MBC WORLD Expedition
You can become a main character of entertainment programs and dramas through AR experience!
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Today, for those of you who likes K-POP and K-DRAMA, I will introduce you to MBC WORLD, a theme park where you can enjoy popular entertainment programs and dramas! MBC WORLD is where you can dance, sing, and be the main character in dramas. For those who think it's cliche just to take pictures when traveling, this is the right place for you!

MBC WORLD | Introduction


  • MBC WORLD address:서울특별시 마포구 성암로 267
  • Opening hours:Everyday 10:00 to 16:00 (Closed on Lunar day and Thanksgiving day. Admission is only allowed until 16:00, two hours before the end of operation time.)


  • MBC WORLD address:서울특별시 마포구 성암로 267

Roadmap Directions

  • 18minutes by foot from Digital Media City Station Exit 2

MBC WORLD | Photo Review

For those of you who likes K-POP and K-DRAMA, I visited MBD WORLD theme park! There's a magnificent statue in front of MBC. If you see this statue, go straight and enter the building at your front.

Enter the building where it has MBC BRAND STORE. This building is  C ZONE. There are M,B,C zone and you can buy your tickets at C Zone. 

C zone was very spacious inside. As it is a broadcasting station after all, a variety of broadcasts were echoing in the building.

I was very excited to start the journey!

When you buy the ticket, the staff will explain your route for today. For me, it was in C-B-M order. When you receive a ticket, please be careful not to lose it! It is because you can only experience the program if you take this ticket to a machine. Can you see the QR code on the ticket? If you take this part to the machine, the program starts.

In my case, I had a lot of luggage this day, so I left my luggage in the baggage claim locker before starting the program. If you also have a lot of luggage, I recommend you to check this baggage claim locker.


C ZONE has a street of stars, where you can experience various programs and take pictures with stars. You can take pictures with stars from <I live by myself>. My friend likes SsamD and I like Park na-rae. We took photos with each of the stars. Before taking the picture, the celebs talks to you as if it's real and joke around with you! SsamD tried to fistbump me.  

First, you choose the celebrity to take pictures with.

If you have chosen, place the card on the QR code side to the red light.

When I was taking picture with Park na-rae, it was as if she was by my side in real life. She joked around and I cracked our laughing. Thanks to Park na-rae I had such a fun memory with my friend.  

After you finish taking your photos, you can print them beside the ticket office.

It is the setting of  <Section TV>. A lot of people took pictures as if they were MCs. I also shared the latest scandal of celebs while standing here.   

It is <I live by myself> setting. Get inside the blanket and take a picture with your shy face on! It looks like real in the photo.  

It is how behind scene would look like on <Masked King>. Before the celebrity goes out to the stage, they receive various kinds of makeup from here. 

First, place the ticket on a machine and choose the style of makeup you want. I chose a bit fancy but very elegant make-up. Before the makeup is put into effect, the structure of the face is first determined and virtual makeup starts on top of it. I was amazed by the makeup! Whenever I blinked my eyes, my fancy eye makeup stood out!


When you enter a B zone, there's a passage just like universe!

The atmosphere in this place has created a feeling of being in the stars of the universe. Of course, I took photos with my friend.  

In the B Zone, you may have to take some AR Photos, so I would highly recommend you download 'MBC AR'app!

When you just look through the app, everything come into life and it starts to make sound and action! There are various entertainment programs, dramas, and documentaries that were famous in MBC, so you can experience them with AR app.

Picture below is a comparison between the real set and video from the app. Penguins were rushing along and an iceberg were collapsing. 

It was very interesting to see through AR mode!

I recommend you to go inside the screen and act as a main character! It would be such a unique memory for you when you look back later on.  


When you first enter the M zone, there is a hall of fame. At the hall of fame, you will meet the programs that lit MBC. I could witness the history of the building, exhibition of the broadcasting media in the past, and MBC's development process.

As you walk past the hall of fame, you'll see the golden masks under a dim light. At first, I couldn't figure out what it was. And as I read the comment below, it was so fascinating. These Golden Mouth statues are display of the mouths of DJs who are highly contributing to the MBC radio. 

From this place, you can try on the clothes of a historical drama. If you raise your right hand, the clothes get bigger. If you raise your right hand, the clothes get smaller. And if you jump, the style of the clothes changes. 

The picture below is me trying to change the style.   I jumped a bit too high..You don't need to jump this high.   Try on AR clothes and take a picture!

If you have chosen the picture you like, you can send the picture to your email. After some jumps, I finally got the picture I like and sent it to my email.

I bet many of you are curious how news set looks like, right? I was one of those people too.

When the broadcast starts, the line appear on the screen above. The dialogue went up a bit fast, so I became a bit nervous news announcer at that moment. It made me a bit nervous to be honest.

For those who love K-POP, yo would like to dance on this dance floor! If you choose a song, the singers of that song come out and teach you how to dance. My friend and I danced Apink's song 'Mr.chu'.

After the dance, we experienced VR. If you put a 360 degree gear VR machine in front of your eyes, you'll meet a new virtual world. It was as if everything was real!


Can you see the colorful scripts below? I've never had a chance to see scripts. It was such a fascinating experience to touch and read the scripts.

This is <Hologram theater>. Personally, I liked this place the most. As the show starts, you can not take any pictures. 

It's a concert where a star sings and dances in front of you. The sound was so real that I felt like I was actually in the theater. 

I watched various performances by G-dragon. My friend and I both agreed that <Hologram theater> was most fun! 

On the fourth floor, you can experience historical drama. From here, you can try on costumes from MBC's main historical drama and take pictures wearing them. 

In fact, you can go into a historical drama scene and take a picture to make unique experience!

On the fourth floor, you can actually see how the set was made. When I was visiting this floor, I could witness <Section TV> set was being prepared. I always though the sets were pre-made thing, but then I realized a lot people's effort and hard work goes into the set. 

After finishing the expedition, I went to C zone to look around the stuffs in MBC BRAND STORE. There were a lot of figures, toys, and stationery with the them of MBC. 

So far, for those of you who likes K-POP and K-DRAMA, I introduced you to MBC WORLD, a theme park where you can enjoy popular entertainment programs and dramas

Have a unique and active experience from MBC WORLD!   


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