Beans Bins | Myeongdong Cafe 50% OFF!
Taste this sweet strawberry waffle! 50% off!
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a year ago

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Are you looking for the most famous strawberry waffle in Korea? You can find it at Beans Bins!

Tasting Beans Bins waffle is one of the must-eats in Korea. However, the price is not on a cheap side.  
To relieve your burden, Creatrip is offering our Creatrip members an exclusive 50% discount!  
We are selling this discounted mobile gift certificate at ₩7,000 ₩5,000 which is ₩10,000 mobile ticket in Korea.

Myeongdong Waffle : Beans Bins|Mobile Gift Certificate Price

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Myeongdong Waffle : Beans Bins|Mobile Gift Certificate Information

Return Policy
This gift certificate cannot be refunded after purchase.
Effective DateWithin 90 days from the date of purchase
Available LocationMyeongdong, Sinchon Yonsei University, HSBC, Shinhan Bank Headquarters, Seoul City Hall Branch
InstructionsUse mobile gift certificate as cash in the above locations
The certificate will be sent to your inbox within 24 hours of purchasement

Myeongdong Waffle : Beans Bins|Photo Review

Guys! I visited the famous Beans Bins at Myeongdong! It's located on the second floor of Savoy Hotel at Myeongdong.
It would be easier find Savoy Hotel instead of Beans Bins on Google Map!   

The cafe is very spacious! As is was so spacious a lot of people can have a seat available, even during st the peak hours  
Since Beans Bins is a must-visit cafe for tourists, there were a lot of foreigners.

As the strawberry waffles are so popular, you may have to wait 30 minutes to an hour after placing an order.  

I ordered Strawberry Tiramisu Waffle(₩15,000) and Strawberry Haagen-Daaz Shake(₩6,500).

As soon as I took a bite, it was just..WOW. No wonder this cafe is so popular!

The bottom part of the waffle was crispy and coordinated very well with mascarpone cream and sweet strawberries!

 It is a Strawberry Haagen Daaz Shake. There are strawberries and cheesecake cubes in it! 

As it is made out of Haagen Daaz ice cream, the shake was very soft and delicious! I personally recommend this shake!  

Actually, once I visited Beans Bins for the first time, I couldn't forget the taste of the waffle. So, I visited Beans Bins once again.  

This time, I ordered Ice Cream Chocolate Waffle(₩9,000) and Cold Brew Cube Latte(₩6,000)!

As you can guess from the name of the waffle, the combination of  waffle ice cream and chocolate syrup, and waffle bread was out of this world. 

It is a basic waffle but basic waffle at Beans Bins was so tasty!

When I had a Cube Latte, the coffee tasted stronger and stronger as the coffee cube in the drink melts.

Also the cubes looked so good.

I would definitely visit Beans Bins again! For those of you who visit Beans Bins, don't forget to get Creatrip member's discount!  

Myeongdong Waffle : Beans Bins|Menu

Americano아메리카노₩ 4,100
Cafe Latte카페 라떼₩ 4,500
Cold Brew Cheese Foam Latte콜드브루 치즈 폼 라떼₩ 6,500
Cold Brew Cube Latte콜드브루 큐브라떼₩ 6,000
Fresh Strawberry Juice생딸기주스₩ 7,000
Fresh Strawberry Coconut Smoothie딸기 코코넛 스무디₩ 6,500
Fresh Strawberry Haagen-Daaz Shake생딸기 하겐다즈 쉐이크₩ 6,500
Ice Chocolate Waffle아이스 초코 와플₩ 9,000
Fresh Strawberry Ice Chocolate Waffle딸기 아이스초코 와플₩ 15,000
Cheese Strawberry Waffle치즈 스트로베리와플₩ 16,500
Strawberry Waffle스트로베리와플₩ 16,500

Myeongdong Waffle : Beans Bins|Location

  • Mobile tickets can be used at 5 available branches: Myeongdong, Sinchon Yonsei University, HSBC, Shinhan Bank Headquarters, Seoul City Hall Branch
Beans Bins|Myeongdong Branch
Address : 서울 중구 충무로1가 23-1 사보이호텔 2층
Roadmap Directions : 5 minutes by foot from Myeongdong Station Exit 6

Beans Bins|Sinchon Yonsei Branch
Address : 서울 서대문구 창천동 31-39 
Roadmap Directions : 10 minutes by foot from Sinchon Station Exit 3

Beans Bins|HSBC Branch (Seoul Station)
Address : 서울 중구 봉래동1가 25 
Roadmap Directions : 10 minutes by foot from Seoul Station Exit 3

Beans Bins|Shinhan Bank Headquarters (City Hall Station)
Address : 서울 중구 태평로2가 120 지하 1층 
Roadmap Directions: 5 minutes by foot from City Hall Station Exit 9

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