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Michelin 1 Star Restaurant, Experience Korean Cuisine with Chef Lee Joon's Novel Interpretations in Seoul
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Creatrip is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Seoulites' favorite Korean Cuisine Dining Restaurant SOIGNÉ. Recently, Creatrip gained profound recognition among foreign tourists traveling South Korea. SOIGNÉ enjoys far more profound recognition among the local Korean people, so it took our courage to contact SOIGNÉ first to suggest for a partnership. Thankfully, SOIGNÉ team sympathized Creatrip's mission: < Anybody can travel like a local.> Now, Creatrip members can enjoy SOIGNÉ's exceptional dining experience!

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I usually visit Lee Joon Chef's SOIGNÉ on the day of celebration. Sometimes, I just go there whenever I want to feel fancy or taste something new. Everyone would fall in love with SOIGNÉ at a first sight. SOIGNÉ means 'striving for perfection.' It was also the nickname of the Master Chef of the restaurant, "이준 (Joon Lee)," when he was studying abroad in Canada. I feel grateful to experience this quality of 'fine dining' in Korea every time I visit this restaurant. When I visited SOIGNÉ for the first time four years ago, I was iffy about the taste and quality of the food because of the high price. Now, I totally feel like the price is set low compared to the holistic dining experience I can get from SOIGNÉ. I became a huge fan of SOIGNÉ after tasting the Chef's masterpiece, who committed his entire life in Korean cuisine. 

Unlike other star chefs in Korea, Lee Joon Chef from SOIGNÉ rarely appears on TV. He spent most of his free time in his kitchen, looking for ways to improve his dishes. His passion for Korean cuisine dining makes his dishes special. If you are looking for a perfect night in Seoul, or if you want to cherish special memories, choose SOIGNÉ. You will get the quality fine dining experience that you can only taste in Korea.

Fine Dining:SOIGNÉ Business Information

  • Business Hours:Every day 12:00-15:00(Lunch), 18:00-22:30(Dinner)  
  • Reservation is a must: SOIGNÉ only serves a limited number of guests upon reservations
  • Deposit is a must: SOIGNÉ uses fresh ingredients every day. Therefore, you have to pay a deposit to complete the reservation in case of a no-show. 

Estimated Price (Per person)Deposit (Per person)
Lunch Course70,000 ~ 100,000 KRW70,000 KRW
Dinner Course135,000 ~ 200,000 KRW
100,000 KRW

Fine Dining:SOIGNÉ Recommended Reasons

  1. At SOIGNÉ, you can encounter seasonal Episodes (=course menus). You will probably worry, "what if I get mediocre Episode on the day I make a reservation?" My husband, who's also a huge fan of SOIGNÉ, shared his take. " I don't have a strong preference when it comes to restaurants. My wife got me into this place and became an instant fan. There wasn't even once we had a bad or so-so Episode. I strongly recommend for all of you want to celebrate a special night in Seoul. You won't forget that experience."

    Go to view this Season's Episode (General)

    *Creatrip offers Chinese and English translation of SOIGNÉ's seasonal Episode.

  2. SOIGNÉ  serves Korean dishes, and all the ingredients are sourced from Korea. Contemporary Modern Seoul Cuisine is the service motto of SOIGNÉ, and the team tirelessly studies traditional Korean ingredients to find better ways to introduce Korean cuisine to foreigners. My dad, who does not like expensive western cuisine, always love SOIGNÉ Episodes.

    *Of course, you can enjoy the episode with wine or beer. You can also choose steak for the main course menu.

  3.  SOIGNÉ staffs provide stellar service as soon as you step into the restaurant. The staffs will make sure that you are fully satisfied with their service until you leave the place. Plus, SOIGNÉ offers Chinese and English menus. The staffs will explain in details in English for foreigners who are not familiar with Korean cuisine.  Of course, the washroom is always kept clean.

  4. SOIGNÉ made it to Guide Michelin twice (2017-2018). Foreign guests widely recognize this restaurant for offering unique Korean cuisine and dining experience. After the introduction of Guide Michelin Seoul, SOIGNÉ made to the fine dining in 2018.

  5. SOIGNÉ  has a vegetarian option. Taste the rich Korean cuisine made especially for vegetarian customers. The dishes are carefully crafted with perfection. The quality of the vegetarian option is equivalent to the general Episode.
  6. SOIGNÉ uses fresh ingredients sourced from multiple South Korean countrysides every day. SOIGNÉ's famous seasonal Episodes are delicious and fresh because of this reason. Even desserts are made with Korean organic ingredients. I would like to strongly recommend for those who want to experience the 'heart of Korean cuisine' to try SOIGNÉ.

  7. This point is highly personal. SOIGNÉ has an extensive dessert menu. After your main episode is over, you can take some time for dessert. On your wedding anniversary or your parent's birthday, please give a hint to Creatrip when you make a reservation. SOIGNÉ team will prepare a special dessert for you and your special ones.

Fine Dining:SOIGNÉ Business Location

  • Address:서울특별시 서초구 반포대로39길 46
  • Directions:SOIGNÉ is close to Seoul Metro line 3,7, and 9, the Express Bus Terminal Station. After getting out of the Express Bus Terminal Station Exit 5, cross the street and walk straight until you see the main library. Before you reach the main library, walk straight into the small alley on the right side. Now you have arrived at "Seorae Village," where all the Korean fine dining places are located. You will be able to find SOIGNÉ right away.

Fine Dining:SOIGNÉ Roadmap Directions

Fine Dining:SOIGNÉ Team Photo

Fine Dining:SOIGNÉ On-site visit photos

Fine Dining:SOIGNÉ Episode (2019.01.20~)

SOIGNÉ has a special episode for celebrating the end of the year. This season's concept is the "Ocean", and the seafood lovers can enjoy the best quality fresh seafood that comes from South Korean seas.

✨SOIGNÉ|Dinner Menu
✨SOIGNÉ|Lunch Menu

Fine Dining:SOIGNÉ on-site visit (2018.08.)

* When I visited the restaurant for a special anniversary, SOIGNÉ team surprised me with special plating.

서울 서초구 반포대로39길 46

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