SOIGNÉ|Episode 19 vegetarian menu - Seoul Michelin 1 star restaurant in Seoul (2018.12)
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2 years ago

Episode.19 “Cuisine of the Three Coasts”

Vegetable Tasting Menu 125,000KRW

A vegetable based meal, known as the vegetarian, has been a general trend around the globe but still left as a new challenge in Korea. Actually, many dishes of mostly vegetable have been presented through the past episodes but now we have a full vegetarian course which has only made out of vegetables. It was started from a small responsibility to widen the base of Korean dining culture for many years to come. 

In a situation that most people regard a vegetable diet not only as a special meal for a meatless person but as less effective one than the meat, we came to think about our own vegetarian menu by using our episode menu archive. We have chosen the best dishes among the past episodes and reorganized a new course that is ‘completed with only vegetables’, not just a menu ‘without any sea foods and meats’. 

Also, it has been made so multi-dimensionally that guests could enjoy a variety of natural texture and flavor of each vegetable and all the recipes through the overall courses. Furthermore, it has been intended to avoid being too light and give an enough satisfaction as a formal meal.

We hope our vegetarian course that can be enjoyed anytime, not just by special request could help expand the current Korean dining market even a little.

Jeju Bingtteok (제주빙떡)

‘Bingtteok’ is a Jeju-style buckwheat crepe served with some sauteed daikon. These local ingredients are used to make a new crispy buckwheat puff that is stuffed with daikon cream as a first snack.

Tomato Tart (토마토 타르트)

Second amuse is a tomato tart, using dough and tomato which are two integral parts of the Margherita pizza. Dried cherry tomatoes on top of the parmesan cheese tart enhance the pure flavor of the pizza.

Burrata Cheese (부라타 치즈)

Burrata cheese, also linked with a previous amuse, is topped up with tomato aioli sauce and basil powder with different texture which shows another character of a pizza.

Jeju Bingtteok 제주빙떡 +  Tomato Tart 토마토 타르트 +  Burrata Cheese 부리타치즈

Seasonal Vegetables (발효 곡물 샐러드)

The first appetizer is begun with a seasonal salad that shows a wide variety of vegetable characters. Lots of uncooked fresh vegetables with different texture and flavor are mingling with basil pesto and chestnut puree.

Seasonal Vegetables 발효 곡물 샐러드

Radish Ravioli (무 라비올리)

Second is a radish ravioli that is stuffed with pican, cheese and bracken ferns. Fresh and crispy radish skin would contrast harmoniously with nutty and earthy flavored stuff. Also, the vegetable soup flavored with Doenjang(Korean fermented soybean paste) would fill up a gap between radish and bracken. And subtle acidity of soup shows another characteristic of refreshing vegetable appetizer.

Radish Ravioli 무 라비올리

Napa Cabbage (배추 지짐)

The Cabbage Jijim(pan-fried napa cabbage) has many layers of the flavor unlike its simple appearance. The cabbage was sous-vided with kelp butter in a low temperature for a long time before got fried. And sunflower seed sauce on the side would enhance the sweetness of the cabbage and the savory flavor of the kelp butter that can be separated from the cabbage leaves.

Napa Cabbage 배추 지짐

Butternut squash (버터넛 스쿼시)

The following butternut squash has a hard but soft texture and wide sweetness at the same time. In the meantime, many pumpkin-based dishes have not shown a spectrum of unique flavors, but only to accentuate its sweetness. So we wanted to add a new flavor with rosemary cream to show savory taste of vegetable as distinct from any other fruits.

Butternut squash 버터넛 스쿼시

Namul Tajarin (나물 따야린)

The next is a pasta course with 'Namul', an overall concept of Korean vegetables. The house-made egg yolk noodle ‘tajarin’ is coated with the roasted garlic butter sauce that may provide the structure of the entire dishes but the real role of noodles is to highlight the character of Korean Cham-namul. Although namul was regarded as a side dish so far, we would like to show you the speciality of namul and delicate flavor and texture that only wild vegetables can have.

Namul Tajarin 나물 따야린

Fried Mushroom with Chili Sauce (송화버섯 튀김과 고추소스)

Next is the first crispy vegetable that could not be felt in the previous courses. As a Chinese proverb ‘even the shoes taste good when they are fried’, all the fried food is hard to refuse for everyone. Based on the flow of the course, we have found there seems to be lack of strength and considered serving as a bridgehead for the main dish. It expresses the peak of the course by matching the smooth umami flavor and potential of mushroom fries and the spicy chili sauce.

Fried Mushroom with Chili Sauce 송화버섯 튀김과 고추소스

Cauliflower (컬리플라워 구이)

The vegetables have a tendency to lose their texture during applying heat while meat or fish are likely to get hard. In response, we emphasized the unique chewy texture of vegetables’ fiber by cooking the cauliflower, zucchini, baked carrots and emancipated vegetables as simply as possible. Furthermore, contrast between a watery sauce and a thick puree shows the most complex taste through the entire course.

Cauliflower 컬리플라워 구이

Lime (라임소르베)

The lime, which is on the border between dessert and savory has the most intuitive taste as a cleanser as well. 

Sea buckthorn Fruit mousse (산자나무 열매 무스)

Sea buckthorn fruit, also called as ‘vitamin tree fruit’ is famous for attractive acidity and rich vitamins. The mousse is round in shape like a real sea buckthorn fruit and filled with mandarin to give you a harmony of the two different citrus.

Sea buckthorn Fruit mousse 산자나무 열매 무스 

Seaweed & Buckwheat “Island” (파래와 메밀 "섬")

The main dessert is an astounding combination between buckwheat and green laver. Umami taste of the seaweed chip has been added to the nutty flavored buckwheat ice cream that makes a clean finish. Also it symbolizes an “Island” which has some trees and stones represented by seaweed chips and black sesame cakes with some green tea crumbs together.

Seaweed & Buckwheat “Island” 파래와 메밀 "섬"

Petit Four (꼬두람이)

Korean dessert ‘Jeoungkwa’ is a fruit dessert preserved in honey. Tomato, kiwi, red grape Jeungkwa and pomegranate jelly.

Petit Four꼬두람이

Wrapping up

This is the end of my instruction of vegetable tasting menu which was one of our goals for a long time. Lots of efforts and concerns were required to the vegetables be a main character that used to be only supporting roles. We have tried to maintain overall balance so that people could enjoy it as a whole vegetables course. It also allows the vegetables in each dish to have a new nuance while showing off their original flavor. Thank you for enjoying our vegetarian menu and I hope you will experience vegetable dishes as one of the popular food cultures, not just for any belief or health.