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Buying a Korean quilt bedding set from Korea became a thing among many tourists. The must-visit place for buying a bedding set is Gwangjang Market. Creatrip made a partnership with one of the popular store that sells bedding called 'Arpeggio', and now you can get the high-in-demand bedding set for a cheaper price.

Make a reservation for free at Creatrip, and get an additional 5% discount at Gwangjang Market! Get your bedding set for less money!

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Single Bedding
Queen Bedding
₩ 38,000     
₩ 48,000     
You can buy the bedding set with three most popular designs 'Perfume, Floral Scent, and Sheep' at discounted prices. You must make a reservation with Arpeggio at least 2 days before your expected visit. Please contact Creatrip immediately if you want to change or cancel your reservation.

Recommended Reasons

  1. Gwangjang Market Bedding store <Arpeggio> is where you can buy Korean quality bedding sets at the cheapest price. The Single Size is available for 38,000 Won, while the Queen Size is 48,000 Won. These prices are lower than the other stores in Gwangjang Market.
  2. Gwangjang Market Bedding store <Arpeggio> has a variety of designs, and you can purchase bedding sheets and blankets after seeing and testing them in the store. You will be impressed by the high quality of the material!
  3. Gwangjang Market Bedding store <Arpeggio> can do a special vacuum packaging for foreign tourists. The volume of a bedding set will be significantly reduced after the vacuum packaging.

Business Information

  • Address:서울특별시 종로구 창경궁로 88 광장시장 하층 88호
  • Opening Hours:09:00 to 18:00
  • Telephone Number:02-2265-3427


There is a Chinese-speaking staff in the store at all time. 
Creatrip members can make an online reservation for free. No pre-payment required, and you can pay the total checkout amount on-site.
Discount Price
You can buy the bedding set with three most popular designs 'Perfume, Floral Scent, and Sheep' at discounted prices.
Reservation Schedule
You must make a reservation with Arpeggio at least 2 days before your expected visit.

Reservation Process

  1. You can make an appointment through Creatrip by filling out the online order form. Enter your phone number, reservation date, email address and etc. 
  2. A confirmation email will be sent after submitting the order form. If you do not receive the confirmation email within a few hours, please check your spam mailbox or re-schedule. 
  3. If you want to modify the appointment date, time or number of participants, disregard the previous reservation you made and make a new reservation.
  4. Present your confirmation email and Creatrip membership certificate to the vendor and enjoy the exclusive discounts and offers.

Business Location

  • Gwangjang Market Bedding Store <Arpeggio> Address:서울특별시 종로구 창경궁로 88 광장시장 하층 88호

Korea Gwangjang Market Bedding Store Roadmap Directions

A : First, get out of Exit 7 of Jongno 5-ga Station and walk straight until you see the Majeongyo Underground Shopping Mall Exit 1.
B : Pass the Meokja Alley (the famous alley for street foods) in Gwangjang Market.
C : The first alley on the left side
D : Yaedalm (on the right side) alley 
Gwangjang Bedding Set Store <Arpeggio> Exterior

Korea Gwangjang Market Bedding Store Photo Review

The most popular design, 'Floral Scent'

The most popular design,  'Perfume'

The most popular design, 'Sheep'

There are many stores in Gwangjang Market that sells Korean bedding sets.

Creatrip recommends <Arpeggio> because this store sells Korean micro-fiber bedding blankets at the lowest price.

The bedding sets sold at <Arpeggio> are the same bedding set sold in elsewhere in Gwangjang Market.

You can get the three most high-in-demand bedding sets for Single ₩40,000₩ 38,000, and Queen ₩50,000₩ 48,000.

These prices are way cheaper than the other popular stores in Gwangjang Market. If you want to purchase items with a different design, the price might be different.

Gwangjang Market <Arpeggio> has a variety of options for bedding sets. After making a reservation, you can skim through the catalog and pick your favorite option. You can also browse around the store and pick your favorite design.

At Gwangjang Market <Arpeggio>, you can check the design, color, and texture before you make a purchase.  

<Arpeggio> sells the famous micro-fiber bedding sets. These bedding sets are made in Korea and have guaranteed quality. 

Plus,  Gwangjang Market <Arpeggio> has been specialized in bedding, and the vendors are totally trustworthy.

The Korean micro-fiber bedding set is known for its soft texture. The bedding set sold at Arpeggio also have a decent thickness, so it is very warm. Many foreign tourists want to buy this item upon their visit to Korea.

Check the Korean micro-fiber blanket's soft texture and thickness on the video.

Gwangjang Market <Arpeggio> provide vacuum packaging option for foreign tourists.

The vacuum packaged blankets have significantly less volume and thus easy to transport. 

This packaging lasts about 5 days, so take note if you have any plan to buy a bedding set from Korea.

If you want to purchase Korean micro-fiber bedding sets, make a reservation at Creatrip!

Gwangjang Market <Arpeggio> sells quality bedding sets of popular designs at a significantly lesser price than other stores.

How can I get a discount when I make a reservation with Arpeggio?

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The above was a brief review of Gwangjang Market Arpeggio. Please read this blog post first, and make a reservation according to the steps given on the Reservation FAQ pageIf you have any questions after reviewing these articles, please send us an email. 

Please make a new reservation if you need to modify your previous reservation. 

Please review the reservation precaution and business information carefully before you make a reservation.