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Cafe with Amazing Vibe 'Hyunsangso': Sea Salt Cream Latte and Espresso 10% off!
4 months ago
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Koreans use the word "Thuggish vibe(분위기 깡패)" when they see something or go somewhere that has an amazing vibe.

Cafe Hyunsangso near Seoul station is famous for having that unique vibe. This place does not have a sign and only those who know the exact location can visit. Creatrip would like to share the Seoul people's secretive hangout place with everyone.  

Creatrip initiated a partnership with Hyunsangso and now Creatrip members can receive an exclusive 10% discount on Sea Salt Cream Latte and Sea Salt Cream Espresso at Hyunsangso!!

As of now, you can only receive a discount on the two signature drinks. However, we can expand the coverage of discount if our Creatrip members regularly visit this cafe. Don't be disappointed!  

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Seoul Station Cafe:Hyunsangso | Information

  • Address:서울 중구 만리재로37길 24
  • Opening hours:Monday - Thursday 12:00 to 22:00 / Friday, Saturday 12:00 to 23:00 / Sunday 11:00 to 22:00

Seoul Station Cafe:Hyunsangso | Discount

  • Creatrip members can receive an exclusive 10% discount on sea salt cream latte and sea salt cream espresso at Hyunsangso

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Seoul Station Cafe:Hyunsangso | Location

Address:서울 중구 만리재로37길 24

Seoul Station Cafe:Hyunsangso | Roadmap Directions 

  • It takes about 10 minutes by foot from the Seoul Station Exit 15

Seoul Station Cafe:Hyunsangso | Photo Review

I've heard so much about this cafe from my friends, so I felt obliged to visit Hyunsangso. This cafe does not have a sign. I almost walked past by, but I was able to spot a tiny street sign. I felt like I was a secret agent.  

The interior of the cafe was very different from the facade. The inside was very spacious, and tables and chairs were spaced out. Each table occupied a large space. I felt like the guests were able to focus more on their study or engage more deeply in the conversation with others. Each table had a small light stand. I could hear a soft jazz sound in the background, and it felt like I was traveling France in the 90s at that moment. I couldn't capture the music and the vibe of this place.   

I was browsing the space (I forgot to order) when the cafe manager approached me. He gave me an envelope. I was feeling a bit shy, but soon I realized the envelope enclosed a copy of the menu.     Don't get flustered like me guys! It's only the menu.

I sat at the table in the photo below and ordered the two signature drinks: Sea Salt Cream Espresso and Latte. To make my day more perfect, I added a slice of carrot cake.

Can you feel the vibe of the cafe in this video clip? I felt that the calm melody of jazz was making the dessert even tastier. I felt like I was traveling back in time. I soon as I took a sip of espresso, I was transported to the cafe in Paris back in the 90s. I felt like I was respected because each table had enough personal space.

Sea Salt Cream Espresso(7,000KRW) exceeded my expectation. The cream syrup on top had sprinkles of salt, and had a perfect balance between the sweet and salty tastes. On top of that, the espresso was very sour and rich. This drink was full of flavors!

Sea Salt Cream Latte(7,000KRW) in one word would be "balance." The same cream syrup for the espresso drink is used for the latte as well. You can taste the sweet, salty, and sour coffee in one cup. Lastly, I was able to taste the richness of the milk foam. This was my personal favorite. If you want to have something not too much, I'd go for this drink.

Carrot cake(5,000KRW) tastes healthy. On top of the cake, there is a thick layer of cream cheese. This layer was not too sweet. If you prefer to eat sugary carrot cakes with lots of icing, there is a high chance of disappointment. I do not like cake icing, so this cake worked just fine for me. With one bite, you can taste the dried carrot bits and other nut crumbles. This cake worked really well with the latte.

The interior design of Hyunsangso is very detail-oriented. This building used to be a factory for developing a mass number of photos in the old days. The manager renovated the old industrial building into a vintage cafe. Every decoration was sincerely chosen and installed by the manager. Isn't that amazing? After listening to the history behind this cafe, I tried to pay more attention to the details. There are no lights installed on the ceiling. The small light stands on each table creates a unique vibe. In the evening, the manager places candle lights in the candle holders attached to the wall. I would love to visit this place again in the evening.  How romantic!

This is the door leading to the toilet.   The place looks like a hidden room. When you open the door, there is a short passage. You have to open another door to reach the toilet. It's a bit complicated, isn't it?

Everything in this cafe, from the menu-enclosed envelope to the cup holder to the curtain to the lights, is created (and often curated) by the cafe manager. He was inspired by the museum while he was traveling in Russia. He makes occasional trips to the vintage market to buy new decors and furniture.

So far, this post contained a brief overview of the Seoul Station Cafe Hyunsangso. Hyunsangso is a cafe that exerts a vibe of local Seoulites' 'Secret Society Club.'
I feel so proud to introduce this hidden gem.   

I will see you again in my next post!

Seoul Station Cafe:Hyunsangso | Menu 

Sea Salt Cream Espresso바다소금크림 에스프레소₩7,000
Sea Salt Cream Latte바다소금크림 라떼₩7,000
Carrot Cake당근 케이크₩5,000
Chocolate Tart쇼콜라 타르트₩7,000
Apple Cinnamon Crumble Pie사과시나몬 크럼블파이₩7,000

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10%-OFF|Seoul Station Cafe|Hyunsangso
24 Mallijae-ro 37-gil, Jungnim-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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