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Today, We would like to share the cutest cafe c.through at Itaewon that would melt all the women's heart. This cafe is very popular not only for Koreans but also for foreign customers for its good-looking barista.  

After so much persuasion, Creatrip finally initiated a partnership with c.through! Now Creatrip members can get an exclusive 10% discount on all the menus at c.through! (Hooray!)

Itaewon Cafe:c.through | Information

  • Address:서울 용산구 녹사평대로40나길 37
  • Opening hours:Everyday 12:00 to 22:00

Itaewon Cafe:c.through Discount

  • Creatrip members can get an  exclusive 10% discount on all the menus at c.through

Itaewon Cafe:c.through | Location

  • Address:서울 용산구 녹사평대로40나길 37

Itaewon Cafe:c.through | Roadmap Directions 

It takes about 5 minutes by foot from the Noksapyeong Station Exit 1 or 3
The Entrance of C.Through

Itaewon Cafe:C.Through | Photo Review

Even before I entered the cafe, I could see that c.through was very trendy. From the  #ㅁㅜㄴ sign in front of the cafe, and adorable words written on the board lightened up my mood instantly. The cafe was not big by any means, but it definitely had its own style and this style was very unique and pleasant. It seemed like this cafe knew what they were doing.

I was very certain that C.Through would captivate a lot of women's heart. Even when I visited, there were many female customers or couples dating. It was also interesting that there was no distinction between where staffs work and where customers drink coffee. It was notable that this cafe put a lot of effort into the interior design and they facilitated the space very efficiently.

There were 6 stickers on display at the counter. When I asked whether they were selling the stickers, they said they were just giving them as a gift! So.. I picked out two, not one, stickers. You must grab the opportunity, right?    I think these are very trendy and the color palette is just on point. The character in the sticker is also the main character of c.through cream art.

I couldn't lose my smile as I looked through the menu. The names on the menu were all so cute! After viewing all the pictures on every menu, I really wanted to eat them all.  For those who don't drink coffee, there are other pretty and mouthwatering drinks! Do not worry! I ordered the cutest Creamart, but I was so tempted to choose hot chocolate until the last minute. In Korean, the hot chocolate naming is 'egg drop on top of choco'. I thought the naming sense was very good.

My menu was cream art coffee with cute character 'Sru' on it and a strawberry tiramisu. This strawberry tiramisu is only available during winter season. I chose particularly this Creamart as 'Sru' character was the most adorable. As I usually like a Bichon puppy, I ordered this Creamart without any hesitation.  

Doesn't this Strawberry Tiramisu (8,000KRW) look so scrumptious? The staff have put the strawberries very lavishly. It seems like I could be full just by eating these strawberries. Strawberries were very sweet without a bit of a sourness. Beneath the fresh strawberries was soft cream! It was a soft and flowing kind of cream rather than a fudgy type like the other tiramisus. At the bottom, the lady finger bread was soaked in cacao powder and espresso. So the espresso and chocolate flavor was strong. In fact, I wondered about the recipe of chocolate coffee dipped in Lady Finger. When I asked the staff, he said it was a secret recipe.   About the recipe.. I 'll leave it to your imagination.

The white cream on Creamart(7,500KRW) is a vanilla- flavored cream! Please note that brown cream is a chocolate cream . Other than the cream, coffee tastes the same. The art on the coffee was so adorable that I was even hesitant to drink it. So I took millions of photos beforehand.  The consistency of the cream was gooey and sweet rather than liquidy. I could taste sweet and slightly bitterness of the coffee.

As I was taking a lot of photos, the staff told me that they open cream art class regularly in C.Through. In C.Through, classes are held regularly so that more people can learn to draw art on their coffee. The pictures below are cream art that C.Through barista drew. Don't they look like a piece of art?

So far, this post contained a brief overview of the cutest cafe, C.Through. I'm so proud of myself for introducing you this rising star cafe.  

I promise you to introduce other rising star cafe next time. Until then, take care!

Itaewon Cafe:c.through | Menu  

Strawberry Tiramisu (Winter limited)딸기 티라미수(겨울 한정)₩8,000
Pretty Soda예뻤소다₩7,000
Hot chocolate쪼꼬에 계란탁 (핫초코)₩7,500

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C.Through 10% off|Itaewon­
37 Noksapyeong-daero 40na-gil, Itaewon 2(i)-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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