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Take a rest and Taste delicious Desserts at Little Hawaii 'LUFT COFFEE' in Myeongdong!
2 days ago
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There is a cafe already rumored as the 'little Hawaii' in Myeongdong among Koreans. Today, I'm going to introduce you cafe in Myeongdong, the LUFT COFFEE. This cafe reminds me of Hawaii as soon as I step into the door and its atmosphere is somewhat very relaxing! Thanks to these ambiance, it is already very popular not only among Koreans but also among foreigners. 

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Creatrip members can get an exclusive 10% discount on all the beverages and desserts at LUFT COFFEE!!

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Myeongdong Cafe:LUFT COFFEE | Information

  • Address : 서울 중구 삼일대로 308
  • Opening hours : weekdays 07:30 to 21:00 / weekends 09:00 to 21:00

Myeongdong Cafe:LUFT COFFEE  Discount   

  • Creatrip members can get an  exclusive 10% discount on all the beverages and desserts at LUFT COFFEE

Myeongdong Cafe:LUFT COFFEE | Location     

  • Address : 서울 중구 삼일대로 308

Myeongdong Cafe:LUFT COFFEE | Roadmap Directions        

  • It takes about 5 minutes by foot from the Myeongdong Station Exit 10   

Myeongdong Cafe:LUFT COFFEE | Photo Review     

Actually, LUFT COFFEE is very popular cafe among my friends. Out of this pure curiosity, I couldn't resist visiting the cafe.    Even before entering the LUFT COFFEE, the cleanliness and simplicity really caught my eyes. Koreans use the word 'hip' when they feel something is very luxurious or ahead of the trend. This place was indeed HIP.  

As soon as I got into the cafe, I felt like I was transported to Hawaii. It felt like I was at some kind of trendy cafe in Hawaii. Even though I visited in the middle of the day, I saw a lot of foreigners. Half of the customers were foreigners. Maybe that's why I felt more like I was in another country. 

The cafe itself was very spacious! In general, it uses stainless, white, and green plants to create clean and cool atmosphere. I could also see the staff making bread. Doesn't it looks like a movie setting? Personally, it reminded me of one scene in a movie. LUFT COFFEE definitely has its own charm. 

LUFT COFFEE has a lot of pride in their coffee beans.

There are three kinds o f beans: SEOUL, LUFT, HAWAII KAU. When you order a coffee, you can pick one flavor from these options. SEOUL is nutty, dark chocolate-flavored coffee bean. LUFT is a fruit-flavored coffee bean. At first, it may taste a little sour, and soon it tastes sweet, and then it leaves a clean after-taste. HAWAII KAU definitely has some sour taste in it. Those who don't like light fleeting taste coffee, I would recommend this coffee bean! It has a somewhat heavy after-taste.

Among these three beans, I chose LUFT. As I planned to taste a lot of desserts, I wanted americano which was refreshing.  

LUFT COFFEE also has drinks which are sold in beautifully packaged bottles. The design of the bottle was so lovely that I wanted to buy them all just by looking at the packaging. As a result, I didn't buy these bottled drinks, but now I think of it, I regret not buying these drinks. I think it can be a perfect interior props.  

There were many different kinds of desserts. I hovered around the dessert menu and mulled over my decision for over five minutes.   

After this happy contemplation, I chose Americano, various kinds of Cream Cheese Breads, and Choco cube. The reason why I chose this Cream Cheese was simply because..it was so freaking cute! Isn't this a good enough answer? Being cute can be more than a sufficient answer.  Aren't these colorful and squishy cream cheese pastries adorable?

LUFT Americano(4,500KRW) tasted slightly sour at first and it finished off with refreshing taste.

I would describe the after-taste as 'clean'. As I ordered a lot of sweet desserts, I think this americano was a perfect match. 

 The texture of the Choco cube(5,200KRW) was just like a chocolate loaf bread. The bread itself tasted like a chocolate milk! Inside this bread, there was full of sweet and cool choco cream. It was not too sweet and it coordinated very well with the americano. Can you see the crushed nuts sprinkled on the top? I think this crunchiness of the nuts makes the whole texture of this bread much more interesting.

Matcha Cream cheese(2,500KRW) filled my mouth with its matcha tea aroma as soon as I had a bite. Can you see something green stuffed in this pastry? It is green bean! Matcha and green bean was very unexpected combination for me. To my surprise, it was truly delicious. Believe me. The crust of this pastry was very chewy, just like glutinous rice cake, aka chaltteok.

I personally recommend this Blueberry Cream cheese(2,500KRW) the most among all the cream cheese flavors. I could taste fresh blueberries and its refreshing texture. The blueberries were not soggy at all! I truly thought that its taste is very authentic. Blueberry Cream cheese is best recommended for those who like berries!

I could also feel the cranberry texture from this Cranberry Cream cheese(2,500KRW)! There are fresh cranberries inside the chewy pastry thus it makes the texture much more interesting.

For those who just want to taste the cream cheese properly, I would recommend Plain Cream cheese(2,500KRW). I was able to taste the cheese more abundantly than the other cream cheese flavors. 

I enjoyed the interior designs and atmosphere of this cafe while eating this scrumptious desserts. There is a lot of space in LUFT COFFEE. It turns out that LUFT COFFEE never does unnecessary advertising. They also never leave on any unnecessary interior props. The principle of LUFT COFFEE is to leave the essence itself alone and place the rest of the space as it is. In this wide margin, I felt more relaxed than desolated. I imagined myself being in Hawaii and enjoyed the relaxation in this space. 

Moreover, there is a big table in the middle of the cafe, so it would be great to focus on your work sitting in those seat. I thought to myself to bring some of my piled up works and finish it in this cafe. 

I could see that LUFT COFFEE don't advertise products that they collaborated on. They simply displayed the items for customers to look at. This kind of cool gesture made LUFT COFFEE very trendy and hip. Also, this type of display makes people more curious about LUFT COFFEE.

So far, this post contained a brief overview of the little Hawaii in Myeongdong, the LUFT COFFEE. Did you had a relaxing time while reading this post? I hope you did. I'm so proud of myself for introducing you this endearing cafe.   

I promise you to introduce other charming cafe next time. Until then, take care!

Myeongdong Cafe:LUFT COFFEE  | Menu

Chocolate Cube초코 큐브₩5,200
Redbean & Butter앙버터₩3,800
Cream Cheese Bread크림치즈 빵(ALL)₩2,500

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