Hongdae Theme Cafe|Ojamajo Doremi Mabeobdang
Recall Childhood Memories in Mabeobdang : Ojamajo Doremi Cafe
4 months ago
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A theme cafe of everybody's childhood memories "Ojamajo Doremi Mabeobdang " has openened in Hongdae. Mabeobdang is a rising hot place in Seoul.
Remember "Pirika Pirilala Popolina Peperuto" ? It's the magical spell that Doremi exclaimed. If you ever visit Hongdae, you might as well step by and recall your childhood memories. Creatrip succeeded in forming a partnership with Doremi Cafe so members can receive benefits!

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Even the famous Taiwanese Youtube star, Alun went to Mabeobdang, Doremi Cafe.

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Hongdae Theme Cafe:Ojamajo Doremi Mabeobdang | Information 

  • Address:서울 마포구 서교동 395-84
  • Opening Hours:11:30~20:00 (Closed on Mondays)

Hongdae Theme Cafe:Ojamajo Doremi Mabeobdang   | Members Benefits

Hongdae Theme Cafe:Ojamajo Doremi Mabeobdang  | Recommended Reasons

  1. The super popular little witch cartoon, "Ojamajo Doremi" has come alive and started a cafe! Come here and recall your childhood memories. 
  2. You can eat the real desserts that you have seen only in the cartoons! SUPER CUTE!
  3. There are many witch toys and items displayed inside the cafe. It is very delicate and addictive to see.

Hongdae Theme Cafe:Ojamajo Doremi Mabeobdang  | Location

  • Address:서울 마포구 서교동 395-84

Hongdae Theme Cafe:Ojamajo Doremi Mabeobdang  | Roadmap Directions

Get out of Hapjeong Station Exit 3.
Turn right when you see Starbucks. Then go straight and you will see Mabeobdang.
Go straight for about 3 minutes.
You will see Mabeobdang.

Hongdae Theme Cafe:Ojamajo Doremi Mabeobdang  | Photo Reviews

When you arrive at Mabeobdang, you will be greeted by Ojamajo Doremi friends who are standing in front of the entrance door. 

Let's look into the interior of the shop!   

As you enter the cafe, you will see a whole wall furnished by Ojamajo Doremi toys and decorations. It feels like, all of a sudden, I became the little girl who was memorizing magical spells. The moment you enter the cafe, you will recall childhood memories like me. 

See all these little magical toys we used to play with in the past? These are the exact ones little Doremi used when you casted a spell! The cafe owner said that they might start selling these toys to customers.

I was busy capturing so many pictures of them.

These exquisite witches have been divided into generations, and each of them is clearly remembered, right?
As soon as I saw these magic sticks, the spells came into my mind, too. I even sang it out loud!   

When you visit Mabeobdang, you should not be shy to sing the spells out loud! Nobody's going to think it's weird at all! Haha 

Next, I'll introduce the menus sold here. It was so amazing because it looked completely like the desserts in the Doremi cartoon! 

Ojamajo Doremi's Tourbillon Cake 

Strawberry Cheese Tower

Cookies made my the little witches

Ojamajo Doremi's Transformation Cookies

Doesn't childhood memories get recalled automatically? Although it was a very long time ago, I still remember watching the little witch, Doremi movie!
I never thought that Ojamajo Doremi would open up as a theme cafe.

Finally, I received the menus that I ordered. I couldn't believe I was eating the desserts I saw in the cartoons!
Especially, the magical music note cookie was super cute. Remember that melody used to come out when you press the middle button?

There are five colors in the bubble drinks, which represent Doremi (red), Hazuki (orange), Aiko (blue), Onpu (purple) and Momoko (yellow). A cute Doremi sticker is also attached to the straw.

The same Tourbillion cake from Doremi Cartoon! It tasted better than expected, not too sweet, and comfortable. The outside of the cake is very solid so it could keep its shape.

In addition, Creatrip is in partnership with Mabeobdang, Dooremi Cafe. So the ice cream in the picture will be free service (original price ₩5,500).

There is a sand taste combined with the sweetness of ice cream that you absolutely can't imagine before you try it.The cafe owner said that the ingredients are imported from Japan.

So become a Creatrip member if you want to receive the benefits! 

Other tea series will be served on such a beautiful and textured cup, which makes people feel amazing!

When you come to Hongdae, visit Mabeobdang, Doremi Theme Cafe! You will recall childhood memories and taste the exact same cakes you have seen in the cartoons.
Take beautiful photos that resonate with the cartoon.   

Hongdae Theme Cafe:Ojamajo Doremi Mabeobdang  | Menu

The menu of the Little Witch Doremi Café is also designed to be very cute and realistic. There is staff who can speak both Japanese and English in the store.
I was kind enough to transfer the menu into Chinese. 

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The above was a short overview of Hongdae's Cafe Doremi. Please read this blog post carefully and follow the instruction given in this post for receiving the discount. If you have any further inquiry, please shoot us an email at support@creatrip.com.  


Hongdae Ojamajo Doremi Cafe
대한민국 서울특별시 마포구 서교동 395-84

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平日中午去的,不用等就可以入座! 有些菜單上的甜點沒了,還有最想吃的道魯賓蛋糕還有! 蛋糕非常好吃飲料普通,身為小魔女迷一定要來走一走~~
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