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The Best Tart Cafe 'Red Big' in Hongdae!
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Red Big is a dessert cafe where you can taste the best tart cakes in Hongdae. This cafe is located near Hongik University Station. Creatrip partnered up with Red Big and now Creatrip members can receive an exclusive 10% discount on all drinks!

Hongdae Dessert Cafe:Red Big | Business Info

  • Address:서울특별시 마포구 잔다리로6길 5
  • Opening Hours: Every day from 11:30 to 23:00

Hongdae Dessert Cafe:Red Big | Discount

  • Creatrip members can receive an exclusive 10% discount on all drinks
  • Desserts are not eligible for a discount.

Hongdae Dessert Cafe:Red Big | Recommended Reasons

  1. Red Big is the most famous cafe for the tastiest tart cakes in Hongdae. Especially, the earl grey and strawberry tarts are the most loved tarts among the tart fans. The cookie shell of Cafe Red Big tarts is not so thin and crispy. Red Big uses quality ingredients and does not use excessive sugar. They also do not use artificial preservatives or shortenings, or fruit dyes. The price of tarts are expensive, but many customers buy tarts from Cafe Red Big because they trust the quality.
  2. Red Big has a huge flower wall inside. You can take a photo of the day having this flower wall as a background. This place also has abundant sunlight during the day, so you can take the best photo from any angle.

Hongdae Dessert  Cafe:Red Big | Location

  • Address:서울특별시 마포구 잔다리로6길 5 

Hongdae Cafe:Red Big | Roadmap Directions

Get out of Hongik University Station Exit 9 and walk straight. When you see Burger King, take a left turn and walk a bit more.
 Don't walk past the GS 25 convenience store. Enter the small alley, and you will find Red Big on your left.

Hongdae Cafe:Red Big | Photo Reviews

Strawberry Tart

Earl Grey Tart

Red Big is the dessert cafe famous for delicious fruit tarts in Hongdae.

For those Koreans who love fruit tarts, this cafe will feel like heaven.

Green Grape Tart

Grapefruit Orange Tart

Red Big sells Strawberry, Earl Grey, Tiramisu, Green Grape, Chocolate Brownie, Grapefruit & Orange, Chocolate Banana, Sweet Pumpkin, and Blueberry Cheese Tart cakes.

Tarts collection

Both the slice and whole cake can be bought. If you want to taste every flavor, you can get a tart collection.

You can choose different flavors, or take out one whole tart cake in your favorite flavor.

I love eating the whole tart on Christmas, Birthday, and other celebratory dates.

Strawberry Tart & Earl Grey Tart

I ordered Red Big's signature tarts, Strawberry and Earl Grey, in slices.

Strawberry Tart had fresh strawberries and cream cheese fillings on top. This combination was very refreshing.

Earl Grey Tart

Earl Grey tart slice contained a lot of earl grey cream and had a strong black tea flavor. It totally suited my taste. 

Between the shell and the earl grey cream filling, there is a thin layer of chocolate. These three layers melted as one in my mouth. The chocolate filling wasn't too sugary.

Strawberry Tart

I always love eating tart shells! I think the tart shell is one of the determining factors of the tart's flavor and quality. Red Big tart shells were thin but were very crispy at the same time. Tart shell by itself was very tasty.

Earl Grey Tart

Strawberry Tart

Green Grape Tart

Red Big uses quality ingredients. The baker reduces the use of sugar and other synthetic pigments. They are baked freshly every morning.

The price range is from ₩6,500~₩7,000 per slice. Many local Koreans count on the quality and taste of Red Big tarts.

After tasting the tart myself, I gave kudos to Red Big.  

If you are a dessert fan, I would definitely recommend this cafe.

Red Big has a huge flower wall inside. 

You can take a photo of the day having this flower wall as a background. 

This place also has abundant sunlight during the day, so you can take the best photo from any angle.

You can borrow pretty flower coronets to make your photo prettier.

Vienna Coffee

Chocolate Banana Tart

 Creatrip members can receive an exclusive 10% discount on all drinks at Red Big.

Take a memorable photo in front of the flower wall at Hongdae Red Big. Treat your afternoon with a slice of earl grey tart and coffee.

Hongdae Cafe:Red Big Menu   

Strawberry Tart딸기 타르트₩6,900 / ₩25,000
Earl Grey Tart얼그레이 타르트₩6,900 / ₩25,000
Tiramisu Tart티라미수 타르트₩6,700 / ₩24,000
Green Grape Tart청포도 타르트₩6,900 / ₩25,000
Chocolate Brownie Tart
쇼콜라브라우니 타르트₩6,500 / ₩23,000
Grapefruit Orange Tart자몽오렌지 타르트₩6,900 / ₩25,000
Chocolate Banana Tart
초코바나나 타르트₩6,700 / ₩24,000
Sweet Pumpkin Tart단호박 타르트₩6,500 / ₩23,000
Blueberry Cheese Tart블루베리치즈 타르트₩6,700 / ₩24,000
Vienna Coffee카페 비엔나핫 ₩5,000 / 아이스 ₩5,500
Dutch Latte더치 라떼₩5,500
Green Tea Latte녹차라떼핫 ₩5,000 / 아이스 ₩5,500

How can I get a 10% Creatrip discount at Red Big? 

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The above was a short overview of Red Big (레드빅) in Hongdae : Please read this blog post carefully and follow the instruction given in this post to get special discounts. If you have any further inquiry, please shoot us an email at support@creatrip.com.   

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10%-OFF | Hongdae Cafe | Red Big
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