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Do you remember the various fantastic chocolates in the movie <Charlie and the Chocolate Factory > ? Today, I'm going to introduce you the petit version of <Charlie and the Chocolate Factory>, the Dessert Lab. This cafe specializes in desserts, and it converts the desserts into art. This cafe is already a very popular place among Koreans on Instagram. Upon hearing this news, Creatrip had a long long time persuading Dessert Lab for a partnership.

So now, Creatrip members can get an exclusive 10% discount on all the menus at Dessert Lab!! (Yeah~!  )

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Hongdae Cafe:Dessert Lab | Information

  • Address: 서울 마포구 와우산로29마길 22
  • Opening hours: Everyday 11:00 to 23:00

Hongdae Cafe:Dessert Lab Discount

  • Creatrip members can get an  exclusive 10% discount on all the menus at Dessert Lab

Hongdae Cafe:Dessert Lab | Location

  • Address: 서울 마포구 와우산로29마길 22

Hongdae Cafe:Dessert Lab | Roadmap Directions 

  • It takes about 7 minutes by foot from the Hongik University Station Exit 8

If you see the sign of the 'Dessert Lab(디저트 연구소)' in neon sign, go straight into the alley.


Hongdae Cafe:Dessert Lab | Photo Review

When I walked into the Dessert Lab, it felt like I just walked into the lab of the <Charlie and the Chocolate Factory> ! There are roughly three large spaces in this cafe. The atmosphere of all three spaces was very different.

The first place was the pink muhlies next to each other, making it reminiscent of the feeling of coming to the muhley grass field.The second room creates a lab-like atmosphere. It was not a serious 'lab' atmosphere, it was rather vibrant ambiance with cheerful and cute vibe! The third room made me feel as if I were in a cool and comfortable room. It was unique that each room had a significantly different atmosphere. The common trait of these rooms was that it had such a vivid ambiance.

There is a neon sign called 'Dessert Lab' on the center of the cafe. This sign created modern and sophisticated vibe. I guess this neon sign interior designs are the trends nowadays. The combination of the color hot pink and neon sign is just enough to captivate all the women's heart! I also fell in love with this cafe.

The decoration of the cafe was very impressive. The lights were geometrically shaped and the ceiling was decorated with natural elements, such as plants. Thus overall, it created cozy and cute vibe. Personally, I really like the lightings and I wanted to take these home!  

Due to the pink muhlies in the room and the plants on the ceiling, it made me feel like I visited outdoor nature, not an indoors cafe.

The desserts were like small objects! These were all impeccably beautiful! The most popular desserts in this cafe are 'Raspberry cheesecake' (peach shape) and 'Cookies and cream cake' (cactus shape). I wanted to order all kinds of desserts on display, but as I was on a diet, I just ordered one Raspberry cheesecake and an Americano.    

Americano(4,500KRW) is a light-tasting americano with a slightly sour taste. It you wanted a taste of heaviness in this coffee, you might be slightly disappointed! But I personally think this americano was more appropriate to hold the sweet taste of the dessert.

Raspberry cheesecake(9,000KRW) is just so gorgeous. Gorgeous than the picture. What looks like a branch on the top is marshmallow! As the marshmallow was grilled a bit, I could feel the crunchy texture of it. The outer part of the cake is white chocolate. I liked this cake because it didn't break into pieces when I took a bite. So, it was very convenient to eat.

Inside the cake, there is a sour raspberry syrup. Let me give you a tip! If you want to taste rich raspberry cheesecake flavor, cut the cake into pieces and mix all the things together! And eat it! In this way, you can taste very well-coordinated flavor of the cake. I'm not responsible of the shape though.  

So far, this post contained a brief overview of the Dessert Lab which makes very aesthetically pleasing desserts. I'm so proud of myself for introducing you this impeccably beautiful cafe.  

I promise you to introduce other rising star cafe next time. Until then, take care!

Hongdae Cafe:Dessert Lab  | Menu  

Raspberry Cheesecake (Peach Shape)복숭아
Cookies and Cream Cake (Cactus Shape)선인장
Real Tiramisu (Tree Trunk Shape)통나미수

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The above was a short overview of Cafe Dessert Lab (디저트연구소) in Hongdae. Please read this blog post carefully and follow the instruction given in this post to get special discounts. If you have any further inquiry, please shoot us an email at support@creatrip.com.   

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10%-OFF|Hongdae Cafe|Dessert Lab
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