?

Aww. He is too adorable when he lies down when the staff sends him the finger gun gesture.

This animal is called a rock raccoon, very young and very cute. 

My heart went pit-a-pat by the appearance of him eating lettuce.

Raccoon was a cute troublemaker. I was charmed when the raccoon said hello back to the staff!!!

Employees are specialist in animals, so they have a lot of knowledge about animals as much as zookeepers.

So you can ask them anything and they will be happy to communicate with you. Also, they are capable of talking in simple English. 

Visting Myeongdong's Eden Meerkat Friends was so great because I could meet so many kinds of rare animals.
It is such a special experience that you can enjoy only in Myeong-dong, South Korea.
So how about visiting Eden Meerkat Friends by purchasing vouchers at discount prices on Creatrip?

Myeongdong Animal Cafe :Eden Meerkat Friends | Location

Eden Meerkat Friends|Myeongdong Branch 
  • Address:10, Myeongdong 8na-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 
  • Opening hours:13:00 to 20:30
Myeongdong Station Exit 6 and find Savoy Hotel Seoul .

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