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Cafe where you can meet meerkats and raccoons! Get 10% discounted 'Table A' ticket!
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For those who love animals, I will introduce you where you can meet various animals at Hongdae! It is Table-A, the animal cafe. In Table-A, there are cute raccoons and friendly meerkats who love people. Many Koreans, regardless of their age, visit this cafe to pet animals. Creatrip initiated a partnership with Table-A and now, Creatrip members can get 10% discount. 

Hongdae Animal Cafe | Table-A

Table-A|Make a Reservation 

Hongdae Animal Cafe : Table A | Voucher price

PriceDiscounted Price
Entrance Fee₩8,000₩7,200

Hongdae Animal Cafe : Table A | Voucher Information

Return Policy
No refund and no change in cash
Effective DateWithin 90 days from the date of purchase
Voucher can be used in the store as cash at the following locations

Hongdae Animal Cafe : Table A | Reservation Process 


  1. Click to make an reservation for the Table A.
  2. Enter the reservation related and detailed information.
  3. It requires payment in advance.
  4. Within the seven working days, the reservation will be confirmed.
  5. If you want to reschedule, make sure you change your schedule before you make a payment.
  6. After that, please click to check the reservation.
  7. The confirmed reservation cannot be refunded.
  8. This voucher is valid for 90 days from the date of purchase.

Once the payment is completed and the ticket number is sent, no refund will be made. Present you reservation voucher to the staff on the spot. After being confirmed by the on-site staff, replace it physical ticket or enjoy the activity. 

Hongdae Animal Cafe : Table A |  Voucher Availability Branch

Table A|1st Branch  
  • Address:서울 마포구 와우산로 146
  • Opening hours:11:00 to 22:30
10 minutes by foot from Hongik University Exit 9

Table A|2nd Branch         
  • Address:서울 마포구 와우산로 112
  • Opening hours:11:00 to 22:30

10 minutes by foot from Hongik University Exit 9

Hongdae Animal Cafe : Table A | Photo Review          

I visited TABLE-A as I heard I could meet meerkats as well as raccoons!

Personally I find meerkats so cute, but as I've never met them in real life, it was like mysterious animal to me.

As soon as I entered the TABLE-A, a sleepy cat stared at me. I guess I must have dared to wake him up..  

TABLE-A reminds me of small jungle. It is because there are green plants everywhere and various animals were roaming around.

The sound of water flowing from that little fountain made me feel like I was in the nature, not in the middle of Hongdae. Water trickled along continuously and the animals were sleeping or being curious about the new comer to this cafe, which was me.  

TABLE-A is composed of basement level, the first floor, and the second floor.

When I approached to the fountain, a timid Wallaby glance at me and hided in a corner. Wallaby is particularly timid animal. It is a mild herbivore and is said to be sensitive. So, Please just look at the wallaby and try not to touch! After a while, I guess Wallaby lost an interest in me and started eating his cabbage. Even while he was eating those cabbages, he glanced at me from time to time, which was so adorable.  

This is a Leopard land turtle, that ate one piece of cabbage during the whole time I was at TABLE-A. He didn't mind it at all whether there were new comers or not. The mischievous Prairie Dog climbed on his back, and even then, he couldn't care less.  

If you go to the basement floor, you'll meet raccoons, Konyuyeo, lizards, and Kangaroo rat!


Raccoons go through a passage that is attached to the ceiling, so there are bridges on the ceiling.

While I was appreciating the basement floor, a raccoon caught my eyes!

I guess raccoon is staring at me thinking this new visitor would feed her or what.  Raccoons hold out their hands when the visitor give them something to eat. 

When I shouted High-five!" he hold out his hand to meet my hand! It was amazing! They are more adorable in real life. They were very friendly to the visitors, and they also stayed still when people stroked them. 

Please read cautions about raccoons!

You should not put raccoon down to the floor as it might hurt raccoons' claws. Please let them be at there comfortable state.

As I was watching raccoons, there was another animal who was staring at me by my side. It was a meerkat! Before I saw meerkats, I somehow thought they were kind of aggressive animals. However, I found out they are so friendly and they like people's attention. When I pet his head, he lied down like a dog showing his belly.

Aww..Isn't he so adorable? Cats at TABLE-A were all friendly too.

You may have seen meerkats standing like that and watching place to place. It is to guard for the herd.

There were so many cats on the basement floor. They were free to go from place to place.

Konyueo Parriots are birds with red, yellow, and green colors. As they love people, it would be also appropriate for beginners to raise them.

Vivet is an animal that I fell in love at a first glance. This cat eats cherries, which are coffee beans, and make Kopi luwak out of their excrement. She was too tiny and too cute!!  She looked so timid that I just watched her without touching. The way she looks at me through the branches..how lovely is she!

 I bet there are a lot of people who likes lizard! I'm a bit afraid of lizards, to be honest. So the staff just showed me the lizard by putting it on his palm. 

It was my first time seeing Kangaroo rat! Have you ever seen a Kangaroo rat?

It is a mouse running and jumping like a kangaroo. The legs looked different from normal mouse and their tails were very long. I guess this rat is also very timid, because as I approached to the Kangaroo rat, it hopped and hopped and ran away!

There were a lot of baby kangaroo rats too! Inside that Sponge Bob's pineapple house, there were at least 4 more mice. It was smaller than my thumb. 

A cat with sassy face was guarding the second floor.

As I was about to climb up to the second floor, there was prairie dog dozing off. The actual size was quite big. I think you should be careful when you go up the stairs. As the prairie dogs color is similar to wooden steps, I almost stepped on it.

As I came upstairs, sleepy cats were dozing off. There are also bridges like the basement floors for cats to roam around.

Even though I approached very carefully, this black cat sharply looked back at me.

But soon enough, this black cat roamed around me.

I guess I visited on cat's nap time. They were hugging each other and sleeping.

You can also bus cat's snacks at  TABLE-A. Ciao churu is 4,500KRW.  Chicken breast is 1,500KRW. 

The counter of TABLE-A was also like a small jungle! The drinks are quite cheaper than the other cafes!

I was so happy to meet meerkats that I wished to meet. It was such an unique experience to connect with animals at cafe. It became an unique memory for me to interact with animals in the middle of Seoul.

I hope you have a great time too at TABLE-A! Make an unforgettable memory!

Please read this blog post first if you have any questions. If you have any inquiries after reading the blog, or if we have any ambiguous words, please let us know by the mail so that we can improve.  

The completed e-ticket can be found at My reservation」.

once the payment is complete, you are not able to change the schedule.

Please arrive on time and present your voucher to the staff.


Animal Cafe 10% off|Table A Hongdae
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