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Best Waffle Cafe in Gangnam: New Kopi Coffee
2 months ago
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Today I would like to introduce you 'New Kopi Cafe' in Gangnam. This cafe is famous for its crispy waffle platter and Bingsu. New Kopi occupies four floors and has a spacious room. This is the place where you can chill in Gangnam. Creatrip recently extended a partnership with New Kopi and now proudly offer a Creatrip members' only benefit: Now you can get a free cup of Americano upon ordering one dessert menu.

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Gangnam Cafe:New Kopi Cafe Address

  • New Kopi Coffe Address:서울특별시 강남구 강남대로102길 13-5 
  • Opening Hours:Everyday 10:30 to 23:00

Gangnam Cafe:New Kopi Cafe Member's Discount

  • Creatrip members can get one cup of Americano for free after ordering one dessert menu (except for cookies).
  • If you people order two dessert menu, each person has to verify his or her membership status to receive two drinks. One membership verification counts for one cup of Americano.

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Gangnam Cafe:New Kopi Cafe Recommended Reasons

  1. New Kopi Coffee is famous for its waffle and shaved ice (bingsu) in Gangnam. The signature menus are Nutella Choco Waffle and Triple Cheese waffle. This place is a bit pricey, but waffles are served with fresh fruits and Haggen-Daz ice cream. The portion is very large too.
  2. During the summer season, shaved ice (bingsu) with fresh fruits is very popular. The Peach Shaved Ice, Pineapple Shaved Ice, Cream Cheese Shaved Ice with cheesecake, strawberry, and Haggen-Daz ice cream are the most popular seasonal items.
  3. New Kopi Coffee occupies four stories of a huge building. This cafe is very spacious and has a comfortable atmosphere. On the fourth floor, there is an open terrace. You can enjoy your delicious dessert at the terrace when the weather is clear.

Gangnam Cafe:New Kopi Cafe Directions

  • New Kopi Coffee:서울특별시 강남구 강남대로102길 13-5 
  • Directions:Exit from Gangnam Station Exit 11 and walk straight for 300m. Take a right turn into the CGV alley. Walk straight for about 100m, take another left turn. Walk straight about 50m, and you will see New Kopi Coffee on your left.

Gangnam Cafe:New Kopi Cafe Roadmap Directions

Gangnam Cafe:New Kopi Cafe Review

Nutella Choco Waffle

Fresh Pineapple Shaved Ice (Bingsu)

Oreo Bingsu

New Kopi Coffee is a famous cafe for waffle and Shaved Ice (Bingsu) at Gangnam. They bake waffle and bread freshly every morning in the store.

Nutella Choco Waffle & Honey Butter Bread

Triple Cheese Waffle

Nutella Choco Waffle and Triple Cheese Waffle are the two signature waffle menus.

On my visit, I ordered Nutella Choco Waffle and Honey Butter Bread.

The price of the waffle was a bit expensive, but the portion was huge. The waffle came with a set of slices of fresh fruits and Haggen-Daz ice cream.

The two waffle slices were very thick. Two people can share one dessert menu.

Nutella Choco Waffle

Nutella Choco Waffle's appearance looked extremely sweet. The deep brown chocolate waffle was drenched with creamy chocolate ice cream and fresh cream.

My favorite part of the mix of chocolate drizzle with Nutella jam.

When you gently spread Nutella on the waffle, I can feel my worries were all gone.

Honey Butter Bread

Honey Butter Bread can be eaten with whipped cream and almond slices.

The bread was very soft. Each cube was in a bite-full size. I gobbled up the entire plate as soon as I received it.

Cream Cheese Strawberry Shaved Ice

Fresh Peach Bingsu

Fresh Pineapple Shaved Ice

In summer, Kopi starts to serve its famous Shaved Ice (Bingsu). 

The fresh chunk of fruit is mixed with the shaved iceflakes. You can order Fresh Peach, Pineapple, Cheesecake, and Strawberry, and Cream Cheese Strawberry Shaved Ice. Especially, the Cream Cheese Strawberry Shaved Ice is my favorite!

I strongly recommend you to eat Shaved Ice menus during the summer season!

After showing your Creatrip membership, order one dessert menu and get a free cup of Americano.

If a group of two people orders two separate dessert dishes, each person has to certify their membership in order to receive two cups of Americano.

Basic Waffle

Besides the waffle and shaved ice, you can also get bread and cake.

In fact, the portions of the dessert menu are enough for two people. If you come with another person, I would suggest you order one drink and one dessert to get a free Americano.

New Kopi Coffee occupies four stories of a huge building. This cafe is very spacious and has a comfortable atmosphere.

Most of the cafes in the Gangnam area are crowded and loud. 

New Kopi Coffee is very spacious and relatively quieter even during the peak hours compared to other cafes in the area.

If you want to spend your afternoon in a peaceful atmosphere, I would suggest you check out this place.

The fourth-floor roof terrace is also perfect for enjoying the sun during the day.

Nutella Choco Waffle & Honey Butter Bread

Original Waffle

If you have plans to visit Gangnam, why not spend your afternoon with your friends sharing a delicious piece of waffle? 

Make your day sparkle with the sweet indulgence!

Gangnam Cafe:New Kopi Cafe  Menu   

Nutella Choco Waffle누텔라초코 와플₩14,800
Triple Cheese Waffle트리플치즈 와플₩14,800
Original Waffle오리지널 와플₩12,800
Basic Waffle베이직 와플₩9,800
Fresh Pineapple Shaved Ice생 파인애플 빙수₩18,000
Fresh Peach Shaved Ice생 복숭아 빙수₩18,000
Cream Cheese Strawberry Shaved Ice크림치즈 딸기 빙수₩12,500 / ₩18,000
Honey Butter Bread허니버터 브레드₩8,500
Ice Cream Bread아이스크림 브레드₩12,800
Cake케이크류₩6,300 ~ ₩7,500

How can I receive member's benefit at New Kopi Cafe? 

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The above was a short overview of New Kopi Cafe (뉴코피 커피) in Gangnam. Please read this blog post carefully and follow the instruction given in this post to get special discounts. If you have any further inquiry, please shoot us an email at   


Gangnam Cafe | New Kopi Coffee
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