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Healthy Korean cuisine made with namul | Taste the well-made Korean cuisine crafted with Korean grandmas' elaborate touches
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Today I would like to introduce you to an exclusive restaurant in Daehakro, near the Hyewha Station. The Little Girl's Mill Company is a well-known restaurant among Korean locals for serving fresh namul. About 70% of the Korean peninsula consists of mountainous terrain. Namul refers to as the seasoned vegetable side dishes. The old hikers living in the countryside usually pick various herbs from the mountain and carefully dry them for days and months to make good namul. Every season, they collect different namul. Namul is very healthy and organic for that reason.

Creatrip recently initiated a partnership with The Little Girl's Mill Company Marronnier Branch. If you visit this restaurant in a group of two or more, you get to have a free drink.


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Little Girl's Mill Company Marronnier: Business Information

  • Address:서울 종로구 동숭4나길 1, 1층
  • Business Hours:Weekdays 11:00-15:00 (Lunch) , 17:00-21:00 (Dinner) / Weekends 11:00-21:00

Little Girl's Mill Company Marronnier:  Special Promotion

  • Red Schizandra berry tea, Organic aster tea 12,000 Won → 10,000 Won
  • For a group of two or more, organic fermented syrup drink (or sparkling drink) 1 free drink (per 2 people)


Little Girl's Mill Company Marronnier: Recommended Reasons

  1. At Little Girl's Mill Company, you can taste the fresh namul made from the Korean countryside. Little Girl's Mill Company's namul dishes are made with fresh seasonal vegetables and herbs raised with attentive care by halmonies and harabojis (grandmothers and grandfathers). Every meal has different namul dishes, and the aromatic herbs add a refreshing scent to the rice. Among the Korean locals who love Korean cuisine made with organic ingredients love Little Girl's Mill Company for that reason. 

  2. You can enjoy the homemade Korean meals at Little Girl's Mill Company. Little Girl's Mill Company makes their all dishes with low sodium. They do not use MSG or any other chemical ingredients. Many local Korean people, who love to eat healthy homemade meals, already became regulars to this restaurant. If you are a vegan, tell the staff about the vegan option. This restaurant is one of the few restaurants where you can get vegan meals in Seoul.

Little Girl's Mill Company Marronnier: Business Location

  • Address:서울 종로구 동숭4나길 1, 1층
  • Directions:Exit from the Hyehwa Station Exit 1 and walk straight. Take a right turn and walk straight. Pass the Starbucks Dongsoongro Art Store and continue to walk straight. Enter the alley where CU convenient store and keep walking forward. You have reached the LIttle Girl's Mill Company Marronnier Branch.

Little Girl's Mill Company Marronnier: Roadmap Directions

Little Girl's Mill Company Marronnier: Photo Review

You can taste the fresh seasonal namul dishes at Little Girl's Mill Company. All the namul dishes are made with old farmers' elegant touches and attentive care. Little Girl's Mill aims to create a sustainable business model focusing on consumption based on production, not the other way around. They purchase fresh ingredients from the countryside, where the old farmers grow their foods with exceptional care.

Little Girl's Mill Company offers fresh seasonal side dishes. Farmers harvest new namul every season for almost all-year-round. You can taste different side dishes every day with fresh, aromatic namul. This restaurant is trendy among Koreans who love healthy Korean food. 

At Little Girl's Mill Company, you can taste homemade Korean meals. Usually, Korean restaurants use MSG and chemical additives to make the spicy flavor. However, Little Girl's Mill Company does not use those chemical additives. Little Girl's Mill Company dishes are all low-sodium and free of artificial ingredients. If you want to taste the authentic Korean cuisine, Little Girl's Mill Company would be a perfect choice. 

San-namul (Mountain herbs)'s aroma spreads in your mouth stronger as you chew. I  recommend you to enjoy by taking your time to finish your meal and experience the unique fragrance of namul. If you want to taste more, do not hesitate to ask the staff for a refill. The menu can change based on the day of the week. 

If you are looking for a vegan option, please make an inquiry to the staff. Little Girl's Mill Company is excellent for those who want to experience both healthy and tasty food.

If you show your Creatrip membership, you can have a cup of organic fermented syrup beverage or sparkling beverage for free (for a group of 2). The word fermented might switch off your interest, but this syrup is made of fermented fruits (Schizandra or Apple) and organic sugar. The beverages are sweet and tasty. I highly urge you to challenge yourself and order this drink. You won't regret your choice. 

You can also purchase some of the organic ingredients directly from Little Girl's Mill Company, such as San-namul, sesame oil, and soy sauce.

Especially, Creatrip members can buy Red Schizandra berry tea, Organic aster tea at 12,000 Won → 10,000 Won.

If you have plans to visit Daehakro during your trip to Seoul, I would highly recommend you to check out Little Girl's Mill Company and taste the healthy Korean homemade meals.

Little Girl's Mill Company Marronnier: Menu

San-namul Rice산나물밥₩7,000
Spicy Stir-fried Pork고춧가루제육볶음₩8,000
Pickle Bulgogi Rice장아찌 불고기밥₩8,000
Myeongran Bibimbap참명란비빔밥₩8,000
Korean Beef San-namul Porridge잉홀한우 산나물죽₩9,800
Homemade Memilmook (Buckwheat Jelly)손수저은 메밀묵₩7,000
Organic Fermented Syrup Beverage발효청 음료₩4,000
Organic Fermented Sparkling Beverage발효청 스파클링₩5,000

Little Girl's Mill Company Marronnier: Brand Story

  1. Little Girl's Mill Company uses ingredients collected and harvested by professional farmers from the Korean countryside. The farmers usually have 50 years of professional farming experience, and they make ingredients with attentive care. Little Girl's Mill Company make sure all the ingredients they use are containing the energy of the ground and the air. Their mission is to transfer the local professional cook's recipes to the urban dwellers.
  2. Little Girl's Mill Company aims to operate a sustainable business plan, which emphasizes the consumption based on production. Little Girl's Mill Company does not make excessive production. They make the amount that they can sell. Freshly harvested ingredients become delicate dishes every day. To serve fresh meals, they use different ingredients and fix different meals based on the stock of seasonal crops.
  3. Little Girl's Mill Company strives to create a corporate culture supporting ethical consumption and fair trade. They form a network with local farmers and purchase the ingredients at a reasonable price by eliminating the intermediary transactions. They offer a sustainable profit source for old farmers in the countryside. The urban dwellers can eat a healthy meal because of this.

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The above was a short overview of Little Girl's Mill Company (소녀방앗간) in Hyehwa Station. Please read this blog post carefully and follow the instruction given in this post to get special discounts. If you have any further inquiry, please shoot us an email at   


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