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Sip a cup of coffee, Smell the flowers, Pet 'Namu' the puppy!
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Today, for those of you who visit Sinsa Garosugil, I'd like to introduce you the world famous flower cafe 'VANESS Flower'. VANESS Flower is popular for its flower lesson in the cafe, and this popularity is high even among foreigners as well as Koreans. Not only you can buy beautiful flowers, but you can also smell the flowers and have a cup of delicious coffee. Creatrip initiated a partnership with VANESS Flower and now Creatrip members can get 10% discount on all the menus!

Sinsa garosugil Cafe:VANESS FLOWER| Information

  • Address:서울 강남구 강남대로154길 34
  • Opening hours:Weekdays 10:00 to 22:00 / Sunday 10:00 to 21:00 (Close on New Year's day and Thanksgiving day)

Sinsa garosugil Cafe:VANESS FLOWER| Member's Benefit

  • Creatrip members can get 10% discount on all menus.

Sinsa garosugil Cafe:VANESS FLOWER| Recommended Reasons

  1. VANESS Flower is a famous flower cafe at Sinsa, Garosugil. Many people from all over the world visit this cafe to take a flower lesson.
  2. As there are a lot of flowers, you can buy a cup of coffee and also buy beautiful flowers of your preference.
  3. The whole first floor is a cafe. A spacious space and floral scent refresh your mind.
  4. There is an adorable dog named 'Namu(Tree in Korean)' in the cafe! He is the mascot of the cafe and is responsible for enlightening the mood of VANESS FLOWER!   

Sinsa garosugil Cafe:VANESS FLOWER| Location

  • Address:서울 강남구 강남대로154길 34

Sinsa garosugil Cafe:VANESS FLOWER| Roadmap Directions

  • 7 minutes by foot from Sinsa Station Exit 8

Sinsa garosugil Cafe:VANESS FLOWER| Photo Review

VANESS Flower is not a cafe on the Garosugil main street. That's why when I visit this flower cafe, I feel proud of myself for knowing this cafe.

(In fact, it's the world-famous cafe  )

When I entered the cafe, it was the floral scent that greeted me. Spacious wooden table and the plants scattered throughout the area comforted my eyes. 

Personally I envied the lights in this cafe, it was so gorgeous.

Overall, the atmosphere was luxurious and antique. It uses gold rather than silver lighting and creates warm atmosphere through wood interior.

Do you spot the cool looking plants over there? Ain't that a photo spot!   Of course, I took hundreds of mirror selfies from there.  

To be honest, VANESS Flower does not have a lot of seats, but each space had a sense of individuality.

So, you don't need to worry about someone overhearing while you are talking with friends.

I ordered Iced Cafe Latte(5,000KRW). It was a nice coffee while enjoying various flowers.

At first, the taste of bitter coffee drifts, and the flavor of the milk finishes off beautifully. 

f you like a nutty flavored Cafe Latte, I recommend this coffee from VANESS Flower!

As I was taking a photo of the coffee, big fluffy dog caught my eyes. Isn't he cute? He is so gentle and easy going that I stroked his cheek and neck.

This adorable dog's name is 'Namu(Tree in Korean)'! He is the mascot of VANESS Flower.

This puppy was so gentle and smiley. He was such a friendly dog. He just stay still even the flowers were put on his head.

Personally, I just want to revisit this cafe to pet Namu!

When I came upstairs, there were a lot of customers taking flower lessons. But I didn't take those pictures due to privacy reasons.

There are three rooms on the second floor, and in each room, there were people making flower bouquets and flower decorations.

You can purchase flowers at VANESS Flower. The flowers are so fresh and colorful. To keep the flowers fresh, they keep them separately like this!

I will show you the snippets of a room having flower lessons! Currently, not only Chinese, but also customers from various countries such as Taiwan and Hong Kong are taking flower lessons. If you are Chinese and you don't speak English, you should bring an interpreter. If you don't know how to get an interpreter, VANESS Flower can connect you with a Chinese translator.

If you want to make flowery memories from Korea, I highly recommend this cafe.

This space is where many people take pictures after decorating the flowers.  I witnessed a bride-to-be making beautiful flower bouquet and taking a selfie with this white wall as a background.

Flower lesson can be taught one to one!

So far, I shared the world-famous flower cafe VANESS Flower at Sinsa Garosugil with you.

Hope you have a wonderful time sipping a cup of coffee in this flowery atmosphere. 

Relax and enjoy!  

Sinsa garosugil Cafe:VANESS FLOWER|Menu

Cafe Latte카페라떼₩5,000

How can I receive 10% discount at VANESS Flower?   

If you come in as a group, each person has to prove his or her member membership to receive the discount.  

Present your reservation confirmation and your Creatrip membership page to the vendor to enjoy the exclusive discounts and offers!

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The above was a short overview of  Vaness Flower (바네스 플라워) in Sinsa-dong. Please read this blog post carefully and follow the instruction given in this post for receiving the discount. If you have any further inquiry, please shoot us an email at

Sinsadong Garogusil Cafe - Vaness Flower
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