Hongdae Animal Cafe|Maengccoon
Meet cute raccoons and dogs at Maengccoon! Get the tickets 10% off!
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There are so many cafes in Korea. In addition to ordinary cafes where you can have coffee and dessert, there are various theme cafes including board game cafe, room cafes where you can lie down, VR experience cafes, and escape room cafe. Among them, animal cafes where you can meet cute animals are popular not only with Koreans but also with foreigners. For those of you who love animals, I will introduce you Hongdae Animal Cafe, 'Maengccoon'.  Creatrip initiated a partnership with Maengccoon and now, Creatrip members can get 10% discount!!

Hongdae Animal Cafe | Maengccoon

Maengccoon|Make a Reservation   

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Hongdae Animal Cafe : Maengccoon Voucher Price

Original PriceDiscounted Price
Entrance Fee + A Drink₩10,000₩9,000

Hongdae Animal Cafe : Maengccoon Voucher Information  

Return Policy
No refund and no change in cash
Effective DateWithin 90 days from the date of purchase
InstructionVoucher can be used in the store as cash at the following locations

Hongdae Animal Cafe :  Maengccoon Reservation Process 

  1. Click to make a reservation for the Maengccoon.
  2. Enter the reservation related and detailed information.
  3. It requires payment in advance.
  4. Once the payment is made, it's not refundable.
  5. After that, please click  (my reservation) to check the reservation voucher for a ticket number as below.

    Once the payment is completed and the ticket number is sent, no refund will be made. Present you reservation voucher to the staff on the spot. After being confirmed by the on-site staff, replace it physical ticket or enjoy the activity. 


Hongdae Animal Cafe : Maengccoon Voucher Available Branch

Hongdae 1st Branch, Hongdae 2nd Branch

Raccoon Cafe Maengccoon|Hongdae 1st Branch 
  • Address:서울 마포구 홍익로 17 4F
  • Opening hours:12:30 to 22:30
Find ABC mart from the Exit 9 of Hongik University Station.

Raccoon Cafe Maengccoon|Hongdae 2nd Branch 
  • Address:서울 마포구 잔다리로 5-1 4F
  • Opening hours:Monday to Saturday 13:00 to 22:00;Sunday 12:30 to 21:00
Come out from Hongik University Station Exit 9 , find KT&G Sangsangmadang and turn left. Walk straight a little bit and you'll find the place.

Hongdae Animal Cafe : Maengccoon | Photo Review                

This is a review on 1st branch at Hongdae  

Maengccoon is an animal cafe located at Hongik University Station, and it is a raccoon cafe that is rarely found in Korea. I heard that raccoons and dogs are together! Of course, I had to visit this cafe! 

Maengccoon is located on the fourth floor of the Hongdae branch of ABC Mart, so it was easy to find.

When you visit Maengccoon, you have to put all the belongings(bag, outer clothes, lip product, cosmetics, accessory, and etc.) inside the locker except cell phone and camera. 

For your information, if you don't keep your belongings in a locker, you are not allowed to meet raccoon nor a dog. You have to remove all the accessories from your body, including piercings, earrings, rings, bracelets, watch, and necklace.

It is to protect the raccoons, as they might grab your things and eat it. So, please be aware of this rule.

(Refunds caused by accessories are not allowed, and any accidents caused by accessories are not reimbursed.)

When you are done with putting your things in the locker, put your shoes in the shoe closet at the back  and put on a slippers.

First of all, go to the counter and present your prepaid voucher to the staff, and select a drink. 

You can only drink at the table, and you cannot bring the drink to the raccoon room.

Also, you have to let the staff know whether you want to get the drink first or later.

If you order, you can put a stamp on the back on your hand like this.

You have to show this stamp to the staff to get inside the raccoon's room.

Before you enter raccoon room, please read the notice first.

The animals in Maengccoon have all been vaccinated, so you don't need to worry!  

Children under 15 must enter with their guardian.

Raccoon is very mischievous, so he may take glasses, hair straps, slippers away. Please be mindful of it!

Furthermore, you cannot bring hotpack inside the raccoon room. If you are caught bringing a hotpack, you have to exit the room without a refund. Even if you purchase the ticket again, you are not allowed to enter again. Please, be careful!

Only the cell phone, camera, and locker key is available!

Also, you don't need to open the door, staff will kindly open the door for you after checking the stamp on your hand.

There are seven puppies and seven raccoons in Maengccoon, as soon as I entered, these cute raccoons and puppies greeted me.

Even though I visited at an opening hour, there were a lot of people already! As this animal cafe is very unique, there were a lot of foreigners experiencing this cafe.

Raccoon is so playful that he takes the bowl away that puppy was eating, and took my glasses away!  

Aren't the raccoons so cute? Look at his adorable eyes!

They were cute when they were staying still, walking around, and even when they were drinking water!

Racoon grabbed my pants and hung around them. I just fell in love with raccoon, so I promised myself to come back.

When people stood by the window, raccoon tried to get on people's bodies, climb up the window and tried to escape!

 It was really hard to take photos with these raccoons as they were so energetic and playful.

I recommend you take a picture when they are staying still like this.  

If you force raccoon into a hug or threaten him, the raccoon might attack you. 

Please be gentle with animals.

Also, keep in mind that raccoon's claws and teeth are sharp, which can damage your clothes and he might also have urine mistakes.

There were also Bulldog, Welsh corgi, Husky, and Shiba dog. There were much calmer than raccoons, and they stayed peacefully when people hug them! There were very friendly with people.

It was easy to take pictures with them, but when you take a pictures with dogs, you have to be very skillful at capturing the moment.

Or else, you may get a  picture like mine.  

If you want to take a rest, you can have a seat at the table and watch the animals while having some drink.

I had so much fun playing with raccoons, especially when raccoons are the animals we cannot me often.

 It is such a unique experience that you can only enjoy in Korea, so why not have this unique memories?

Get our pre-purchased voucher and Enjoy at Maengccoon!

Please read this blog post first if you have any questions. If you have any inquiries after reading the blog, or if we have any ambiguous words, please let us know by the mail so that we can improve.  

The completed e-ticket can be found at My reservation」.

once the payment is complete, you are not able to change the schedule.

Please arrive on time and present your voucher to the staff.


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Animal cafe Maengkun|Hongdae|10%-OFF
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