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The hidden gem bakery in Yeonnamdong: Fave Bakery
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Did you know there are many locals' favorite restaurants in Seoul? Of course, Seoul has many famous franchise restaurants and cafes, but Korean people usually have their favorite place in the neighborhood that serves delicious bread and coffee.
Creatrip plans to discover all of those hidden gems in each neighborhood in Seoul. So, hop on!    

In this post, we would like to introduce you about Yeonnamdong Cafe/ Bakery Fave. Fave Bakery's specialty is its freshly baked bread.

Fave Bakery bread has both excellent quality and taste. This bakery has been the locals' to-go-place for a variety of bread. Mont Blanc croissant and Madeleine are occasionally sold out in the evening.

Creatrip members can receive an exclusive 10 % discount at Fave Bakery (hooray! )

Besides the Yeonnamdong, Fave Bakery also has two branches in Hongdae and Sinsadong. Visit the location of your preference!!

All branches offer a 10% discount to Creatrip members.

Yeongnamdong Cafe:Fave Bakery

  • Address:서울 마포구 동교로39길 4-13 가야빌딩
  • Opening Hours:Everyday 09:00 to 23:00

Yeongnamdong Cafe:Fave Bakery Member Discount

  • Creatrip members can receive an exclusive 10% member-only discount from any Fave Bakery branches.

Yeongnamdong Cafe:Fave Bakery Recommended Reasons

  1. Fave Bakery is a trending bakery in the Yeonnamdong area. You can taste a variety of freshly baked bread and pastries every day.
  2. Fave Bakery is also well-known for its excellent coffee. Flat White and Long Black Americano were the two best-selling drinks from the cafe. Locals prefer Fave Bakery coffee over the Starbucks coffee, which is located nearby.
  3. Fave Bakery is great for taking instagram photos. The interior of the cafe is decorated with clear white and gray tone.   

Yeongnamdong Cafe:Fave Bakery Location

  • Address:서울 마포구 동교로39길 4-13 가야빌딩


Yeongnamdong Cafe:Fave Bakery Directions

  • 10 minutes walk from Hongdae Station Exit 3 (See the map below)

Yeongnamdong Cafe:Fave Bakery Photo Review

As soon as I entered the cafe, my eyes were fixated on the delicious-looking bread!!Lemon Croissant

Cream Puffs

Madeleines 3 types

Pain au chocolat

The photo below shows the actual display of bread and pastries. They all look so delicious, aren't they?
I felt so happy when I was browsing for different bread.     I felt a bit frustrated that I couldn't capture the buttery, sweet smell of freshly baked bread.   

There are a variety of coffee drinks. Mont Blanc, Vanilla Bean Latte, Flat White and Long Black Coffee are the signature coffee drinks.

Mont Blanc

Vanilla Bean Latte

Flat White

Long Black Coffee

Oh, and there were bottled milk tea too! Because the bottle design is pretty, you can easily search the images of the bottle on Instagram.

Berry Rose Milk Tea was something I've never heard about. When I asked the manager, she said this milk tea is sweeter than the regular black milk tea because it contains rosehip oil and organic berry extract.
I had the feeling this milk tea would be much healthier than the regular one (it's not because I personally love rosehip oil! shhh!!!)

Milk Tea

I spent at least 5 minutes contemplating on which pastries and bread to try. I chose Mont Blanc Croissant, Chocolate Madeleine, Citrus Madeleine. I wish I had more space in my belly to try more!     
I also ordered Flat White. I thought that the nutty, sour flat white coffee can ease the sweetness of Mont Blanc Croissant!

Mont Blanc Croissant (4,500KRW) was the best choice! I personally don't like eating soggy Croissant. When I took a bite of Fave Bakery Croissant, I could feel the crispy layers of the pastry. Each layer captured the buttery taste. I've already heard much about the croissant sold at Fave Bakery before my visit, but the actual taste was beyond my expectation. When I cut the croissant in half, I could find chestnut paste cream! The cream on top of the croissant is white Meringue. The texture was a bit sticky. 

I cut the Chocolate Madeleine in half (2,500KRW)! I liked the thick chocolate layer inside. I personally prefer dark chocolate than milk chocolate. This Madeleine suited my taste perfectly.

Citrus Madeleine (2,500KRW) contained diced citrus. Every bite, I was able to taste the bits of citrus. The outer shell of Madeleine also had citrus sugar coating. The outer shell was crispy and the inside was filled with a soft sponge cake. It was very tasty, but I had much fun biting the small bits of citrus. I would like to recommend you to try this madeleine.    I never saw this type of madeleine elsewhere.

Flat White(4,500KRW) was a bit sour and nutty. Do you see the pretty latte art? That heart shape isn't easy to make. I couldn't stop taking photos when I saw this artwork.

Yeongnamdong Cafe:Fave Bakery Menu

Mont Blanc몽블랑₩5,000
Vanilla Bean Latte바닐라빈 라떼₩5,000
Flat White플랫 화이트₩4,500
Long Black롱블랙₩4,000
Cream Puff크림 퍼프₩3,500
Plain Croissant플레인 크로아상₩3,000
Lemon Croissant레몬 크로아상₩4,300
Mont Blanc Croissant몽블랑 크로아상₩4,500
Kouign Amann퀴니아망₩3,500
Pain O'Chocolat뱅오쇼콜라₩3,500

Yeongnamdong Cafe:Fave Bakery Address

  • Besides Fave Bakery in Yeonnamdong, there are three more branches in Seoul. Creatrip members can get discounts from all branches, so choose the closest branch!  
Fave Bakery|Hongdae
Address : 서울 마포구 연남로 1

Fave Bakery|Sinsadong
Address : 서울 강남구 압구정로2길 15 

How can I use a 10% Creatrip discount at Fave Bakery?   

If you come in as a group, each person has to prove his or her member membership to receive the discount.  

Present your reservation confirmation and your Creatrip membership page to the vendor to enjoy the exclusive discounts and offers!

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The above was a short overview of Fave Bakery. Please read this blog post carefully and follow the instruction given in this post for receiving the discount. If you have any further inquiry, please shoot us an email at support@creatrip.com.  


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197-18 Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
10% Off - Yeonnamdong Bakery | Fave Bakery
4 Donggyo-ro 39-gil, Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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