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Taste the finest desserts from the Bakery Delight and Enjoy the beautiful vintage European atmosphere!
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 Today, for those of you who visit Sinsa Garosugil, I'd like to introduce you Cafe Delight which feels like a house of European nobility in the 90s. Sinsa Garosugil cafe Delight is already so famous for its antique interior as well as luxurious desserts. Even many celebrities visit and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the cafe! Creatrip initiated a partnership with Cafe Delight and now Creatrip members can get 10% discount on all the menus(except whole cake and sandwich set)!                         

Sinsa garosugil Cafe:Delight | Information

  • Address:서울 강남구 도산대로13길 31-3
  • Opening hours:Everyday 10:30 to 22:00

Sinsa garosugil Cafe:Delight | Member's Benefit    

  • Creatrip members can get 10% discount on all the menus
    (Except whole cake and sandwich set)

Sinsa garosugil Cafe:Delight | Recommended Reasons  

  1. There are professional barista and young chefs from Le Cordon Bleu making the finest desserts. For this reason, Delight is popular among Koreans as a gourmet dessert restaurant.
  2. Many people visit Delight to take pictures of their lives as the interior of the second, third, and fourth floors are beautiful.
  3. Cafe Delight's Matcha and Green Grape Mojito Ade are on another level. You cannot taste this kind of drinks at other cafes. I recommend you tasting Cafe Matcha or Green Grape Mojito Ade, and not Americano like in other ordinary cafes.

Sinsa garosugil Cafe:Delight | Location     

  • Address:서울 강남구 도산대로13길 31-3

Sinsa garosugil Cafe:Delight | Roadmap Directions 

8 minutes by foot from Sinsa Station Exit 8

Sinsa garosugil Cafe:Delight | Photo Review   

Cafe Delight at Garosugil is already famous for its delicious and beautiful desserts.

Not only are the desserts gorgeous, but the chefs who make desserts are from Cordon Bleu, making the desserts  on another level.

How can I not visit this cafe!  

Second floor of Cafe Delight is 'atelier'. At first, I wondered why the name is 'atelier'. However, as I was appreciating the desserts, I understood the name of the floor.

Each floor is decorated under different themes, so it was fun to take pictures here and there. This day, I uploaded A LOT of instagram photos.  

As the master of the pastries, Delight had a wide variety of pastries on display. I contemplated for about 10 minutes just to choose what kind of dessert to order.

I discovered a dessert named 'Couque'. Couque is like a croissant with fruit on top and a custard inside. The fruits on top of couque all looked so scrumptious! I just wanted to order them all. 

You can see the chefs making desserts behind the display of the pastries. It was reliable as I can taste the freshly baked pastries.

On the second floor, atelier, there's a space where you can sit like the picture below.

I thought it was a very efficient interior design because it was decorated with mirrors of various shapes!

In this way, the space, which was not very wide, looked a bit more spacious because of the mirrors.

Third floor is called 'Journey Hall' or 'Arles Hall'. For this hall, Delight rents a space for actor/actress interview, a talk concert, a photo exhibition, and so on.

Kim Seo Hyung from 'Sky Castle', Ryu seungryong, and Lee Saeyoung had an interview at this cafe.

Also, this place almost tricked me into thinking that it is a studio! It was that beautiful. It's a shame that I couldn't capture the vibe of Delight 100% in the pictures.

 Renoir is one of my favorite artists. So, you can imagine how much I was fascinated by the paint 'Two sisters' by Renoir. I felt like I was being invited to a noble of Europe in 90s.  

When I complimented to the staff about the interior designs, sure enough, he told me that Cafe Delight will also be used as photo studio which prints pictures instantly!

I heard that actress Kim Seo Hyung from 'Sky Castle' sat on this chair and had an interview. I sat down for a while on this chair just in case I could get great energy of this actress.  

The details of this chair made the whole vibe much more sophisticated. Each chair looked so unique that it was more difficult to find a chair of the same design! 

The fourth floor is called 'Agora Hall' or 'Rooftop'. It is called 'Agora Hall' as it can also be used for music concert!

On the stariway, there was a stained glass window that reminded me of the Spain Cathedral.

By looking at the overall interior design, I could see that Delight meticulously planned out the cafe's design.

If you go up to the fourth floor, you'll see a wide rooftop. It was a bit cold to drink coffee at the rooftop as I visited in the early spring. If you go in a little bit more, you'll find a small hall.

It felt like an another cafe! It would be perfect to sit here with friend in Spring, Summer, and Fall. Overall, It had such a clean image.

I ordered Strawberry Custard Couque(4,700KRW), Cafe Matcha(6,500KRW), and Green Grape Mojito Ade(7,500KRW).

Now the Spring has arrived. As the weather is warming up, the strawberry season is coming to an end. 

By this thought, I chose Strawberry Custard Couque without any hesitation!  

Green Grape Mojito Ade(7,500KRW) was so refreshing just by looking at it. On the glass there is a drawing of a person swimming and giving out cool and refreshing vibe.

When I drank Green Grape Mojito Ade, at first sip, it tasted like a bubble gum.  After that, I could taste fresh lime and green grape with rich flavor. 

This drink is very suitable in Spring and Summer. The pungent coolness of the drink coordinated very well with the sweet desserts.  

Cafe Matcha(6,500KRW) from cafe Delight was unlike any other cafe's cafe matcha! I swear I tasted A LOT of cafe matchas, and this cafe captured the taste of matcha perfectly!

Personally, I like the bitterness of the matcha, and this coffee was just on the spot for me.

When you take a first sip, the bitter taste of matcha comes up and after that, taste of the coffee finishes off. It wasn't too sweet.

If you love matcha like me, I highly recommend this cafe! Furthermore, it didn't have any unpleasant aftertaste.

Look at this color of Cafe Matcha guys.. isn't it beautiful? The color gradation of this coffee, once again, made me take a lot of photos.  

Before tasting this Strawberry Custard Couque(4,700KRW), I thought it might be a bit too sweet for me. That was such an unnecessary worry.

It was not too sweet nor too bland. As there is custard inside, instead of whipped cream, it was more abundant in flavor.

The crust of this couque had thin layers and layers, making it more rich in taste when I took a bite. 

Also, isn't strawberry and sweet custard the best combination? I was so proud of my dessert choice! haha  

I recommend this dessert to those who want sweet, crispy, rich with strawberry flavored dessert! (who doesn't?) 

Apart from these desserts, there's very popular dessert called 'Mini Moulin Rouge(8,100KRW)'.

Mouling Rouge were so loved by a lot of customers, and at the fervent request of customers, cafe Delight decided to make a small version of Moulin Rouge.

There's full of chocolate inside Moulin Rouge. I would recommend this dessert who want a sweet and chocolaty dessert.

I heard that this dessert sells much faster on White day and Valentine day! So, please keep in mind!

The perfect finishing touch to this vintage European mood, were tableware. At this point, I was just admiring all the interior decorations of this cafe.  

Aren't the tableware unique and special?

So far, I shared the review of Cafe Delight, the cafe where you can taste finest desserts and experience vintage mood. Why not taste this delight after shopping spree at Garosugil?  

Sinsa garosugil Cafe:Delight |  Menu 

Long Black (Americano)롱 블랙(아메리카노)₩4,700
Cafe Matcha카페 말차₩6,500
Green Grape Mojito Ade청포도 모히또 에이드₩7,500
Mini Moulin Rouge미니 물랑루즈₩8,100
Pain au chocolat뺑 오 쇼콜라₩3,700

How can I get member's discount at Cafe Delight? 

If you come in as a group, each person has to prove his or her member membership to receive the discount.  

Present your Creatrip membership page to the vendor to enjoy the exclusive discounts and offers!

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The above was a short overview of Cafe Delight (카페 딜라이트) in Sinsadong. Please read this blog post carefully and follow the instruction given in this post to get special discounts. If you have any further inquiry, please shoot us an email at   


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