One day ski trip in Korea: The cheapest way compared
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When you have plans to visit Korea this winter, you can't miss out on skiing. Today I would like to go over the several one-day ski tour packages from Korean tour companies and compare their prices.

Korean insiders' Tip!!

⚠️Korea is a small country, so there aren't many tour companies offering one-day tour packages for skiing. There are only a few competitors in the market, so you can't expect too much of a variety in terms of choices.

Often, the online tour commerce platforms like KLOOK and KKADY offer different prices for the same tour package.

Creatrip wanted to share a Korean insider's tip on how you can enjoy skiing in Korea at the lowest price this winter.

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?? Korea One-day Ski Trip Part. 1 #Departing from Seoul

1. Elysian Gangchon Ski Tour


Many of the foreign tourists who want to go on skiing in Korea are beginners. 

For beginners, it's important to find an informative, experienced instructor and an easy course with a moderate slope. To be a great skier, you need to practice skiing in a safe environment.

Elysian Gangchon has many ski courses for from the beginners to the experienced. This place also has many activities and workshops for beginners. You can enjoy learning skiing with your family and beloved ones.

It also offers English and Chinese training courses for foreign skiers. Elysian is located close to Seoul. If you are traveling Seoul by the clock and wants to save every second for your tour, this place will be a great choice (You can reach this resort in about an hour from Seoul).

⚠️Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort Trip Price Comparison Chart
*The numbers in red indicate the lowest price

TypeMoving WalkLiftCreatripKLOOKKKDAY






Snow Sled---46.65-

* If you make a reservation for this tour with KKDAY,  you can take a 2.5 hours-long Ski training workshop. If you make a reservation via Creatrip and KLOOK, you get to have 1 to 1.5 hours-long ski training workshop.

2. Nami Island + Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort Tour

I would recommend this option if you don't want to spend a whole day at a ski resort.  

I am a huge ski fan, but I also get tired after skiing more than 4 hours straight. 

Elysian Gangchon is located right next to Nami Island, and you can easily travel these two locations on a one-day trip.

With this tour, you can travel Nami Island in the morning, and go skiing at Elysian Gangchon in the afternoon.

(This option only costs 8USD more than the previously mentioned ski-all-day option. Why not kill two birds with one stone?)

⚠️Nami Island + Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort Tour Price Comparison Chart
*The numbers in red indicate the lowest price

TypeMoving WalkLiftCreatripKLOOKKKDAY






Snow Sled---54-

3. Jisan Ski Tour


Jisan Ski Resort is a bit far from Seoul. Although the area of the resort isn't big, the quality of resort facilities and the snow is great. (It takes about 1.5 hours to get to Jisan from Seoul)

Jisan lends relatively better ski equipment for rental compared to other locations. If you want to solely focus on skiing for the day, I would recommend you to consider Jisan Ski Resort.

⚠️Jisan Ski Tour Price Comparison chart
*The numbers in red indicate the lowest price

TypeMoving WalkLiftCreatripKLOOKKKDAY


Snow Sled--44.145.0547

4. Bears Town Ski Tour

@Bearstown Official Website

Bears Town, along with Vivaldi Park, is a mid-sized ski resort. 

Small ski resorts usually have many beginners. The ski courses often get crowded with people, and you rarely get to enjoy the scenery.

When it comes to the medium-sized or larger ski resorts, the ski courses are built spacious. You can enjoy the whole scenery of the Korean mountain landscape on the lift. There are also plenty of places to eat and rest.

If you have plans to visit Bears Town, I would recommend you to buy a ticket with access to lifts.

This ski resort has a few beginner's courses where you can practice. The guide will accompany you even to the beginner's courses to ensure your safety (You can even take the lift back to come down).

⚠️Bears Town Ski Tour Price Comparison Chart
*The numbers in red indicate the lowest price

TypeMoving WalkLiftCreatripKLOOKKKDAY


Snow Sled-----

*There is no snow sledding field at Bears Town.

5. Nami Island + Vivaldi Park


With the previously mentioned Bears Town, Vivaldi Park is slightly larger than medium-sized resorts. There are plenty of activities available at Vivaldi Park.

Many Koreans think of  Vivaldi Park as a representative ski resort in Korea. Many Koreans visit this location even in summer. It opens the famous water park called Ocean World during summer, and Vivaldi Park CC is one of the most prestigious golf club resorts in Korea.

I would personally recommend you to spend the whole day at the Park. However, I heard KTOURSTORY exclusively included Nami Island to this tour option due to the high demand of tourists.

(In fact, skiing for more than four hours could be torture for beginners.) 

If you want to ski at a high-quality ski resort and want to have a tour around Nami Island, this option definitely works for you.

⚠️Nami Island+Vivaldi Park Ski Tour Price Comparison Chart
*The numbers in red indicate the lowest price

TypeLiftCreatrip KLOOKKKDAY


Snow Sled-60.366.25-

6. Nami Island + Petite France + Vivaldi Park 

I would recommend this tour option if you want to experience the beauty of winter in Korea.

This tour option includes visits to Nami Island, Petite France, and Vivaldi Park.

Although you get visit Vivaldi Park as part of this trip, you won't have time to ski. 

When you get to the Park, you can take the gondola lift and go to the top of the Maebong mountain (매봉산). From there, you can enjoy the full scenery of a winter wonderland in Korea.

*I would highly recommend you to purchase the ticket with access to the gondola lift. If you choose otherwise, you need to wait at the entrance of Vivaldi Park while others enjoy the winter scenery.

Without taking the gondola lift, you will not be able to reach the places where you can see the full view of the snowfields.

⚠️Nami Island + Petite France + Vivaldi Park Price Comparison
*The numbers in red indicate the lowest price


Gondola Lift O




?? Korea One-day Ski Trip Part. 2 #Departing from Busan

1. Eden Valley Ski Tour

@Eden Valley Official Website

Busan is the city known for its moderate temperature all-year-round, but there is a ski resort in the nearby city called "Yangsan."

This ski resort is called "Eden Valley."

This place has many big windmills. Many Koreans visit this place all-year-round to experience the exotic scenery.

I would highly recommend this tour options for those who are missing snow from Busan.

⚠️Eden Valley Ski Tour Price Comparison Chart
*The numbers in red indicate the lowest price

Snow Sled47.749.7952.97

*Every tour option for Eden Valley includes 1 lift ticket. This is because tourists always want to check out the beautiful scenery of the resort from the very top of the mountain.

2. Eden Valley + Gamcheon Culture Village

Eden Valley Ski Resort is not so big, so you arrange your tour to include a visit to Gamcheon Culture village on the same day.

This one-day tour will be arranged in a "backpacking style", which means you will get enough time to take a tour around Gamcheon Culture Village by yourself. 

Gamcheon Culture Village is one of the must-visit attractions in Busan. I always include this place on my itinerary whenever I have a chance to go to Busan.

I would recommend this option for those who want to maximize their use of time in Busan.

⚠️Eden Valley + Gamcheon Culture Village Tour Price Comparison Chart
*The numbers in red indicate the lowest price


*Every tour option for Eden Valley includes 1 lift ticket. This is because tourists always want to check out the beautiful scenery of the resort from the very top of the mountain.

?? Korea One-day Ski Trip Part. 3# Conclusion 

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* Except for Nami Island + Vivaldi Park option

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?? Korea One-day Ski Trip Part. 4# Appendix: How to get an instant 10% discount


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Step 2. Select the details of the tour option and click "PROCEED BOOKING" button

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Step 3. Enter the members-only promotion code (creatrip), and click the Apply button. 

Step 4. Check the discounted checkout price and make a payment.

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So far, I've introduced you the tour options for a one-day ski trip to Korea for 2018-2019.

If you have any further questions, please leave a comment below. You can also send us an email at

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