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Itaewon hipster cafe One in a Million: Get 10% discount on the popular 'White Tiramisu'!
1 weeks ago
Kyuhee Han @creatripfromSeoul
Good place to travel!!
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Today, I would like to introduce you One in a Million Cafe. This cafe is famous among those who know Itaewon very well. One in a Million has sophisticated exterior and interior. You can take a photogenic shot and also taste some delicious dessert and coffee.
Especially, White Tiramisu! is the best dessert menu in One in a Million. Creatrip members can get an exclusive 10% discount on white tiramisu!!  

Sadly, White Tiramisu is the only item available for discount 
If you visit this cafe more frequently, One in a Million might be able to expand Creatrip members' benefit in the future!   

Itaewon Cafe:One in a Million

  • Address:서울 용산구 이태원로54길 31
  • Opening Hours:Every day 11:00 to 22:00
  • Each person has to order at least 1 drink to stay

Itaewon Cafe:One in a Million Discount

  • Creatrip members can receive a 10% discount on White Tiramisu.

Itaewon Cafe:One in a Million Directions

  • Address:서울 용산구 이태원로54길 31

Itaewon Cafe:One in a Million Roadmap Direction 

  • 10 Minutes walk from Itaewon Station Exit 3

Itaewon Cafe:One in a Million Recommended Reasons

One in a Million Cafe entrance is a photo zone! Take an instagram photos in front of the pink wall.   
As you enter the entrance, the modern and clean interior design caught my attention almost instantly! This place was frequently featured on advertisements or TV shows!

I ordered the world-famous White Tiramisu . First of all, I fell in love with its looks! It was soooo pretty!
I had to take a photo before I gobbled up this pretty thing. My Instagram post attracted a lot of hearts this day.  

I calm myself down and tasted the coffee and White Tiramisu.
The fresh cream on top was not too sugary and blended very well with the mascarpone cheese, which created a richer flavor.

The sheet soaked up strong espresso but had a crunchy texture. The cream and sheet worked very well with one another   I gulped the slice of White Tiramisu in 5 minutes   

Every customer has to order at least one drink. One in a Million also offers other savory menus too, so I will recommend this place if you want to visit a hipster cafe in Itaewon.

Don't miss out Creatrip Members-only 10% discount on White Tiramisu!

Rain Coffee

Baby Latte


Carrot Cake

Itaewon Cafe:One in a Million Menu 

Chocolate Latte초코라떼₩6,500
Blueberry Lemonade블루베리 레몬에이드₩7,000
Baby Latte베이비라떼₩7,500
Rain Coffee레인커피₩7,000
Carrot Cake당근케익₩6,500
★White Tiramisu★화이트 티라미수₩6,500
★Marble Choco Cheese Cake
★마블초코 치즈케이크
Cocktail칵테일₩7,500 ~ ₩9,500

How can I get a 10% discount at One in a Million? 

If you come in as a group, each person has to prove his or her member membership to receive the discount.  

Present your Creatrip membership page to the vendor to enjoy the exclusive discounts and offers!

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The above was a short overview of One in a Million (원인어밀리언) in Itaewon. Please read this blog post carefully and follow the instruction given in this post to get special discounts. If you have any further inquiry, please shoot us an email at support@creatrip.com.   

E-Mail: support@creatrip.com

10%-OFF|Itaewon Cafe|One in a Million
서울특별시 용산구 이태원로54길 31

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a month ago
店員根本不知道有九折的活動 如果不會用韓文解釋的話 店員根本搞不清楚ㅠㅠ
Kyuhee Han @creatripfromSeoul
a month ago
對不起ㅠㅠ 您用APP會員證明了嗎? APP頁面之「我的頁面(會員證明)」 裡面有韓文說明。 店員一看韓文說明,就會明白情況。 而且我們跟ONE IN A MILLION再次確認了會員優惠。 老闆說‘對不起,我會再次教育店員’。