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Trending Cafe r.about: Take selfies at the vintage cafe and taste the best Brownie in Itaewon!
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There is a cafe in Itaewon where you can feel the Korean vintage style. That place is r.about! This cafe is already trending on Instagram. r.about renovated an old Hanok, and many Koreans visit this cafe to recollect their childhood. r.about's signature dessert is chocolate Brownie. 

This post will give you an overview of r.about, which recently became locals' favorite cafe in Seoul. Now, Creatrip is partnering with r.about and Creatrip members can receive a 10% discount on the orders made on weekdays.

Itaewon Cafe:r.about Information

  • r.about Address:서울 용산구 대사관로8길 15
  • Opening Hours:Weekday 08:00 to 21:00/ Weekend 10:00 to 21:00/ Holiday 10:00 to 21:00

Itaewon Cafe:r.about Discount

  • Creatrip members can receive an exclusive 10% discount on all menu during weekdays.

Itaewon Cafe:r.about Recommended Reasons

  1. r.about is located in the middle of Itaewon. It is known for its vintage style interior design. Many Korean Instagrammers already uploaded thousands of photos on r.about, and the place instantly became a social media phenomenon. Some people made their visit from other parts of the country just to take photos.
  2. r.about's chocolate brownie is very sticky and thick. If you prefer dark and thick brownie, you will love it here. This is also one of my favorite brownies.
  3. r.about has interesting antiques, furniture, and decors. If you want to see how the typical house (hanok) looked like in the old days in Korea, you should stop by r.about.

Itaewon Cafe:r.about Location

  • Address: 서울 용산구 대사관로8길 15
  • Directions: r.about is 10-minute walk from Exit 3 of Itaewon Station.

Itaewon Cafe:r.about Roadmap Directions

 r.about is 10-minute walk from Exit 3 of Itaewon Station
①Exit from Itaewon Station Exit 3 and walk straight. Move toward the hill on the right side.
② Walk toward the left side of the hill.③ Walk along the stairs.④ Walk to the right side towards the Opera House.

Itaewon Cafe:r.about Photo Review

I was able to see this old-looking house (r.about) after a short walk from Itaewon Station Exit 3. At first, I wasn't sure if this was the place I was looking for.

After seeing the sign 'r.about,' I slowly walked into the cafe. I was very proud of myself that I found this place without getting lost.

As I entered the cafe, I was able to feel the unique vibe. The interior design was a bit rough, but I was still able to feel the designer's warm touches through the vintage antiques.

The tables and chairs got along well with the ornamental plants. I am into interior designs, so I was able to spot the designer's thoughtful juxtaposition through the point decors. At first, you will get the impression that there is a harmonized theme for the interior design. Furthermore, as you look closer, you will be able to find the designer's cute details. The plants fixated on the ceiling also adds a natural tone.

I really liked the details of the interior design here, so I took a lot of photos.  

Now, you should not leave this cafe unless you've tasted the famous Chocolate Brownie.  

First, the pour over and flat white coffee are the two best-selling drinks at r.about. The pour over is simply drip coffee. You can choose one of the two coffee beans for the drip coffee, and the barista can change the level of sourness for you. Oh, and they use Fritz coffee beans! If you are a fan of this brand, you can buy the beans from this cafe.

Do you see the sticky notes on the wall? Those are all r.about regulars' coupon sheets. If you don't want to carry the coupon around, you can keep it at the cashier. You can see that this place has so many regulars!

I ordered brownie and flat white. The manager gave me a bunch of lavenders so that I could take a more sophisticated photo (I hereby give my photo credit to the manager, who was so kind!).   

Of course, I took a million photos before I start digging in.

Brownie(5,000KRW) was very sticky and thick. The extremely dry (with a lot of crumbs) or fluid-like brownies are not so appealing to me. In that way, this Brownie definitely did its part.  I think those of whom love dark chocolate would go crazy over this! I finally understood why this Brownie had sensational reactions from many social media channels in Korea.

Flat White(5,000KRW) came with a cute heart-shaped latte art. Flat White coffee tasted a bit bitter and nutty. I would recommend this drink for those who prefer latte over Americano. Pour over coffee is also popular, but I couldn't try this time. T.T I've decided to come back to try the pour over coffee.

I am going to end this post by sharing this cute interior detail I found at r.about.

Do you see the photos shown below the word "CAST"? These photos look very old. Actually, the people who are in these photos are not actors and actresses, but rather the cafe manager and baristas!   They also wrote the specific roles, like "a witch" or "a Beauty." The barista whose role was the "Beauty" took my order, and I completely understood why they were calling him a beauty.   

Itaewon Cafe:r.about Menu

Pour Over푸어오버₩6,000
Flat White플랫화이트₩5,000
Hot Chocolate핫초콜렛₩5,000
Oatmeal Cookie오트밀쿠키₩3,000

So far, I've introduced you Cafe r.about, the hip cafe in Itaewon. Some people travel far distances to take a brief break away from the busy city dwellers' daily lives. Creatrip members can receive an exclusive 10% discount on all menu on weekday orders. Make sure you get the discount by following the instruction below. Make many playful memories at Itaewon vintage cafe <r.about>.

How can I receive 10% discount at R.About? 

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The above was a short overview of R.About (아러바우트) in Itaewon. Please read this blog post carefully and follow the instruction given in this post to get special discounts. If you have any further inquiry, please shoot us an email at support@creatrip.com.   

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10%-OFF|Itaewon Cafe - r.about
15 Daesagwan-ro 8-gil, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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