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Try Maman Gateau's representative Caramel Matcha Dessert at 5% Discount!
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Today, I am going to share with you a visit to a very hipster caramel dessert cafe in Sinsadong Garosugil. Since Creatrip thinks "traveling like a local" is so important for Creatrip members, we try to introduce the places that are most loved by locals. While I was researching for good dessert brands, Maman Gateau was one of the most popular and famous one! Now I am going to give a detailed review on the caramel, matcha desserts loved by Korean locals!
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Sinsa Garosugil Cafe:Maman Gateau | Information

  • Address:서울 종로구 우정국로 26 1층/ 종각역 사거리 센트로폴리스 1층
  • Opening Hours:Weekdays 08:00 - 20:00, Weekends 10:00 - 22:00

Sinsa Garosugil Cafe:Maman Gateau | Member's benefit 

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Sinsa Garosugil Cafe:Maman Gateau | Recommended Reasons

  1. Maman Gateau is representative cafe in Sinsadong that has started business since 2001. It is a dessert cafe specializing in caramel and matcha so if you love deep and delicious dessert, Maman Gateau is highly recommended.
  2. The caramel desserts in Maman Gateau is layered with deep special caramel that has been boiled for a long time,offering a luxurious and majestic flavor. You can enjoy your dessert and have a pleasant afternoon here.
  3. Maman Gateau means "Dessert made by mother". It is a bakery brand launched by two mothers who wanted to make high-quality dessert for their children. Their motto is that deep flavor comes from good ingredients, and that is their motivation for continuously producing premium quality desserts.
  4. In fact, Maman Gateau is highly recognized in Korea for its high quality and is distributed in various bakery platforms. Everyday, all of the menus produced by Maman Gateau are all sold out setting up a brand new record.

Sinsa Garosugil Cafe:Maman Gateau | Photo Reviews

There are a lot of people who love caramel and matcha dessert, but I have never met anyone who says, "I know a really good place that does it well."

For those who like desserts, I would gladly like to introduce Maman Gateau as the best matcha and caramel desserts ever.

Ordered all of the representative menus!

After arriving at the Maman Gateau, I observed closely what the other table guests were eating,

I found that caramel rollcakes were almost on every table!

I ordered caramel rollcake without hesitation.

The roll cakes of Maman Gateau was thick with a special caramel sauce.

In addition, the roll cake contains homemade cream mixed with caramel and nuts. The soft texture was very impressive. 

Caramel Roll Cake 6,800KRW

When I visited Maman Gateau, even though it was during the winter season, it was a warm day. So I ordered shaved ice

While I was deciding between <Caramel Shaved Ice> and <Matcha Caramel Shaved Ice>,

I saw that the person in front of me ordering <Caramel Shaved Ice> so I decided to do the same.   

Maman Gateau's Caramel Shaved Ice(Single) 9,500KRW

The ice cream of Caramel Shaved Ice was such a luxurious taste that I knew immediately that it was sincerely handmade.

It was a taste of deep and pleasant sweetness.

Inside the Caramel Shaved Ice, nuts and caramel were mixed with cream-based condensed milk, and this created a rich taste. 

Nuts inside Caramel Shaved Ice

Even though I don't have a photo of "Caramel Milk Tea", my friend ordered it to have a sip.

My friend gave me a short but strong comment - "The sweetness immediately makes me so recharged."

(By the way, Americano was really good, too.)

The interior of the store gave a feeling of stability with marble interior.

I also wanted to try one of the other desserts at a glance!

I would have ordered additional desserts if my stomach wasn't so full.   

Matcha Caramel Roll Cake 

Caramel Tiramisu Tart


Caramel Hazelnut Tart

Sinsa Garosugil Cafe:Cafe El Cielo | Menu

Caramel Roll Cake
카라멜 롤케이크
Caramel Shaved Ice (S)
카라멜 빙수 (S)
Matcha Caramel Shaved Ice (S)
말차 카라멜 빙수 (S)
Caramel Milk Tea
카라멜 밀크티
Matcha Latte
말차 라떼
Salted Caramel Latte
솔티드 카라멜 라떼
Caramel Einspanner
카라멜 아인슈페너
Vanilla Latte
바닐라 라떼
Other Desserts
기타 디저트

Sinsa Garosugil Cafe:Maman Gateau | Location 

  • Maman Gateau Sinsadong Address :서울 강남구 압구정로10길 30-12
  • Directions : Enter the alley where AROUND THE CORNER is seen. If you walk for about a minute, you can see the signboard of Maman Gateau.
    (Please refer to Google Map for more details)

  • Maman Gateau Gangnam Address:서울 강남구 봉은사로4길 31
  • Directions :Please refer to Google Map for more details

    Sinsa Garosugil Cafe:Maman Gateau | Roadmap Directions
Sinsadong Branch Directions
Gangnam Branch Directions

How can I get a 5% discount at Maman Gateau? 

discount at Maman Gateau

The above was a short overview of Maman Gateau (마망갸또) in Sinsadong. Please read this blog post carefully and follow the instruction given in this post to get special discounts. If you have any further inquiry, please shoot us an email at