Myeongdong Restaurant|Seafood Restaurant : The Sic-Ddang
Local Recommendation of Spicy Seafood! Webfoot Squid & Fresh Lobster!
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a year ago

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It isn't easy to find a local restaurant in Myeongdong.
Today, I will introduce a seafood restaurant "The Sic-Ddang" in Myeong-dong which is crowded with locals on weekends.

Whole Lobster

Myeongdong Restaurant : The Sic-Ddang | Information

  • Address:서울특별시 중구 명동10길 36 2층
  • Opening Hours:Everyday 11:00 to 23:00

Myeongdong Restaurant : The Sic-Ddang | Discount

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Myeongdong Restaurant : The Sic-Ddang | Recommended Reason

  • Fresh lobsters and spicy cuttlefish can be eaten at a reasonable price.
  • It's a recommended restaurants by locals in Myeongdong.


Myeongdong Restaurant : The Sic-Ddang | Photo Reviews

In Myeongdong is so crowded with tourists so there are few restaurants that locals look for.
Among them, The Sic-Ddang is a steadily popular restaurant that serves fresh seafood cuisine for reasonable prices

The Sic-Ddang has many inexpensive course menus. 

The most popular set menu is the lobsters set.

An abundant set!

*Lobster A Course

The composition of the lobster A course set is as follows. 

* Roasted Butter Roast Lobsters + Roasted Squid (or Roasted Bulgogi) + Red Cold Noodles (or Mushroom Chopped Noodles) + Salad Pasta + 2 rice bowls = 43,800 won! (for 2 people)

The lobsters course is  so inexpensive. It's 55,800 won for two people and 51,800 won for three people. 

(* Courses with lobsters usually cost more than 100,000 won for two people in Korea.)

Isn't it amazing?   

Grilled butter-lobster in 2-piece lobster

The lobster was chubby and contained a huge amount of crab meat , unlike the cheap set price. 

Don't worry about slim(?) lobster coming out.

Roasted Squid included in the Lobster 2 people set 

If you think the squid would be too spicy, you can replace it with bulgogi. Bulgogi is cooked in soy sauce, so it's not spicy at all.

The Mushroom Chopped Noodles included in the Lobster 2 people set

The noodles were served separately so I could eat as much as I wanted. 

The broth was warm and it went well with the other foods.

The Salad Pasta served in the Lobster 2 people set 

Salad pasta is a pasta that many Koreans eat when they want to eat sweet and sour pasta.

It contains blueberries and nuts.

*Full Set

If the lobsters are too expensive to eat, I'll introduce the full set for 2 people.

Roasted Squid(or Bulgogi) + Gorgonzola Pizza + Salad Pasta + Mushroom Chopped Noodles + cutlet + rice bowls = 29,800 won! (Total for two people) 

Menu is almost same but there is no Lobster and you can have Gorgonzola Pizza instead.

Picture of Gorgonzola Pizza included in the Full Set 

Personally, it was good because there was a lot of cheese in the Gorgonzola pizza.

In addition, there are many seats on the inside, so there is almost no waiting on weekdays.
But on weekends, you may wait in line for about 10~20 minutes. 

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Myeongdong Restaurant : The Sic-Ddang | Price

Lobster A Set (for 2 people)
랍스타 A세트 (2인)43,800
Lobster A Set (for 3 people)
랍스타 A세트 (3인)51,800
Lobster A Set (for 4 people)
랍스타 A세트 (4인)59,800
Full Set (for 2 people)
풀세트 (2인)29,800
Full Set (for 3 people)
풀세트 (3인)38,800
Full Set (for 4 people)
풀세트 (4인)47,800


Myeongdong Restaurant : The Sic-Ddang | Location

  • Address : 서울특별시 중구 명동10길 36 2층
  • Myeongdong Station Exit 8 and walk towards the food street. On the left side, there is an building with ARTBOX on the first floor.
    The restaurant is on the second floor of this building.  
Walk out of Myeongdong Station Exit 8 and walk towards the food street. On the left side, there is an building with ARTBOX on the first floor.
The restaurant is on the second floor of this building. 

Myeongdong Restaurant : The Sic-Ddang | Roadmap Directions

The Sic-Ddang | Price

So far, this was a overview of Myeongdong's The Sic-Ddang. I'm really glad to introduce one of the most popular local restaurants.
Again, we are providing a 10% discount for Creatrip members!  To receive the discount, download the coupon above and show it to the vendor!

I'll come back next time to dig out other popular restaurants loved by Koreans. See you again!