Top 5 Cafes in Hapjeong
Top 5 cafes frequented by Korean locals! (Creatrip membership benefits available)
8 months ago
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Now that spring is here, travelers have been asking for cafe recommendations in Hapjeong!

There are a few cafes that are well loved by Korean locals at Hapjeong. 

Out of those, we've picked five of the best to talk about here today! 

Seoul Hapjeong Cafes:1. Urban Plant

  • Address: 3 Dongmak-ro 4-gil, Hapjeong-dong

  • Station Info: From Hapjeong station, take exit 7 and turn around. Go straight through the street between exit 7 and exit 6. Pass the Hyedang Oriental Hospital and take the alleyway to your right. You should see Urban Plant.

  • Hours: 10:00~23:00

  • Benefits : 10% Creatrip membership discount for all menu items

Urban Plant, as you might guess from the name, is filled with luscious plants. 

The interior is a great harmony of soft colors from both the hardwood furniture and green plants, which make for a great background for your photos.

The cafe almost seems like a botanical garden. Recommended for a short break from the city at this hip, healing-inducing cafe. 

Urban Plant's brunch menu is quite popular. They have a good food selection including omelets, sandwiches, and salads.

The Spinach Omelet, Urban Omelet, and Sandwich (all 14,000KRW) are popular orders.

The food is somewhat pricey, but the beautiful interior honestly makes up for it   Popular among locals, Seoulians are seen lining up for weekend brunch.

We would recommend that Creatrip members avoid the peaks of weekend lunch and dinner hours!

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Seoul Hapjeong Cafes:2. Coffee Pauly

  • Address: 14 Yanghwa-ro 11-gil, Seogyo-dong

  • Station Info: From Hapjeong Station, take exit 2 and go straight for 100 meters. Take the first alley way to your left and keep straight for another 80 meters.

  • Hours: 07:00~23:00 on Weekdays, 09:00~22:00 on Weekends 

Coffee Pauly is located between Hapjeong Station and Hongik Univ. Station. It's known for its Australian-style black cappuccinos, flat whites, and long blacks, and locals say that it's the best coffee in Hapjeong. The head barista studied coffee brewing in Australia, so the coffee here is pretty authentic.

Popular orders are the Long Black, Flat White, Black Cappuccino, and Cream Mocha.


The black cappuccino has Okinawa brown sugar added in to blend together the nutty sweet flavors. Quite different from just putting syrup in your typical lattes or cappuccino!

The flat white is a great balance of dark coffee flavors and milk. The cream mocha is a strong chocolate mocha with plenty of cold, sweet cream on top. Very sweet, great to cheer you up on a gloomy day. 

At Coffee Pauly, you can choose between four different types of beans as all the beans are roasted in store. Korean coffee manics are in love with this cafe. 

For those who don't drink coffee, there are other options like this 100% fruit juice press. Tasty and healthy. 

The editor tried the kale kiwi juice, which was good because the kiwi was refreshing and I couldn't really taste the kale.  

At Coffee Pauly, you can also purchase MD items like drip bags, cold brews, and coffee beans. Creatrip members can get 10% off a MD purchase, so your favorite coffee could be your next souvenir. 

Seoul Hapjeong Cafes:3. Humming Bella

  • Address: 57 Dongmak-ro 7-gil, Seogyo-dong

  • Station Info: Go straight after taking exit 9 from Hongik Univ. Station. When you come across the Burger King, turn left and head straight. Then take a right at the '401 Restaurant'. You'll reach the cafe on your right after heading straight for a bit.

  • Hours: Sun - Thurs 11:00 - 24:00, Fri & Sat 11:00 - 01:00

  • Benefits : 10% Creatrip membership discount for all menu items

Humming Bella is a desert cafe located in Hongdae. There is terrace outside where you can enjoy a great view of Hongdae during nice weather. The 2nd floor terrace is super nice, where you can relax and chill during the spring, summer, and fall. Gardens and terraces are not easy to come by in a neighborhood like Hongdae, so make sure to enjoy it while you're here. 

Popular among desert-loving Koreans, everything baked here is made without harmful/unhealthy substances such as margarine, emulsifiers, or artificial additives. Instead, high-quality butter, cream, and sugar canes are used. Locals frequent the cafe for this reason. 

The editor tried the chocolate croissant, Very Snow, and a latte, which are some of Humming Bella's signature menus. The Real Chocolate Croissant is particularly famous.
The bread was chewy and the inside was filled with a rich, sweet chocolate cream.  

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Seoul Hapjeong Cafes:4. Cafe Redbig

  • Address: 5 Jandari-ro 6-gil, Seogyo-dong

  • Station Info: Go straight after taking exit 9 from Hongik Univ. Station. Take a left at the Burger King and walk till you come across the GS25 convenient store. Take that alley way and you'll see Cafe Redbig to your left.

  • Hours: 11:30~23:00

  • Benefits : Creatrip members get 10% off drinks

Cafe Redbig sells freshly baked tarts each morning. At ₩6,500~₩7,000, these treats are not cheap, but the tarts are still insanely popular because the cafe uses good ingredients, minimizes sugar, and does not use preservatives, artificial coloring, or shortening.

The interesting tart flavors such as earl grey and strawberry are popular among Korean locals. The bread part is thin and cripsy, just like good tarts are meant to be.

They sell by the piece, whole, and as sets, so you can try multiple flavors or pick your favorite and get the entire thing. The whole tarts are a great option to use as cakes for birthdays, Christmas, or other special occasions.

The editor ordered the famous strawberry and earl grey flavors.

The strawberry tart (6,900KRW) is an amazing combination of fresh strawberries and cream cheese filling. 

The earl grey tart (6,900KRW) is filled with a chocolate and earl grey cream. I personally love the earl grey flavor, so I loved this little treat. Neither of the tarts are overly sweet as, like I mentioned above, they try not to overdo the sugar. 

Redbig has a photozone that's a wall of beautiful flowers perfect for Instagram pics. The lighting at the flower wall is great, as you can see from my pic. 

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Seoul Hapjeong Cafes:5. Hello, Stranger

  • Address: 4 Eoulmadang-ro 5-gil, Seogyo-dong 

  • Station Info: Take exit 3 from Hapjeong Station and go straight for 90 meters. Go into the right alley way and go straight for another 150 meters. Turn right, go straight for 50 meters, then turn left. Go straight for 90 meters and you'll see Hello, Stranger on your left. 

  • Hours: Weekdays 08:30 ~ 23:00, Weekends 12:00 ~ 23:00

  • Benefits : Creatrip members get 10% off drinks

Hello, Stranger is a small, warm cafe located near Hapjeong station. The ceilings are low, the lighting is dark, and there are couches, which makes for a real quiet and cozy atmosphere. Perfect for tired travelers looking for a place to rest for a minute. 

There are couches not only for sitting and chatting, but also for looking out the window or in a reading nook. 

The calm atmosphere is perfect for those who are looking to spend some quality alone time, for those looking for a quiet place to take your girlfriend or boyfriend on a date. 

Hello, Stranger's popular menu items include the Banana Pancake, Brownies, Pistachio Almond Frappe, Strawberry Latte, and Vienna Coffee (Einspanner).

The Banana Pancake (5,000 KRW) is a soft, fluffy pancake topped with whipped cream and bananas. The serving sizes are actually pretty big, so come hungry! Their brownies (5,500 KRW) is not the gooey kind, and has all sorts of nuts mixed in. Comes with whipped cream for dip. You can also get them with ice cream as well!

If you like your coffee sweet, Hello, Stranger has just the thing for you!

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